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Building Your Social Media Audience


Building your social media audience is very important for online business and bloggers.  If you have a Twitter account, you want more followers.  If you have a Facebook fan page, you want more ‘Likes’.  If you have a YouTube account, you will obviously want more viewers.  There are various tools you can use to build your social media audience and get traffic to your affiliate marketing business.  One such tool we’ll look at is – Building Your Social Media Audience is basically an exchange system where people add their social media sites and cross-promote them to other members.  That is, you follow other people sites and they will follow yours.  The idea is that it builds up audiences for everyone’s social media pages.

How Important Is This?

It must be stressed that social media has become very vital for an online business.  You can’t simply rely on search engine results alone to build up a client list or get traffic to your site.  It is important but the growing popularity of social media websites such as YouTube and Facebook must be taken into account.

That list is growing: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, Google+  and more.  Any tool which can get traffic to your site should be explored.

Building Your Social Audience

Build Your Social Audience

How does Work?

It’s quite simple.  You join or follow other people’s social media sites and they will return the favor.  You buy credits when you sign up to other members’ sites and you sell credits when people sign up to yours.

The more pages you follow, the more credits you get.  Since you pay out credits when people join YOU, it pays to have as many credits as possible.  The basic principle is “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.  Since Growsocials is a free site, you can have many people participating but it could be a very large but shallow base.

Think of it almost as an online dating service.  Paid dating services offer less potential partners but they are serious.  Free dating sites have a huge pool of potential dates but many are obviously not very serious about it.  Growsocials is probably the same.  It’s a free site so there will be a few people who want to build up followers but are not 100% dedicated.

How Do I Get Started? Home Page Home Page

Signing up is easy.  First, go to and, once you’re there, simply add a username, email address, password and you’re in.  It’s a free service so you won’t have to worry about making any payments.  You can also start as soon as you’ve entered the sign-up information.

Once you’ve joined Growsocials,  then you can add your social media pages.  These are the pages where you’re already signed in, such as Twitter and Facebook.  If you don’t have these pages in your portfolio, it’s highly recommended that you get them!

Add Your Pages

Add Your Pages

The drop-down menu gives you 7 options:

Facebook Page: Get people to ‘Like’ your Facebook fan page

Twitter User: Have people follow your Twitter channel

Tweet: Have fellow members retweet one of your Twitter posts

YouTube Channel: Members can subscribe to your YouTube channel

YouTube Video: Have people view a particular video

Google+: Have people follow your Google Plus page

Any website URL: Have people view any other of your web sites .  Great for a business page or blog site of yours that people might want to check out Manage Your Pages

Manage Your Pages

Manage Your Pages

To build your social media audience, simply add the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and WebSite URL’s which you would like to showcase.

You can add as many as you want per category but you should focus on only the important ones.

If you add too many items per category, then it will become diluted and subscribers won’t know what to add. Returning The Favor


Follow Other Pages

Follow Other Pages

Building a social media audience is a two-way street here. has a menu where you can choose to like, follow, retweet add and/or subscribe to the social media sites of other members.  It’s a pretty simple procedure but be sure to preview the items first, especially tweets and Facebook fan pages.  With Youtube videos, you have to watch from 30 seconds to one minute to earn credits but it’s
a fast way to get those credits. Is It Worth It?

Like any social media tool, is worth checking out.  You have to keep in mind that people who join or subscribe to you via Growsocials won’t necessarily be clients or permanent members.  They will come to your site but it doesn’t mean they will stay or return.

It’s up to you and your content to keep them interested!

So, check out and have some fun with it.  Remember, it’s simply a tool and not a be-all and end-all for building your social media audience.

You have to add worthy, interesting and informative content to make your online visitors:

a) stay at your site a while

b) return again.

Growsocials is free so it won’t cost you anything to join, just a bit of time.  Use that time wisely and you will be rewarded.  How much is up to you!


Attracting People To You and Your Online Business is a useful tool for those in the online business of affiliate marketing although it’s a shortcut only.  Still,  it’s one helpful way to get people to your site and generate traffic. Do you have a system to help you get that traffic and make you the money you need? If you want your web site to appear on the front page of search engine results, you will need the proper marketing tools. These tools will help you succeed!


Building Your Social Media Audience Is Important!


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