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Commission Junction


What is Commission Junction?

Commission Junction is an online-advertising company which operates in the affiliate marketing industry. The company is one of the largest affiliate networks in North America and operates worldwide. Among the top 500 retailers using 3rd party affiliate marketing software, more than  60% are powered by Commission Junction.

Start Up

Applying to Commission Junction is quite easy and will increase the success of your affiliate marketing. A web site or blog is all that’s required to join. There are a few steps to go through but applications are approved instantly.  Once you are ready to go with Commission Junction,  search for companies that match the content of your site or blog and also offer front-end as well as back-end commissions, if available. This will allow you to earn multiple commissions from each customer that you refer to the affiliate company’s site and allow you to develop a long term relationship.

Failing Formula – Heed our advice here!!

Catering directly to a product’s market is the best way an affiliate can make a sale. Since affiliates work off of sales commissions, there is an inclination to try to market the product to as large an audience as possible, but this is a failing formula. You don’t want to be involved with companies that have thousands of visits and no sales.  Commission Junction deals with established firms and not unknown start-up companies so you can be assured that you won’t be wasting your time.

Thus, you should go with affiliate companies that actively support their affiliates with resources that help sell the product.  They will have researched what type of marketing actually converts customers.  The better companies share that data with affiliates so that the affiliates can customize their campaigns to sell more products and get more commissions.  These companies will be looking for quality affiliates and when you work with Commission Junction, you will have to apply individually to each company. Their approval is not guaranteed so make sure you have everything in order when you apply.

Start Small

If you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, you should attempt to keep your campaigns small by only going with one solid product. Commission Junction lets you link directly to individual products although this is not true for all merchants. Linking directly to a product  is the most effective way to make affiliate sales.   See if you have a knack for the game or not. If you begin to make commissions on products, then you can begin to expand your presence online. Keep it small to start.

Don’t bother with products that don’t convert, even if they advertise high commissions.  There have been examples of  over 1000 clickthroughs to a vendor’s site and not one visitor actually buying the product.  Terrible conversion ratios like this are a sign that the product is not in demand or that there is something wrong with it, such as a high price or poor copy on the landing page.  Commission Junction will link you with quality  vendors but you should research them on your own and make sure it will be a worthwhile investment of your time.

Reputation Rules!

Review the reputation of the affiliate program you want to work with since the world is filled with people running scams. There are affiliate programs out there that will avoid paying out commissions you’ve earned. They will close up shop and open up under another name. Commission Junction has been around since 1999 so they are definitely not a recent start-up..  Even so, make sure you do your research here and go to forums where people will give both positive and negative reviews.  Some opinions will be exaggerated but it will give you a better idea about the company .

Keep searching for high commissions. A company that only pays a tiny percentage is much less likely to value your customer/reader base. Look out for those that offer a commission in at least the double digit percentage range. These companies are more likely to respect their clients and, by default, yours.  As said, Commission Junction deals with established, Fortune 500-type companies so you’ll be better assured of receiving the best commissions.

A WIN-WIN-WIN The Customer-The Company-The Affiliate!

Of course, when you apply to partner with these companies, they will be reviewing your application to make sure that they will also be well-served.  After all, affiliate marketing works best when all parties are happy;  that is, the company makes a sale, the customer receives a quality product and the affiliate marketer makes a commission by directing the customer to the company or product.  Commission Junction requires that you remain active so make sure you are serious about affiliate marketing and won’t slow down or give up if you don’t make instant riches.

There are plenty of others who will take your place if you do.

Commission Junction is rewarding for affiliate marketers but, as with everything else in life, make sure you do your research before joining.

So, set up, look at what you can sell.

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