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Social Media Optimization


Social Media Optimization is gaining currency and rivaling Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a way to get noticed online. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are now important for businesses in gaining traffic for their web sites. Be sure to increase your social presence online if you want to have people come to your web site. It’s important especially if you’re in the affiliate marketing field!

Remember, people that use search engines are also on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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Social Media Sites

Social Media Optimization: The Basics

You’ve heard of many ways to create backlinks and article generation to attract people to your site. These numerous backlinks enable the search engine crawlers to detect your keywords and rank your site accordingly. The more often they find your keywords, the higher your search ranking. That’s the theory. Social Media Optimization, on the other hand, works by having people find your site on social web pages.

Changes In the Online Search Market

Google Panda was a huge change in the SEO field. The program was created to detect any keywords which were mass-produced by automatic methods. Many blogs, articles and web sites were either de-listed or saw their search rankings plummet. Online users were also unhappy with search results that had nothing to do with the topic. They ask “Why type in a search query on Google if I’ll get a bunch of useless links?”

Quality over Quantity

If you’re looking for a car repair service, for example, who would you trust more? A friend’s recommendation or an ad in the Yellow Pages? Chances are very good that you would go with your friend’s advice.

Social Media Optimization works the same way. People who come to your blog or online business because a friend recommended it are much more likely to become a client. If you have a page on Facebook and somebody either ‘Likes’ it or becomes a ‘Fan’, then all of their friends will see that recommendation.

If that person has 400 friends, then that’s an audience of 400 who are receiving positive feedback from someone they know. Any of those 400 friends who might also like your page then have their own friends on Facebook who are potential clients. With 800 million+ members, Facebook has a huge audience!

Word of Mouth Advertising Works!

Social Media Optimization is basically word of mouth recommendations online. Instead of automation, your site is popular because of social interaction. People join your business because they have gotten to know you! People join people, not a business.

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Get People Talking About You!

If you enhance your online presence with pictures, video and other items which emphasize YOU, then the response will be dramatic.

Get In the Social Game!

Go on Twitter and get followers. Go on Facebook and get fans to your page. Go on Pinterest and use the power of images to convey your message. Make videos on YouTube and let people see your business in action. Go to LinkedIn and start making connections with friends and online contacts.

The aim of Google+ is ‘to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life’. Some experts predict that Google+ will have 400 million users this year so you should explore Google+ and all of its features.

Keep in mind that these are all FREE tools. Use them!

Remember also that Social Media Optimization emphasizes CONTENT. People will join you because of you and your content. Keep your content updated, useful and interesting! If people like what they find, they will be clients and tell their friends.

Ask any business, online or not, and they’ll tell you that nothing beats word of mouth advertising!

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket with search engine tactics alone. Diversify your online marketing with social media optimization and see your results improve. Earn 100% Commission!

Attracting People To Your Site

Social Media Optimization is changing the way search results are being done. It can be combined with SEO to get people to your site and generate traffic. Do you have a system to help you get that traffic and make you the money you need? If you want your web site to appear on the front page of search engine results, you will need the proper marketing tools. These tools will help you succeed!

Get More Traffic with Social Media Optimization!