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Welcome to the world of residual income!!  If you do what I am about to teach you correctly, YOU WILL  be able to earn commissions for years and years to come.  So pour yourself  a cup of coffee and relax, you are in the right place at the right time.  Grab  a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes.  I suggest you keep this page open and use a secondary tab  to go and explore pages and sites recommended.  There is a lot of information to explore so you may want to bookmark this page for future reference and to come back for new additional information.



To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing  – Step One!

Understand Your Market Place.  In our rapidly changing times, online marketing  is faster, easier and readily available!  You need to see things from the perspective of the buyer;  What do they “need”?  What is their “problem”?  Then go and find a product that fills the need and solves the problem.  The best products over deliver!

To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing  – Step Two!

Establish the Products.  Your best bet if you are new to this arena  is to find a product that is already established.    If you already have a ‘following’ and you like a challenge, you can create something from scratch.  Be careful and study the product’s “Affiliate Terms” so you know where you stand with the company and their commission policy.  Here are three terms to consider:

  1. Know the amount you get for each sale.
  2. Know how long you wait before you get paid your share.
  3. Know what happens if a customer refunds the product.

Remember, each of these can be a deal breaker!

To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing  – Step Three!

Branding.  Before you can make any money online, you need to have a place where your customers come to shop!  First step is to brand yourself, who you are and what you offer.  This step requires some creative thought.  Once that is done, you can get yourself a domain name and hosting service at GoDaddy.   Your domain name should be about your Brand.   It can be your name, so, you are the brand or it can be about the “Theme of Products” you are selling.

To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing  – Step Four!

Showcase Your Product.  In today’s fast paced world, most people want something readily accessible and easy , so instead of a traditional website, the trend is now – The Blog.  In my day, I had to write HTML code or I had to pay someone to build me a website.  Today, everyone is using the simple blog that can sit in their pocket.  My blog of choice is WordPress which is a program that goes on your domain.    Also note that  free blogs are very limited but useful later for syndication.  .So now you have a blog!  Now what??  Think of it as an empty store with no face or beauty.  Most serious bloggers today use Thesis to beautify their  “storefront” .  It is super easy to use, integrates well  into WordPress and makes configuring WordPress a piece of cake!  That reminds me, I need another cup of coffee, how about  you?

Now  for the finishing touches you will need to add a few plugins to make it pretty and easy to navigate for your visitors.  The following is my recommendations:

  • Thesis –  Professional Look.  This site uses it.  (Cost)
  • WordPress Database Backup  ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK   (Free)
  • Akismet – Protects your blog from spam.  (Free)
  • Goodle  Analytics for WordPress  (Free)
  • Fast Secure Contact Form  This is for those that wish to email you via a form you provide. (Free)

Your page will require a good banner and a slogan that makes an  impact to your customers and helps identify who you are to them!  People respond better to an attractive visual presentation however they don’t want to be in Las Vegas!!

Start out plain and simple then build  your design elements as you work and get more comfortableThis is very critical!

Now  coffee break is over,  your  page is ready to go and the next steps are where you need to spend all your time and energy!

To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing  – Step Five!

Content  & Traffic  Generation.  This step is the only reason people fail to succeed in online money making enterprises because they fail to do it correctly.  They build a wonderful, maybe expensive, site that is full of brilliant content and pictures, however, it sits idle.   The main problem is that people forget one important step that usually everyone  does  before getting  into something new.  You need to  go to school  and learn the subject.  In our case, we need to be schooled on the subject of  “Content  & Traffic Generation” so that we take this newly acquired knowledge and use it to succeed!

You “build content” by doing a KeyWord  research on the audience that best fits your product.  You find out what your customers are typing into the search engine that relates to your product, hence, this is called a Key Word.  So, for example,  if I am looking for old board games, I might type in “old board games”  or, more specifically, “old board games that are fun” – a long tail key word.

So how do you do this?  Simply  enter the phrase “Key word research” into your search engine to find a free service or get an effective tool for this purpose called Market Samurai.

Now that you have established what  your audience is searching for,  you know precisely who to target!  By taking those key words and researching  your product, you now create an informative essay to educate and entertain your reader while empowering them with knowledge.  This is what is coined Good Unique Content.

Great.  Now this is what most people do:

  • They keep making great content and it is time consuming.  No sales!
  • They improve the site thinking it needs “dazzle” Brick and mortar thinking.  No sales!
  • They try desperate measures with expensive SEO programs.  Important!  No Sales!
  • They get frustrated as too much time passes without enough sales for all the work.  Need Money!
  • Then they go looking for something else.

So what  do successful people do that works?  

To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing  – Step Six!

Backlinks.  I hesitate to say that this is the only way that successfully works…but, for all of us so far…it is the best way!  Perhaps the rules may change and it will be something else one day.  For now, it is Backlinks.  The one with the most wins.

What are Backlinks?

Every backlink is like a vote pointing at your site saying, “Hey look over here at what Johnmark is saying!!  Come look!” and it is referring it to the search engines as votes.  Some backlinks have more authority than others.  In fact, one particular backlink is far superior to thousands of others.  It is really a fascinating subject to those who love programming.  The point is, we want lots of quality backlinks.  There are a lot of tools to get backlinks and most of them take an experienced mentor like myself to explain how to set them up and use them effectively.  This article is not the place to be sharing this information.  I have provided a link below that further explains our successful system.

To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing  – Step Seven!

Assuming you succeed in your Key Word research and…this is a BIG assumption…you get traffic to your sight, you need to entice your visitors to leave their contact email.   Not everyone will, so you need lots of traffic.  This can be done with a contact form for feedback, a comment area, or an offer of a “Free Gift of Value”.  The emails must be organized with an auto-responder so that they will receive a planned set of informational updates that you create in advance.  This is not new, so get it right and swing over to Aweber or GetResponse and set up a email campaign.

To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing  – Step Eight!

Bringing all eight steps together! 

You need a system to help you brand yourself correctly.  You definitely need the resources of a community of like-minded people to help you figure it all out.   We follow those we see who are having success and strive to emulate what they are doing right!  Especially if they are giving freely of themselves to help you do it!  Many of them are millionaires or are getting close to being millionaires.  There are countless hours of video and audio training with additional connections and insights to get more educated in this field, if you really like to dig in and enjoy it all.  You probably won’t need it all but it is available if you want to further your knowledge and education from these successful people.

Learn more….about our successful system!


P.S.  Most links on this sites are to services and products.  I am required to tell you by law that I am going to receive a commission if you make a purchase.  Thanks in advance!

P.P.S.  I will be updating this page regularly, so come back and visit!