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Would You Recruit Yourself

Into Your Business?


Social Time

Good Energy & Attitude is FUN!

Okay, you got this great idea, you are going to make money on the internet, but my question is valid:  Would you recruit yourself into your business knowing what you know about yourself?  You must solve that problem first!  I will be covering the basics you need to learn and recommend a few places you can get extra help so your answer can be a resounding “YES!”, I would hire myself!  If you been at this a while and are struggling, you might discover what’s been blocking your efforts to achieve a success to brag about!

What Is Holding You Back —  The Answer Might Shock You!

The last time you went to a family gathering what was going on in your head?  Why a family gathering and not some other kind of event, you might be asking me?  Well!  With family it’s a mixed bag of society all bundled together.  There are people you love and people you have trouble dealing with all in one event. So, think about what I have asked you.  Seriously think about it for a few minutes!

Now answer this question:  Did you argue, talk about yourself or criticize others?

or:  Did you listen to people with the silent thoughts of an argument, critique or comparison to yourself of what you were being told?

The reason I ask this question is because your “attitude” without one word spoken is shouted by your physical reaction to the information being delivered!  It is mostly subtle things that people get.  A “feeling”, a “gut reaction”, but no matter what culture we come from these messages are what we all share as humans.  It is these body language reactions we all see and react to without really know the “Why” of it!

I will give you a few easy examples.  At your last family Function:

  1. Two Couples Talking

    How You Interact Quietly & Spoken!

    Who does everyone seem to like the most?

  2. Who do you want to be around the most?
  3. Who, when they speak to you, makes you feel empowered and happy they spoke with you?
  4. Who makes you laugh and feel good they were there?
  5. Who made you feel small and unimportant without saying a word?
  6. Who spoke to you and somehow you “just knew” they wanted to be away from you?
  7. Who do you always speak to that interrupts you before you finish?
  8. Who do you know that listens to you with a smile and asks you more questions to get you to be more detailed?
  9. Who gives you a warm, long hug … or… shakes your hand with gratitude in their eyes.
  10. Who do you know at every event that avoid you or rushes over to meet you?

Do you understand what I mean?  In every ‘get together’ you have the power to fix your relationships with people by how you speak, what you say and how you say it, and most importantly how you show your “words” with your face, your body and your hands.  It all works together to communicate your Attitude!

Do You Smell Right?

Yep…I said smell!

People, even you, put a great emphasis on smell!  Do you remember the last time you saw a person you wanted to meet?  You walked up to that person with a big smile and were ready to start telling that person how much you like them or how you appreciated what they did for you and BAM…the horrid smell twisted your nose and instantly all that “Joy” went sour or you tolerated it with an effort!  Perhaps your experience was a bit different, and I welcome you to tell your tale in the comments below, but the reaction is, in the end, the same!  Your impression of that person will include your memory of the smell!  You may not remember the smell but you will remember how you reacted to it!

What You Wear

What you are wearing is key to how you feel in your threads.  No, I am not being critical.  How you look in what you wear is instantly “spoken”!  If you are going to dress in a certain way…your style…then live it to the max and make it work for you!  Clothing is about how you express yourself as much as how you speak or how your body moves.  If you are comfortable in your clothes people will know and contribute it to what you are saying.  So, my advice is simple.  Wear what makes you feel “Right!” and teach others to accept that as “YOU”!

The Keys to Being Attractive

  1. Plan of Action

    Take Action & Be Consistent

    Believe in yourself!  Have confidence in your actions….How?  Practice habits that get results, or “Model” someone who is getting the results you desire.  Want to make $15,000 a month in Network Marketing.  Find someone who is making that much a month or someone who is following that person.  The reason I say that last part is because the person you wish to model might be too busy to talk to you regularly, so finding someone you can work with achieving the same end goal is beneficial in so many ways.  You can joint venture with them and share your journey to the top together.

  2. Get educated in your chosen profession.  Oh, now this is a big point I am about to make.  Ready?  Do not under any circumstances get educated by one person, one institution or one book or one anything!!  You need to get your education from a variety of sources and get to love learning all the time.  The more you know, the more you learn, the better your skills will be and the best part is…the more valuable you will be to people who don’t know!  Oh, and the more you know…the wiser you will be and the less you will fail, but make no mistake…you will still fail, but you will learn faster from the failure because you will know how to fix it faster.
  3. Take consistent action.  Heard that before?  Yep.  It is because it works.  It goes right back to when you had to learn to ride a bike.  You had to “Practice” until you got good at it!  The same thing exists with countless more examples!  You got to fail before you can have success and the more you fail the better your success will be in the end (As long as you don’t quit).  So, make it fun and enjoy learning from your failure!
  4. Be accountable!  Now this is a “trick”.  I mean measure everything and have every action you do in your marketing efforts recorded.  That includes your interactions with other human beings!  When you do something wrong, fix it.  When you do something right, make a note and keep doing that action and keep adjusting your “behavior skills” until you are having better relationships with people.
  5. Personal Energy.  This part is unique to you.  Although, it’s principle is universal to one formula.  When you “Decide” on a “Plan” and “dedicate yourself” to that plan by taking “persistent, consistent action” to achieve your “visioned goals!” and “educating yourself” to achieving those goals with “passion”, without excuses, your success is practically guaranteed!!

So, the question hanging in the air here is where can you get the best education to create a plan and achieve your goals?  There is a lot to offer on the internet and you could spend an enormous amount of money in courses without a solid direction.  While you are looking you will encounter a lot of offers and each may sound wonderful, but you would still have the biggest problem of them all…a clear plan of action.

If I may, I humbly suggest taking a look at a company called My Lead System Pro.  They have been around a few years and have attracted people from all walks of life whom have gone on to build fortunes.  The best part is the people whom have had success are willing to teach their skills to you in weekly, ongoing webinars, role-playing calls and a growing product base to learn and share.  You can learn how to be a Master at Facebook  or in any one of the many trainings in the back office!

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