Creating A Plan of Action

Creating A Plan of Action

A Routine With Purpose!


Creating you Plan of Action must be a logical, written down system, a series of action steps that you do every day and every week with intended Monthly and Yearly results.  The “End Goal”

“Planning for your day, week, month, and year can all be stemmed in that order and created from the reverse of that order.”

Creation Of Your Plan

Plan of Action

Establish a Daily Action Plan. A Disciplined Routine!

I will explain that cryptic statement made above:  Lots of Guru’s and experts, like Mike Dooley from TUT says, “Focus on the end Result!” and do not focus on the “Cursed Hows”.
When you focus on the “END” result you should have a crystal clear vision of what that end goal is for you.  Envisioning the Place, the smells, and how it feels to be there, your goal accomplished.  Okay, picture it and create Afformations, a word created by Noah St. John in “The Secret Code Of Success”.  In the book Noah explains that the mind needs to “find” the answer rather then be tricked into believing the End results are obtained.  For example, an affirmation is “I am rich” when you clearly are not and you might even grunt with a rejection because you “know” your situation.  A different approach is “Afformation”, rather then an affirmation.  Therefore we would say, “How did I get so rich?”  Stated as if it already happened but as a question.  Our minds love a good question to answer.   Poof!!…the mind starts to work to answer the question.  And you are on your way to having a created plan of action!

As your mind crunches on this and other “afformations” in creating your end goals, you will be working on the very topic of a system that you will need to have in place to achieve the results you want for your yearly goals.  It will boil down to a Daily activity that you do!  A routine!  If you are self employed the process of establishing this daily action plan is essential.

Our Invitation

My partners and I sit down every morning and discuss what we accomplished yesterday and our goal for today, keeping in mind the aim and focus of what we are driving towards.  We have set our monthly and yearly targets.  Creating all this might require you, it did for us, to reach out and find other people, like ourselves, whom have achieved these results already.  The intent is to model and learn from our practices, get our advice and introduce yourself and ask us to mentor you or be apart of our group or Fan Page.  There are a lot of people in the world, like our team, that want to help and the best way to achieve “Our Goals” is by help you “achieve” yours.  Our “End Goal” may not be yours, but the methods on how we get there may be of serious interest to you.


I hope this post was helpful.

Kindest Regards,
Johnmark Cooper

Johnmark Cooper


Facebook: Now Target People By Age And Gender

Facebook: Now Target People By Age And Gender


The company has to boost its advertising revenue to keep its advertisers happy,  it has announced that brands can target posts by age and gender.  Facebook has had similar developments in the past, such as its Social Offers program, and you should keep track of any updates concerning Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

Targeting posts by page and gender is a huge step up for marketers on Facebook.  If you have an online business, then Facebook is a vital part of your social media strategy.  Even with almost 83 million users being fake, there are more than 900 million users on Facebook and it’s a huge market for your business.  In the past, you could only target people by language and location but now you add age and gender which will make a significant difference based on what you’re selling. This will allow you to save time and energy by focusing on your target niche.

Facebook: Target Age & Gender

Along with age and gender, you can also target your niche based on relationship status, education, workplace and interests.  If you are marketing running shoes, then you may want to target a younger audience who have a lot of sports interests.  If you are targeting back-to-school products for high school and college students, then you can choose to focus on students aged 14-22.

This means that you can skip people who would not want to see your message because they are not in your target niche.  That is, older adults and people who work full-time are not interested in products for college students.

If you are marketing shaving products for men, then women would generally not be interested in receiving your product messages.  As an online business, you want to have multiple streams of income and this means that you will have different  target niches.  You can now focus your Facebook campaigns on different targets for each promotion.

This will also improve engagement in your Facebook circles.  The fact is that teens don’t really want to talk with older adults and some twenty something users wouldn’t walk to engage with others in their age group who have different interests.

For instance, a Star Wars fanatic wouldn’t have much to discuss with a sports fan devotee.  If you have different sales markets for your products or different demographics for your services, then you can send out different Facebook updates for each.

This will involve some extra work on your part but the results will be well worth it.  You must thoroughly know your product or service and you must also study your target market.

Facebook is giving you the opportunity to selectively target your customer base so be sure to take advantage!  Know your prospects and customers as well as your products.  Learn about where they work or what age bracket they are in and what are their occupations.  Knowledge is power and marketing plus knowledge equals more revenue.  Keep yourself informed about new developments every day and stay on top of everything that happens in your industry.  The new Facebook targeting application isn’t available to everyone just yet so keep track of announcements from the company.  They have an urgent need to improve their revenue outlook so that should mean more benefits for you.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this was helpful!
Kindest regards,
Johnmark Cooper


Johnmark Cooper


Ways To Get Your Home Business Started

Ways To Get Your Home Business Started

Almost everyone, at some point, has fantasized about being their own boss. Establishing a purpose and building it to create a legacy. Dreaming is easy, but making that dream happen is another story. If owning your own home-based business is something that appeals to you, make sure to carefully research and put together a solid plan to keep your dream from turning into a nightmare!

