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Facebook Buys Instagram


Facebook has been in the news a lot lately with their upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO).  This IPO may make Facebook a $100 billion company and the company has to justify that value to its investors. Its purchase of Instagram is noteworthy for those involved in the affiliate marketing field!

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A huge merger!

Social Media Optimization With Images

Instagram is basically a simple app which allows people to add various effects and filters on pictures that they take with their smartphone.  They can then post those pictures online on sites such as Facebook or send them to their friends.  Instagram has about 30 million users which is why the headlines shouted ‘Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion!.’ It’s all about the online photographs!

Really? One BILLION Dollars??

This shows you the power of visual images on the internet.  If Facebook buys instagram for that much money, then pictures are a powerful force for business.  That is true for your blogs online as well as your business web site.  Be sure to use pictures creatively and let them show who you are.  Don’t just post headshots and a generic picture or two.

Rather, be creative and make unique photographs.  Show yourself at an exotic beach.  If you can’t afford to go to an expensive resort, then use any distinct background for your photograph. Use a relative’s pool for a background!

If you like to read, then pose in front of a bookshelf.  If you love sports, then pose with your team.  If you love pets, well…you get the idea!

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Insert Yourself Here!

Think ‘Online Community’

The fact that Facebook buys Instagram for a 9-figure amount shows the power of the shared online community.  When you want to get traffic to your site, don’t rely solely on automated methods.  Google is cracking down on this with Panda and online searchers want quality with their search results.

Use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Online document sharing sites such as will let you post your blog at a community site which may not show up on search engine results but will give you another audience.  Join forums and post your blogs, links and photos there.

If you haven’t do so already, you can go to and get a domain name for your web site.

After getting a domain name, host that name with a reliable Hosting Service. This way, you own the space and can post whatever photos and videos you wish!

Use Every Method Possible to be Visible Online

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Cameras are Valuable Tools!

“Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion”.  Instagram lets you add jazzy effects and filters to your pictures and then share them.  The key here is ‘sharing’.  Treat your affiliate marketing business as something that you share with others.  That is, share YOURSELF. Let people online know who you are and  give them a reason to join you or try out your product.

Instagram’s $1 billion valuation shows how important online images are.  Use the power of visual images to enhance you and your business online!

Attracting People To You and Your Online Business

The news about Facebook buying Instagram shows how much pictures and not just words are vital to online businesses.   It’s a very useful way to get people to your site and generate traffic. Do you have a system to help you get that traffic and make you the money you need? If you want your web site to appear on the front page of search engine results, you will need the proper marketing tools. These tools will help you succeed!

Images are Important for Your Affiliate Marketing Business!


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