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Facebook Email


Facebook Email  is coming! In a previous post, we discussed how Facebook is trying to become a search engine to rival Google.  As we know, search engines are very important in the affiliate marketing business.  You want your web site or blog to rank on the first page of any search result in your field.  Google results are the focus but Facebook will be trying to make a dent in it with their Facebook search engine.  Now they want to do the same with Facebook Email and make it a rival to Gmail, Hotmail and the rest.

Facebook Email

Facebook Email

Google went after Facebook with Google+; now Facebook is responding with their own new weapon.

“Facebook Email”?

That’s right.  Facebook is now trying to rival Gmail and Yahoo Mail with its own Facebook email provider.  People associate Facebook with messages and these messages were confined within Facebook.  You couldn’t send a Facebook message to a Hotmail account, for example, but that will now change.

You will be able to send a Facebook message to an outside email service.

So, if you have an address such as or, Facebook would like you to have a email address


Simple.  Once you log into Facebook, Facebook wants you to stay and NOT leave.  They don’t want you going to Google or Yahoo to check your email; they want you to do it while you’re in Facebook.

Remember, Facebook is going public soon and they have to justify their potential $100 billion valuation.  Shareholders will want results and Facebook makes their money with advertising.  If people stay in Facebook, advertisers are happy because they have a captive audience, so to speak.

It’s like ABC not wanting people to go to CBS or NBC.  They want viewers staying tuned to their network and not changing the channel.

Facebook doesn’t want people going to Gmail or Yahoo to check messages; they want them to do that right where they are.

Facebook Email

Email Rivals

Facebook Email Is Important?

It is.  Facebook has about 800 million users and it’s a dominant player in the internet.  If it wants to have people using a Facebook email address, then chances are that many users will do just that.  ‘Many users’ could mean tens or hundreds of millions of people!

Look at their instruction:

With your email address, people can email you using any traditional email system (ex: Hotmail, Yahoo! or Gmail), and the emails will be delivered to your Facebook Messages. When you send messages to external email addresses, your emails will be formatted to look like Facebook messages, including your name, your profile picture and your message. Note that your email will appear as when you send messages to external email addresses.

As you can see, Facebook wants you to use them as a default page and it wants even your emails to resemble a Facebook profile with your picture.  Given the sheer number of users, it’s very likely that many of them will basically live in Facebook when they’re online.  As an affiliate marketer, it’s a market which you can’t ignore.

Any consequences with Facebook Email?

There might be a backlash.  Facebook Timeline is unpopular with many people and they might have privacy concerns with Facebook email.  If your username is johndoe, then it would easy for spammers to figure out that your email address is  Like any other server, Facebook would promise Spam protection but its effectiveness would be unknown against determined hackers and spammers. Facebook Email

Of course, nobody should put all of their eggs in one basket with Facebook or any other internet service but Facebook’s new venture into email can’t be ignored.  Keep yourself updated!

Attracting People To You and Your Online Business

Facebook Email is an important development for those in the online business of affiliate marketing.  It could be very useful way to get people to your site and generate traffic. Do you have a system to help you get that traffic and make you the money you need? If you want your web site to appear on the front page of search engine results, you will need the proper marketing tools. These tools will help you succeed!


Facebook Email: Keep Updated On The News!


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