My Salad Diet Recommendation

My Salad Diet




Before we get into my salad diet recommendations, be aware that most people, who eat a salad meal tend to maintain a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and “Diet” is not the goal.  Having whole foods, live foods, raw foods, superfoods, and legumes and/or meat proteins is not only a delicious mix of colors, it is a practiced, enjoyable, lifestyle.  Preferably locally grown and fresh.  It is plain good common sense of eating a healthy, nutritious meal that helps the body stay lean, fit and healthy!  It is fun to seek out new alternatives that can add to the salad and increase the chances of having a long happy life.

With that said, my salad diet recommendations is primarily aimed at people that are overweight and those wishing to get into the best shape of their lives.  So, those of you who are “into” what I am writing today, please  write a comment to add to this posting and share your experience.  I will adjust my content as I continue to learn better practices!  Fair!

Just to be clear, I am not a nutritionist, or a doctor.  My recommendations are acquired from research, personal experience, trial and error, and a desire to share.  Be sure to do you own research and if it is necessary, to seek out a nutritionist to verify what is best for you and your needs!

Base Ingredients

The base ingredients to my salad Diet is based on a little phrase I use when I am shopping, “The darker the leaf – more vitamins for me!”  Here is a list of the items I get and why as well as my personal notes:

  • Spinach – A rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  
  • Kale – Very high in beta-carotene, vitamins K and C, and calcium, and primarily for it’s anti-cancer properties from a chemical called Sulforaphane(got that from wikipedia).  As a personal preference I avoid eating the thick parts of the stem.
  • Romaine – anti-oxidants.
  • Tomatoes – Great source of lycopene and helps the heart and the skin.  Lots of information for tomatoes.  Tomatoes is a delicious add to any salad if you like tomatoes!
  • Red Swiss Chard – Rich in minerals, protein and dietary fiber.  It is extremely high on the scale of vitamins A, K, and C with each 180g portion.  I tear the leaf off the stem as well.
  • Red Bell Peppers – Best source of Vitamin C and a rich source of the antioxidant lycopene.

I add a small amount of each to a large bowl after it is thoroughly soaked in warm water and vinegar.  This is to ensure it is clean.  I remove any rotten leaves.


There are a lot of protein choices you can make to add.  Regardless of whether you are a vegan or a meat eater.  Chose ONE of these for you salad meal to include protein in your diet.  These are my salad diet recommendations for protein:

  • Boneless Chicken Breast – Size is equal in length to your longest finger and only 1/2 inch thick.  Roughly 3 to 5 ounces.  Best grilled.
  • Turkey Breast – Same size as the chicken and Best Oven Baked to perfection.  This is a nice change from chicken.
  • Tuna – Best to get fresh caught tuna, or canned tuna that comes from suppliers that practice wild caught tuna and do not endanger other fish or the health of our oceans.
  • Salmon – Fresh caught and buy it unfrozen.  Ask how long it has been in room temperature. Most fresh salmon is packed in ice for storage and insist on having the skin removed.

If you are not into meats or are a vegan or heck…you just want to add a small portion with the meats:

  • Bean Medley – about 3 ouches.  Be sure to rinse off the beans out of the can.  Unless you get adventurous and cook the beans from scratch!  
  • Long grained rice or wild rice – slow cook the rice with no added flavor.  consume as a side or let it cool and add to salad.  3 to 5 ounces.  Store the rest for later.
  • Almonds – 12 almonds is plenty for a meal.  Grind up to a light powder.  90 calories and 5 grams of protein.

Make it Crunchy!

The following list may increase in size as I learn more great foods to add, but for now these are the ingredients that I add to increase the fiber content and the crunchiness!

  • Celery – This is high in fiber and low in calories.  It is a fabulous snack too!  Cut off the part that was attached to the root base.  Clean it and chop into small bite size pieces.  Include the leaves!
  • Red Onions – (optional)  Amazingly, Onions are high in vitamin C, B6, and folic acid.  Use sparingly and chop into small bite size pieces
  • Radishes – (optional) Rich in ascorbic acid, folic acid, and potassium.  Use only 1 or 2 in any salad.  Use Sparingly and make sure each of them are well diced into small pieces.
  • Red Cabbage – Rich in beta carotene, Vitamin C, and of course…lots of fiber.   Grate and chop into small pieces.
  • Carrots – (optional) best to remove the outer skin and shred in a small amount.  This for taste and fiber.

