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Commenting On Blogs

Establishing good content that engages people who visit your blog page to leave a comment is less of an art and more of a style of writing.  The style is certainly not restricted to one type, the key is to keep it conversational. The point is you want to have people add their opinions and knowledge to the content of the article and create a “living” post.

Think about it. It’s no secret that many of the people who comment on blogs are also bloggers. They simply have more motivation to take the time to comment.  So when you meaningfully participate in the community aspect of a blog, you’re creating meaningful relationships with people who can send you significant traffic—bloggers and other active social media users. [Brian at CopyBlogger]

The most important aspect of the comments area, in my opinion, is sharing your thoughts and knowledge of the topic. In so doing, connecting with  other bloggers and interested people who are seeking information about the topic.

What is a “Living” Post

Perhaps this is something I made up or maybe it is something that I heard.  What I mean by this is the comments that are added by you…the reader creating a conversation in very much the same fashion as forum thread.  People become engaged in a discussion of the topic.  It’s a real thrill when it happens!

Comment on Blogs – Sign Up First!

People seem to be leaving a post without commenting on the content.  Especially if that content helped them solve a problem.  The reason for this situation is because the reader must leave their name and email address.  Essentially “subscribe” to the blog.  This “sign-up” step is the cause of the lack of comments.  Even I am guilty of this “stoppage”!

I am sure I am not alone in this thought.  Today, people are a little cautious of  ‘signing up’ to sites.

This is nothing to be worried about.  You are not signing up to a mailing list and your information will not be used in that way!!  If I am wrong, please correct me.

Relationship and Link-Juice

Personally, I leave a comment at blogs only if I really enjoyed the content of the blog and the information helped me.  The goal to add my information to the author and to perhaps establish a relationship with him/her.  My motivation is purely the desire to give compliment to the author and share or add to the post for other readers.

My comments will allow the search engines to add a little Link-Juice to that post as an incoming link like a vote!  The more comments the better the author’s post will rank.

Also, the quote above I used from Brian’s blog is also a vote from this page to his page.  Readers can jump from this post to his to learn more about the topic and get a greater depth of understanding of the topic.  It is a great way to share!

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