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What is a Funded Proposal?

You know what I hear a lot lately?

“What the heck is a ‘Funded Proposal’?

Here you are, searching for a good explanation of this terminology.   You are at the right place!  So, relax, I am going to briefly explain to you what this is and how it can help you!  You may want to employ this method in your online marketing efforts.

Lets pretend you are a person with this challenge.  You start surfing the web looking for a solution.  You come across this great site and on it is a solution.  It’s a product that you can either get free or it is so dam cheap you buy it right there without delay.  It is a digital product that when you have finished paying you will be able to down load this product immediately and begin taking advantage of it right away.  The catch, you need to give a verifiable email address.  The money is paid.  You open up the downloaded zip file.  You find your solution along with one or two surprise gifts that not only help you more it, makes you feel special and pleased you purchased off of this site owner.

This is what is called a Funded Proposal.  You paid for something, or got it for Free, that could have easily been sold for a LOT more.  How much more is irrelevant!  The point is your solution is solved and you are happy….for now!  The owner of the site is happy to sell the product and give a couple of bonuses because he knows you fit into his “Target Audience” of the Niche his products serves.  He has attracted you to his site, given good value that over delivers and you have gladly paid for it and given your email. In the future the owner of the site will send you informative offers and incentives to come back and purchase again on the more expensive items. This is the basic idea of Funded Proposals.

The Membership!

Another type of Funded Proposal is when you come to a site that meets your solution with a system and community that you pay a monthly cost to access that system. Now, this is a funded proposal on steroids. You are using the service, and naming yourself as customer of the niche off the system. You are paying for it and at the same time you are offering to the person who sponsored you, or the person you signed up under, the opportunity to offer you their products and opportunity. Even if you chose not to take their offer, the system and the services you are using is paying them a small commission every month. You win, gaining the use of the service and the sponsor wins for the products you purchase in the system.

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