My Favorite Twists

This is my favorite part of the salad. The best salad diets are the ones that require a fork and a spoon.  I use a fork in the beginning and once all the leaves are gone, I switch to a spoon and proceed to eat all the chopped up crunchy pieces.  Often these items are great ways to capture the salad on the fork.

  • Half a Red Apple – I always add this to my salad.  It is the “sweet” part of my meal.
  • Stuffed Green Olives – A must for every salad for me.  I love them.  This replaces the salt normally dumped into a salad.  I dice 5 to 10 as fine as I can so it spreads around.  I will even add in a bit of solution from the bottle.  Yum!!
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil – I add in 2 ounces of this dark, rich, thick, nutty tasting oil that sings in my taste buds.  I have a Slovenian supplier that makes it pure, and uncut.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – I add in 4 ounces of locally acquired vintage if I can find it and when it is not in season, I will use…white vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar.  There are so many great things about vinegar.
  • Lemon Juice –  I squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon over the whole salad.  It adds to the taste but more so, lemon juice in small quantities is great for you!
  • Orange Slices – (optional) Great source of Vitamin C and a delicious taste.  Naval Oranges are the best!  Add in a half orange if you like.
  • BlueBerry – (optional)  Great source of anti-oxidants.  Delicious and only to be added when they are in season from Local growers.
  • Hard boiled eggs –  I grind up the egg and dump in one or two when I am interested in adding a different protein then the above choices


To really put a lot of taste and sing in your salad diet without any calories are the following, but I would be careful with the quantity because they can affect your body odor.

  • Garlic – This is a wonder herb, but unfortunately it can lead to bad breath and toxic gas or odor.  So use with care. ONLY BUY LOCAL garlic!!!
  • Parsley – This is a great delicate spice to add to any salad.  Best fresh.
  • Mint leaves – Great to detox and acts as breath freshener.  Best fresh.
  • Pepper – This is a nice spice but add sparingly and do not add if you are trying to lose weight or detoxing.

Important Facts

A big key in losing weight is to consume a lot of water.  The rule is 1/2 your weight in ounces of water must be consumed every day.  Drink 2 cups of water as soon as you get up and thirty minutes before you go to sleep.  The water in the morning gets your organs ready.  The water at night helps flush out your system.

Another tip I learned is to sleep with you legs slightly raised to help the blood flow.


 Must NOT items to ensure you lose weight

I am sure you know what I am going to put on this list and the reason’s why.

  • Salt – There is no good reason to be adding salt to your Salad.  There is salt in many other foods already.  
  • Sugar – Believe it or not I know people who add sugar to their salad…hint…salad dressings.
  • Potatoes – Very High in starch.  This is not for those people wanting to lose weight.
  • Pasta – Very High in starch and carbohydrates.  Most pasta, the body does not recognize as a “food” as being healthy for you!
  • Bread – This is not the best choice with any salad.  Especially if you are detoxing and/or on a weight removal challenge.

An Alternative Choice

A big argument about the Salad Diet is the inconsistency of nutrients being supplied to the body every day.   It is true.  We cannot be certain that the right nutrients are being supplied without having to eat a lot of food to accomplish this requirement each and every day.  The challenge in the first place is to lose weight and keep it off in some form of day to day routine.  A lifestyle of chopping, ripping, peeling and cooking for each meal can take time many people not use to this kind of lifestyle may not desire.  Salad’s are a labor intense meal of love.  The average weight loss is 1 ~ 4 pounds a week which means it will take a person who is 100 pounds overweight 25 to 100 weeks to lose the weight.  Get the picture?  To lose weight in this manner takes a lot of time, effort, and loads of patience!!

I could reduce many of the ingredients to a liquid by juicing and I do juice every day.  However, again, the nutrient deficiencies is a compelling argument that must be addressed, “Are we getting the right balance of all the nutrients our body needs from what I am juicing.”  I am force to say, “NO!”  I can get close and that is why it will take a very long time.   Those people who rather lose the weight fast, need to add an exercise routine that is fun into their lifestyle.

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Johnmark Cooper


Purium’s 10 Day Transformational Cleanse


10 Day Tranformational Cleanse


I personally tested this product on myself and I share my results and understanding of what I personally went through to achieve weight loss.  This is an all vegan cleanse that will help you break a lot of food craving habits and enable you to change what you eat every day and especially how much food.  I did this cleanse for 40 days, so two cleanse with one week rest in between.

Mind Set

I call this “personal resolve”.  You might have a different word to describe the same:  Determination, will power, a personal vow or dedication to excellence.  Whatever your wording!

