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Blogging Mistakes



My partner and I were really surprised at the number of blogging mistakes that people make.  So, we decided to put together a Compendium of these mistakes along with a brief solution.   The “Theme” we are sticking to is Networking, MLM or Business blogs.  If you believe we have missed any “Blogging Mistakes”, please write a comment  and lets, together, help everyone have a great blog and succeed!

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Oh, just a note:  These are in no particular order.  Perhaps later, we will need to organize them into Categories.  All comments that add to our Compendium will be added to the body and properly referenced.  Duplicates will be removed.

Not Completing Meta Tag SEO:  This one was a bit of a surprise!  In each blog post editor you have a place to put “Meta Title”, “Meta Description”, and “Meta Tags”.  These are the data that the spiders or bots that index your site read and understand.  Without them, your blog post will be invisible to the world.  Scroll down into the depths of the “New Post” area and find them and fill them out.  You can go back and fix this in old post, so nothing is bad, it’s just delayed until you do it!

First Paragraph Does Not Summarize The Post:  It’s customary in many businesses to have the first paragraph be a ‘Teaser’ of the post.  This is because most blogs categories only show the title and a brief description.  This is usually the first paragraph.  So, go back and fix your posts.  It might take a little time if you have a lot of article posts, but it’s important if you want people to browse your site.

Blogging Inward vs Solving A Problem:  The mistake people make is blogging about themselves and trivial things as apposed to addressing the problems found in their industry  and solving that problem with valuable content.  Remember, people come online for either to solve a problem or to be entertained.  If you are talking about neither of those two subjects then you are wasting your time.  Thanks goes to Ray Higdon

Blogging Titles are Confusing or None-Specific:  Want to drive a burr into a person’s search efforts.  Have a title that says one thing and a blog body written for something entirely different or slightly off topic.  It’s setting you up for developing a bad reputation…so, stop it!  Fix your titles so they have the KEY POINT of your article in mind.  This is very important.  Go back to your articles and fix your titles to be KEY word specific!

Articles Have No Breaks:  What this means is that you do not have headings that break up the flow of the article.  People are naturally lazy and they want to be able to digest the information fast.  Provide Categories and Divisions in your article.  This is more for visually kinder to your reader and says, quietly, you care!

Very LONG paragraphs:  This is actually a new mistake for bloggers.  In the past is wasn’t ‘that’ big of a deal.  Today, we have mobile devices that have very small reading area and if your paragraphs are too long you will displease this audience and trust me when I say, that the future is in mobile devices so, fix your way of blogging so the paragraphs are short, to the point and easy to read.  Also, it adds to the above point.

Zero Presence On Social Media Platforms:  Yeah, we are partially guilty for this one.  Today we have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and Web 2.0 sites just to name a few giant social media areas that you can plug into and utilize as a means of getting your message published so that people can find you without opening up a search engine query!  You are missing out on a HUGE avenue and essentially money on the table!  Fix this or perish!

Plagiarizing Other Bloggers:  This is really self explanatory!  Right?  Yet, we see this every day.  One site is a virtual copy of someone elses.  Bottom line:  Don’t do it!

Poor Image Management:  It’s true!  People do it all the time.  Sometimes the picture is entire off topic which not only confuses people but is a negative mark against the site with the search engines.  Also, when you put up an images, be CERTAIN the Alt tag describes the picture accurately because this is your golden opportunity to speak directly with the search engine bots and spiders.  It’s SEO smart to have a Key work related to your article in the Alt tag and to have the image link out to a related site.

Poor Link Management:  This is a loaded mistake!  I will explain.

  1. If you are sending someone away from your site it is very important you use the right syntax in the HTML of the link that does not sent the bots with it.  Use the rel=”no follow” just after the address of the link’s destination.  Example:  href=”” rel=”no follow”.  A lot of people will argue that it goes before the href but try it and switch back to visual and switch back to HTML and you will see that it’s been moved.
  2. Be sure to check you links are still active.  Nothing screams “AMATEUR” with dead links or links that go to the wrong destination.  So, be sure to check your links.
  3. When you place a link into the body of an article be sure that the linking words relate to where you are sending the person clicking and this is also an SEO point from the search bots.  You say “snow mobiles” as an anchor text and the reader goes to a “snow board” shop, you may as well forget that person opting into anything you have to offer.
  4. This is our pet peeve!  Having way too may links in the body of the article that all goes to the same location.  Once is enough!

Never Linking to other Bloggers:  This mistake is common.  The reason you want to link to another blogger is to share the topic of interest and create a sense of community.  It creates a buzz on the topic being written and allows those searching for the information to have a broader understanding of the topic and get different reported opinions.  It is important for the writer because of the added exposure.

Written Construction Errors:  The word “Construction” encompasses grammatical, spelling and paragraph size that go into creating the written body of the article.  Spelling mistakes, and long run-on-sentences are the biggest complaint!  The spell checker will not catch all the errors because the words “are” spelled correctly, but do not mean what was intended.  Grammatically, we all need a bit of help.  Get someone else to help proof your work!  Lastly, paragraphs that are written “very long” without breaks will cause you trouble with mobile users who have small screens.  Also, a long paragraph is unattractive because is says to a lot of people that you don’t know how to be “concise”, and to the point!  Any of the these will send your reader away fast!

Theme or Direction of Site:  If your site is about helping people in Network Marketing, MLM, or Affiliate marketing then be sure to stay on topic and enter articles that will address those topics clearly.  If you are going to write about something off topic, house it in a separate category or start another blog if that topic becomes a new passion of yours.

Frequency of Posts:  Those of you who wish to have a steady flow of people visiting your site need post regularly and as often as possible.  As we say in this field:  Traffic is king!  So, the more quality content you post…the more people will visit and ultimately the better chance of earning money!  So, post often!

Posting to Old Posts:  In a blog about a specific topic, it is important to reference old posts to improve the traffic to those pages and to utilize work already reported.  It will keep those archived pages alive and give your reader an easy way to stay on your site longer.  It will also allow those referenced pages a little more link juice and a better chance to rank in the search engines.

If you have anything else to add to this Compendium, please contact me.

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