It boils down to this simple fact:  You are serious about getting healthy and feeling Great about You!  It starts with what is going on in your head, First! 

Nothing else on this planet matters more than You feeling fantastic about Yourself.  Period!  When  you look in the mirror, how do you feel about yourself as a person?  For me that started with my Mind Set!  Getting the Junk out of my head and being clear about what I wanted most for MY life.  Learning what I say to myself, how I treat myself and what actions I do to improve my life for my best health and wellness.  It goes way beyond just losing weight.

Do you understand what I am saying to you?

This Transformational Packs from Purium Inc promises to “break your addiction to processed foods” and end the cravings.   Your new you starts the day you begin the Transformation!  For me, and maybe even for you,  it started weeks before the day I started to participate in the cleanse.

What To Expect When you start Juicing!

My beginning with juicing.  This was before I started the cleanse.  Lots of live whole foods made a rich green drink that tingled as it went down.  My wife and I were in Costa Rica.  We juiced in the morning and early afternoon, and of course I had an addiction for coffee and so I drank the local coffee.  So…heads up.  Do not drink strong coffee and only juice. It has a the following effect:  The rest of my afternoon and evening was spent running to the bathroom every half hour.  LOL :))

My body was being detoxified of all the junk with all the Great food nutrients I was now putting into myself.  The first couple of days of getting use to the new habit I consumed those foods was a real eye opener.  I was feeling much better about myself!

I had begun my journey to a healthier, happier me.

Transformation Resets

The schedule for the transformation is laid out from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm for a reason.  You feed the body nutrients and water throughout the day and at night you allow the body to rest and fast.  So, rest and keep your activities to a minimum.

Water Reset:  During the Transformation I consumed 124 oz of water each day.  You know, it did not seem like a lot of water.  Be prepared to have a bathroom handy because this amount of water is absolutely necessary.  It flushes out the old and enables the body to be detoxed and cleanse itself.   This taught me that I can consume that much water each day!  I believe the amount of water consumed is an essential part of the weight lose mechanism inside the human body.

Salt & Sugar Reset:  Throughout the 10 days I discovered my addiction for sweets and salts slowly vanished until all I had was a memory of the “Taste”.  After the first 10 days were finished I have discovered that a lot of food is extremely over salted or sweetened.  To the point that my tongue burns with distaste for it.    A day after my cleanse, as mentioned, I went out and tasted what I thought I liked and you know what tasted the best of all the foods:  Oranges, apples, bananas, and organic live foods.

My wife had a muffin on the way home from work a few days after her cleanse and she said it was disgustingly filled with something that tasted sweet but tingled on the tip of her tongue.

Food Intake Reset:  Continuing from above, all my taste buds were also reset and it has taught us, my wife and I, that we do not need a lot of food to be healthy.  We need healthy dense live whole foods that are readily available in the local farmers markets or in the grocery store.

My Results 

I did two cleanses with a week rest in-between each 10 days.  At the end I weighed in at 196.5 lbs.  I had lost 28 lbs in 40 days.



Please understand the purpose of this cleanse is meant for those people that have a serious need to lose weight in a hurry!  It was designed for actors, and people who need to slim down fast.  It takes discipline and dedication.  Few people have the ability to take 10 days off to focus their body into this type of weight lose.  It is especially difficult for those with a busy life.

Please discuss this cleanse with your doctor to ensure it is right for you and your situation.

I wish you success in your efforts to lose weight and get into a better health!

Thank you
Johnmark Cooper
My purium link is





Johnmark Cooper


Surf Inn Hermosa

Surf Inn Hermosa


I stayed at  Surf Inn Hermosa on the west coast of Costa Rica.  The Inn is a deliciously cozy place with clean, luxurious apartments.  We stayed here for about two weeks and I must say that when I return to Costa Rica Surf Inn Hermosa will be my first pick to stay!!

Benefits At Surf Inn Hermosa

This Inn is nestled right up to the beach along the Player Hermosa area.  There is a place right next door that does full body messages inside a curtained off area outside on a private, roofed in, raised deck.  As you get your message you can be lulled into relaxation by the joyous break of the ocean water.  A few doors down in either direction, along the beach, are outdoor style restaurants.  Please remember, it is always warm and the places here that serve food are fully licensed and the food is excellent!  We ate dinner at both more then once.  Each time we were delighted with the service!  Also, both restaurants cater to “Take out!”.  There is always a cab driver waiting by the road to take people into town (Jac0) which costs about $12 U. S. depending on where you are going.  The owner, Christina, offers:  *each have a fee or are free* laundry , Yoga, Mountain hiking, surfing lessons, tours to local falls and events.

Each Saturday on the beach a Surfing contest is held and the beach is alive with people.

At sunset, the beach is the busiest for the obvious reasons…sunsets are wonderful!

Another benefit, more for the area then for Surf Inn Hermosa is the fact that there is not pollution in the sky.  This means the sky at night is WOW clear!  I spent many night outside at low tide sitting in the sand staring up at the stars.  Also, no air-borne bugs to speak of for the entire time I was there.  Which brings up my last point, the birds…lots and lots of birds that are very happy to sing their songs.  As well as a beetle that makes a loud buzzing, but the beetles only sing around sunset and a bit afterwords.

I did a video tour of Surf Inn Hermosa.  The tour includes the apartment we stayed in along with a good view of the area around the Inn.  I do a bit of panning while on the balcony.  If you stop the video at 5:19~20 You will see the place where the white sheets close in the corner of the raised deck for the message.

Also:  Note the roar of the surf!!!!  This is a constant background ocean music and WOW is it ever addicting!  I tell ya, I get goose bumps with a desire to return to that atmosphere!  My apology for not holding still long enough for you to really grasp the full meaning of this beauty.

A Few Advisory Points

Although the area is safe, for the most part, you still need to be careful to keep your belongings in a safe place because petty theft can and does occur regularly.

Car theft is big in Costa Rica, so be alert when using your car and storing valuable in it.  Surf Inn Hermosa has a limited parking area and a security guard to watch over your vehicles.  Be sure to have a credit card that allows you to cover Insurance coverages on rental vehicles, otherwise renting a car in Costa Rica is extremely expensive!

Traveling in Costa Rica without a GPS in a car…unless you know where you are going….is flat out stupid!  There are no road signs of any kind in the entire country and without a GPS and a good amount of common sense you will get lost quickly.

Okay, when you are out playing in the waves.  Good advice I have for you.  Always be sure that there are surfers out in the water in front of where you are enjoying the surf.  That way, if you get pulled out in an undertow the surfer can rescue you.  Also, if an undertow does pull you out, the best strategy is to swim sideways to the direction of the pull or just tread water and “SCREAM” for help!  Seriously, without help you can be pulled out over a mile!  Many of those that surf are very much aware of the dangers of undertow and I strongly believe that they make it their business to watch for people caught in these dangerous conditions.  Hold your breath and get a breath when you can each time.  Avoid fighting mother nature and you will survive.  The danger is if you fight and panic, it sucks all your energy out and you drown!

You can spot an undertow on the beach when the water forms an inward “V” and the receding water funnels with cresting water.  ( I would love a better explanation, if possible. :] )


Christina Truitt

Christina Truitt.  Owner of Surf Inn Hermosa


My Recommendations

I recommend Surf Inn Hermosa to anyone travelling to Costa Rica in or around Player Hermosa area or Jaco.  Christina’s Inn has limited space, so you are best to contact her to arrange availability as soon as you know your travel arrangements.  She has arranged with a local services to pick you up at the San Jose airport for a reasonable fee, if you chose not to rent a car from the airport.

This is the link to Surf Inn Hermosa:  or you can just click on the picture of Christina.

I also recommend you stay at Surf Inn and satellite out to the many places you can tour, like the volcano, the hot springs, the wales tail.  We visited the wales tail.  It sits on a national park and is a huge beach at low tide.  It is a real thrill to walk out and enjoy an evening under the stars on the soft silky sand.  Better be sure to have a good flash light or have your cell phone light.

If you desire something more then the really laid back enjoyment of the surf and have a taste of something luxurious be sure to ask Christina where you can get what you are needing.  She is extremely knowledgeable of the area and makes it her business to stay informed of the local and touristy excursions you can go do.

If you need to make special arrangements before you arrives, be sure to ask her for assistance.  She was extremely helpful to me before I arrived and I requested a message to be scheduled once I did.  It was a snap for her to do and she was pleased to help!


That is my review of the Surf Inn Hermosa!

***** 5 stars In my book!!!

Johnmark Cooper


Purium – Ten Day Celebrity Transformation

Purium – Ten Day Celebrity Transformation


This article is written for those that wish to lose weight in 10 days and have that result last for a long time. It is also written for those people who are personal trainers whom have clients they wish to impress with great results, fast! Purium’s philosophy is to “train your cells to seek nutrition instead of calories. This means you cn maintain a healthier weight and a healthier lifestyle.” achievable after a 10 day formula.

Dave Sandoval has been doing this for many thousands of people for over a decade now. All types of people from a vast assortment of backgrounds and each have had the success I personally have experienced. Lose weight. After 10 days I have lost 12 pounds. My goal is to lose be 185 lbs. That means I need to lose another 26 lbs. A task I am sure I can accomplish now. Purium is helping me achieve the results along with my current activities.

Purium Delivers Results Fast

The last time I went to a gym my intent was to find a personal trainer to mentor my transformation. I was prepared to adjust my daily activity to fit whatever was required for me to lose the weight, get into the best shape of my life and be healthy. My expectation was to have someone who would guide me, work with me and advise me on the various steps needed to achieve my goals. That included being educated in eating correctly, exercising correctly and having that person get me the results “FAST”! Is this your expectation of your personal trainer?

Now, place yourself in the personal trainers shoes! A trainer’s goal is to achieve results for his/her client as quickly and as economically as possible and in the safest and healthiest way possible. The faster the results of their mentor-ship the more recommendations they get and the better their reputation.

Trainers, I believe, should be recommending their clients Purium products to help them achieve their goals. So a good question to be asking your own trainer, if you have one, is why he/she has not been recommending Purium product to you. There really is no excuse either. Purium has been around for the past 15 years or more and it is available in Canada, the USA, and all 27 countries in Europe!

Trainer’s Benefits

If you are personal trainer and you wish to get access to Purium Products for your clients, be sure to click on the link in this sentence or contact me directly and I can help you learn all the benefits that Purium has to offer you. I am certain you will be pleased!  There is one tid-bit of information I want to share with you now, and that is, Purium products will help people lose weight and build muscle at the same time.  A great benefit!

The following is a video I put together that helps explain visually the Purium – Ten day Celebrity Transformation. Oh, and, the reason the title has “celebrity” in it is because this is the secret weapon used in Holly Wood to lose weight in preparation for events.

Thank you for taking the time to learning about Purium’s 10 Day Celebrity Transformation.  You will find more information about purium at mypurium site!






Johnmark Cooper


Improving Your Conversion Rates

Improving Your Conversion Rates


Conversion rates are a vital statistic for an online business. It’s one thing to bring people to your site or blog but it’s another thing altogether to turn them into solid leads and future clients or customers.

It would be a similar scenario at an electronics store. You can all have all the glitz and overhead and awesome displays that you want…but it means nothing if nobody buys anything. Some people may walk by the store, others may stop in for a quick peek and then leave and still others may walk around for a while and check out the displays but still buy nothing. It’s good to attract interest but that won’t pay the rent. Like a store, a website or blog needs people to actually convert and be clients. conversion-300x186
Here are some tips that can help improve those conversion rates:

1) Website analytics will help you find out how many people are visiting your site and if they are actually clicking on your ads and links. A couple of methods to track any tends are Crazy Egg tracking software  or Google Analytics if you wish to not spend any money just yet.

2) Social media is a great way to bring people to your website/blog because they will already have a good idea as to who you are. If you have a Facebook fan page, you will get more traffic if your Facebook friends and fans ‘Like’ your page and refer their own friends. The best word of mouth is through people that tell your friends. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy from a company if a friend recommended it as opposed to an ad?

3) Split Testing means that you have two different versions of a web page and see which one attracts more conversions. Often, it means that a headline should be larger or that a link should be a different place that’s easier to find. Google website optimizer is a free tool which will help you do split testing and find out which page works best.


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Expanding Your Customer Base

Expanding Your 

Customer Base


As an online business you definitely want to keep the customers that you have and attract new ones. Furthermore, you want to make sure that your current customers will keep buying from you and also upgrade their present purchases.

customer1-300x202Here are some simple ideas to expand your customer base.


An outside service tool that you use to reach out to your list to inform with excellent content and you use to promote products and services to that help you earn money.  Each letter you write and set to go to the list on a pre-determined, by you, schedule.  It is an excellent way to follow-up with a new customer that have opted-in to a form your create and leave on your site or in ads.  It is all automated, so, once you set it up it can follow up with people day and night without your interaction.

Be smart and shop around for the auto-responder that fits all your needs.  Each have a fee.  The popular services are:

  1. Get Response
  2. Aweber

You can set up and create your own auto-responder, but there are a few concerns surrounding that option.  Maintaining consistency in your message and staying true to your personality theme.  Do not be someone you are not in your message.  Be authentic and real and the most important thing many people are wanting is for you to be a person they can trust to lead them to their solutions.  Be the person who helps them solve their current challenge.

With an Auto-responder’s an opt-out must be made available on all messages sent along with a statement of how you acquired their email address.  The opt-out is done through an link and is automated.


This is a companion piece to auto-responders and can be published in a monthly or quarterly cycle.  A Newsletter follows a ‘specific’ Theme of information to clients that want to see information specifically from you on that topic.  They can include articles and images which will provide in-depth reading material for your client base. You can solicit submissions from your client list and expand your newsletter with guest articles and blogs.  The key to monetizing a Newsletter effectively is to make offers that add value to the those reading the information.

It is important to note:  For both Auto-responder and Newsletters.  Be sure to stay consistent and keep your letters spaced out so as to avoid having it feel “spammy” to your clients.

Google Alerts

This is a program you create inside of google to send you notifications on specific keywords that you specify.  It will keep you updated on what your competitors are doing and also give you up-to-date news about everything in your field of interest. You can find out more about this service at You can also let your present and future customers know about any new developments with your business.

Affiliate Programs

In addition to joining a service that can assist you with automation and value added information and services for your clients is affiliation with each of those services via their affiliate programs.  For each client that takes your advice and uses these services you will receive compensation in the form of money or benefits from that service or both.

In addition, most internet services today have a basic or standard offer that caters to those on a tight budget with the option to scale up.  Each service will, on their own accord, attempt to up sell  these new clients and if they do upgrade, you will get the benefits of increased earnings.

Social Media

Many tools today are driven by gamification, socializing, and sharing pictures or reposting or retweeting.  It is called Social Media and it has the benefit to be free and most importantly the information can travel “virally” or exceptionally fast!  It allows you to use a lot of free programs which will build awareness about your business and grow your customer base. Make a Facebook fan page and get people to ‘Like ‘ it. Their Facebook friends will then be more inclined to check you out since a friend recommended it. Go to Twitter and make an account for your business. If you get a lot of followers, they will retweet your posts and expand your customer base exponentially. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do any hard-selling on social media since the ‘social’ aspect is the focus, not the business aspect.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, let me know!

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Johnmark Cooper


Google’s Disavow Links Tool

Google’s Disavow Links Tool

Ranking highly on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is an important goal for any business with an on-line presence.  When someone types in a search term on Google, you want to be on the first page when the results show up.  If you are on the second or third page, it’s almost a certainty that you won’t be found since people usually can’t be bothered going past page one.  Google’s Disavow Links Tool is a new device from Google which will help you get better search results organically and not be penalized by low-quality or spammy links.

There are many methods of improving search results such as using relevant keywords and having back-links.  These back-links are made by having other sites provide a link back to your own site.  However, Google wants these links to be provided by real people who are recommending your page.  Google does NOT want a lot of back-links provided by low-quality or spammy sites whose only purpose is to automatically generate hundreds or thousands of unscrupulous links.  Google’s Penguin and Panda tools were designed to penalize sites which generated search results with methods such as keyword stuffing and ‘link-spam’.

Some online marketers will actively seek out sites which promise thousands of backlinks in order to improve search results.  Others will share their online content with actual people who will read their content, use it and promote it to their own contacts.  That is, they will promote and recommend contact if they find it useful.

This is what Google wants.  Google wants web sites to rank highly because of their content and popularity, not because they were able to buy a lot of false links.  Penguin and Panda were designed to weed out these web sites and penalize them.

However, many web sites were penalized because they were inadvertently or mistakenly backlinked to spam and other low-quality sites.  Many content writers were often tempted by promises of a multitude of links going back to their site and increasing their online presence.

Penguin and Panda were like a splash of cold water and many web sites paid the price.   After these developments, many web sites wanted to get rid of bad links and now Google has given them a way to do it.

How To Use The Google Disavow Links Tool

If you have used link-spam sites or if you have paid to get back-links, then Google will have sent a notice pointing this out and warning that you may be penalized.  They will strongly recommend that you get rid of these links.  If you haven’t received any notice but are concerned about possible bad links to your site, then it’s best to take action and remove any links you think are low-quality.  If you are using any systems that help you get links automatically, then stop doing so.

Next, click here on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog and follow the instructions on the page.  Whether you use backlink systems or not, it’s best to read the content at the link and see if you need the service.  Google’s Disavow Links Tool is an important facet in online marketing.

You do NOT want to be penalized by Google as they are the the dominant search engine.  If you are banned from Google, you are essentially shut out from any online search queries.

Google Disavow Tool Link

Keep yourself informed of any developments in the search engine optimization. Google has been cracking down on linkspam and other methods which aren’t organic. Make sure that you build your following with quality content and proper optimization methods. Whatever you do, don’t get penalized by Google. Play it safe and you’ll win out in the end.

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Google Alerts Introduction & Strategies

Google Alerts


A great way to establish connections on the internet is to have those key words searches sent via a Google Alert system that you set up with this easy to follow video I have put together for you.

A few neat ways to improve your information in your site is to keep relevant updates that are happening in real time posting to your gmail inbox.



How to Setup Google Alerts

  1. You need to have a Google gmail account…so do that first.
  2. In the search engine (preferably Google search engine) type in “Google Alerts”
  3. Find the link that takes you to the Alerts page and enter into the first window your searching need!
  4. Set the parameters in the choice boxes below and create your alert!

It’s that simple!

You can have as many alerts as you like.

If you find an alert is not working to your liking you can edit it and correct it to your needs.

Google Alert Strategies

The following are a short list of strategies you can use to improve your alerts:

  1. Keyword Alerts: The majority of users use this method. Enter the keyword of your niche or website topic and keep well informed of the activities that are happening and pass that knowledge onto your readers and subscribers!
  2. Tracking: This is a very savvy way to find out who is using your links in their site for backlinks to your content! It is an effective tool in the process of learning about the traffic habits of those who visit your site and teaches you how to improve those content pages that are not recieving as much traffic.
  3. Brand Awareness: Similar to keyword but it allows you to stay informed about a celebrity or name brand item that you love.
  4. Protecting Content Theft: This is a smart way to protect the content that you believe could potentially be taken and duplicated. What you do it take a key phrase or longtail keyword that is in your content and set up an alert. That way if someone takes your content and attempts to call it their work, you will see it in the alert and be able to take action. This is only one way to protect your content from Theft. There are other options and I encourage our readers to share that with us in the comment section. One method I know is called “Copyscape” which you copy your content into their system and it looks for content published that has similar content! A great little tool, but it does cost a minor fee. Google Alerts is free.

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How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

To create a Facebook fan page you will need to open a “Personal Account” in Facebook.  It is easy!  Facebook was designed for having a place where friends and family can mingle and share information.  Whether that be your own or someone else’s.  Facebook want you to be social and relax and have a place you can connect with people in a more emotional and personal way.

If you are new to Facebook, remember this:  You set the limits on how personal you want to be to the world!  You can be super private and have relations with only a couple people if you wanted!  I suggest that you enter in a birthdate other then your own if you wish to keep your “identity Information” safe.

You can share with thousands of people instantly now that mobile phones are starting to replace the household phone systems.  Many people are surfing on the web with their mobile device today.  The new wave of the future is a planetary net of social media allowing conversations with virtually anyone, anywhere.

It is the way Facebook designed their plateform. I know it’s nutty and crunchy but hey…Stand Tall!!  Its a brave new world.  Be savvy!!  So, if you don’t have a “Personal Account”, you need to stop and go do that first! Here is the link: Facebook

See ya, on the inside!

A Simple Guide To Creating a “Facebook Page”

These steps are in order:

  1. Be logged into your Facebook Personal Page
  2. Follow this Link: “Facebook Page Creation”
  3. On the screen you should see 6 boxes
    1. Local business or place
    2. Company, organization, or Institution
    3. Brand or product
    4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure
    5. Entertainment
    6. Cause or Community
  4. Each block you can click and it will reveal instructions
  5. Pick which Type of Page best suites your interest
  6. Then pick a name for the page. Chose wisely, it’s hard to fix*
  7. Once the Page is created, You will either be taken through a set of setup steps or not
  8. If ‘not’: Click on the name of your page and on the Admin panel at the top, click on Edit Page and chose “Update info”. You can access this anytime to add, update, fix your profile.
  9. On the side bar is a list of all the functions in your Page. Select each and setup your page.
  10. I recommend you put in a bio, awards you have earned, things you are affiliated with, your name, email and website
  11. I recommend you DO NOT enter in your address unless it is an alternate and Identity Theft Safe**
  12. You are done!

* : Facebook has got no sense on this page name parameters. If you pick a name that you don’t like you need to attracted 30 people to the page FIRST, before you can change the name. In other words, you need to attract 30 people to “Like” your page just so you can confuse and disappoint them with a name change…This, in my opinion, is dumb! You are better off to inform those on your page that you are creating a new Facebook Page and that the current page they are on is going to be deleted. That way it’s professional and courteous!

** : Facebook is “known” for people who steal other people’s identity. I cannot confirm or deny this as truth, but let us take the high road and understand it to be cautious. So, if you have an address for your business that is not attached to your personal identification then list this address. We purchased a private, “offline”, mailbox with instructions to the carrier that this box was being used for online ‘stuff’ and our identity is guarded. That way an address can be used for those people that really do need to send you ‘stuff’. The best part is you are safe!!

Cool, eh?

Creating a Facebook Page is very important for your social connection to the world. You want to get as much information you can about yourself and share your thoughts with the world! The more you interact on a consistent basis, the more you will be “Liked”.


Hope this was helpful!

Kindest Regards,
Johnmark Cooper

Johnmark Cooper


How To Install

Facebook Comments To Your Blog Posts


My wife asked me a question about this topic yesterday. After a bit of research Steven, my brother and I found the solution. We showed her how and she was very happy.

If you have a WordPress blog, that is the easier way, there is a plugin that looks after the code you must use. Those of you with a blog that is not WordPress, your safe, the code is simple, but the process is a few steps more and we have laid it out for you in easy to understand steps.

Be sure to let us know if you have problems with your site. I am sure it’s an easy fix!

Installing WordPress Plug

Here are the steps in order:

  1. Login to WordPress to a site you are the Admin
  2. Hover your mouse over the Plugins tab
  3. Go to Add Plugins
  4. Search for: Facebook Comments
  5. The search term “is” the plug in name exactly! Install it!
  6. Hover your mouse over the Settings tab
  7. Select “Facebook Comments”
  8. Aside: If you went back to the Plugins page –>select “settings” in the “Facebook Comments” Plugin! The same location is reached.
  9. The “Facebook Comments Options” page is displayed (So named as of Aug/2012) Facebook Comment
  10. Scroll down and study the page.
  11. Do not touch a thing unless you know what your doing! *Said in a friendly tone*
  12. In the “Initial Setup Via Facebook” section follow the link to “create an app to handle your comments” or go here
  13. At the Top select “Create a new app” button.
  14. Enter a name that makes sense to you for App Name and a name for App Namespace. Can be anything you like!
  15. After that Facebook requires a mobile phone or credit card number. We put in a mobile number.
  16. That phone will be sent a text message with a code. Get it and return to mobile phone option link
  17. Enter the code and your FB App is verified that it was made by a real person and not a bot
  18. Go back to the window that launched the security requirement and press continue again and redue the security process
  19. Done. You should be on the page with your App. Enter your website url address in the tab: Website with Facebook Login.Example: (without the WWW. part)

That’s the WordPress Route and now for the manual way!

Manual Way to any Website

To install a Facebook comment on your page, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the top of the page and click on ‘Docs’
  3. Under the heading ‘Core Concepts’, click on Social Plugins
  4. At the Social Plugins page, scroll down just a bit and click on ‘Comments’
  5. Once you are at the ‘Comments’ page, the first four paragraphs explain the features of the plugin. After the paragraphs, you will find four areas to fill out.
  6. Under the first box ‘URL to comment on’, type in the url or domain name of the web page or blog where you wish to have a comments section.
  7. Under ‘Number of posts’, type in the number of comments you want show. You can choose as many as you want but 5 to 10 is normal. If your page attracts a lot of comments, then you can increase the number to show how popular it is.
  8. Under ‘Width’, the minimum is 400 but you need to adjust it to the width of the column the article is on.
  9. The ‘Color’ scheme is defaulted to ‘light’ but you can try ‘dark’ also and see how it looks on your page.

Once you have completed these easy steps, then simply click the ‘Get Code’ box and copy the javascript codes into the HTML section of your blog or article. The first code should be included at the top of the page after. The second code locates the actual ‘Comments’ box and should be placed at the bottom of the page.

Once you have done these steps, then simply go to your web page and check that the Facebook Comments section is there. This will greatly enhance your page and allow you to have a lot more viewers for your content.

Conclusions & Opinions

We really like the plugin for WordPress because it has given us the code for a global imput into already existing pages and allows those that have been archived to be resurrected. Yet, at the same time, the manual advantage allows much more control as to what article is allowed to be commented on via this Facebook method!

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