Psychology 101

Home Business Before you do anything be certain your head is in the right place. Having a solid, passionate, reason to be in business for yourself means you can weather the negative impacts you will get along the way. You will endure the struggle of learning new skills, and building new habits. Business on the internet is rich with opportunity and also full of failures. Know your self, endure, and develop the discipline to achieve results. It is important that you do the math to ensure that your potential home business will be profitable. You’ll have to figure out your initial investment, how quickly you’ll start seeing returns, and then when you’re due to break even and start making a profit.

Popularity Development

There are a number of ways to develop popularity online and offline. Lets start will the offline and work them into and including the online methods. The real reason you want to establish a solid local “recognition” is to establish a solid foundation in your community. Your efforts locally will teach you how to drive people to your business on the internet through a slightly similar method as your local efforts, except the results will be exponentially greater!

  • Join local charity drives to get your company’s name out to the masses.
  • Run a tiny Ad in the local paper with a coupon which is a call to action. People love a sale and will act if it’s appealing to them
  • Sponsor a local bassball team with uniforms with your company name.
  • Participate in local commerce functions, networking meetings, and Meet-Up Groups. Don’t sell your business at these events. Your goal is to get people familiar with you. Get their business card and follow up with them a few days later.

Factors To Ensure Your Success

Consider NOT taking your children out of daycare when you switch from a traditional job to a home business. Is your home based business a hobby or a profession?  Keeping the daycare routine going is essential to allow you work at providing that youngster a better education, braces, sports equipment and all the free time to enjoy every minute.  Pay yourself forward and make choices as a professional in a business.  Once that business is successful, you may be able to afford a live in nanny or creatively, other choices.  At least have a few hours during the business day where the kids aren’t around to make phone calls, edit stuff and think creatively to continue your business growth.

When running a home business it’s important that you keep every distraction at bay. This includes televisions, personal calls, pets, children, family, and chores. Focus on only your business during business hours, and schedule your personal life so you can get everything else done before you start to work again the next day.

Keep your home office clean! That doesn’t mean cleaning it up when it gets unbearable, instead you should clean it as you dirty it. When you take out a paper, put it back. When you use a pen, put it in a pen holder when you are done. You will find you have far less stress when you’re able to find everything you need in a hurry.

For a traditional offline business, contact an independent insurance agent as soon as you select the home business you’re going to go into and find out what type of insurance you’ll need. Often your home insurance won’t cover the replacement costs of your equipment which can leave you in the lurch if you ever get caught in a disaster. Most online business do not require insurance unless you are combining an offline business with an online angle.

Establish a bank account with PayPal and get your PayPal account verified. This account is best set up in the beginning as a no fee account or pay-as-you-go. This account is used with all internet payments.  It is much better to pay with PayPal over using your credit card numbers and securities with each location.  Most businesses these days accept PayPal payment.

Get a good accountant to advise you of the benefits of owning your own business and how to properly set up you business for financial planning, taxes, and remunerations of sales taxes. It greatly depends on your business model. Your accountant will best inform you.

By learning more about the methods and strategies that have worked for successful home-based business owners, what questions and information you should carefully consider as you plan your business, as well as pitfalls to avoid, you are well on your way to making an educated, informed decision about your career plans.


I hope this was informative!  Keep doing your homework and be as informed as possible in your direction.

Kindest Regards,
Johnmark Cooper

Johnmark Cooper


Call Loop Review – Networker’s Calling!

Call Loop Review –

Networker’s Calling!


Call Loop PictureAs a business owner I get to see a lot of people each day.  What I see a lot these days is people preoccupied to the point of obsession with their phone.  You may relate with me on this as you see people head down engaged with both hands tapping the screen as if they were playing a computer game with stakes high enough to warrant ignoring everyone around them in order to complete what it is they are doing.

Instant Message – Call Loop is Calling

We are in the age of instant message.  The trend today is out pacing email and the use of pay phones.  Come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing any pay phones lining out streets and stores as much as there once was in the past.  A recent past.  The point is that we are in a world where the use of a phone is in our pocket.  That phone can do a great deal of things including our topic of today:  Instant messages or SMS or looking up email and surfing the web for information.  Heck, the need for a computer seems to be slowly being pushed aside for these little devices.  Can you relate?

Call Loop Purpose

The reason for Call Loop becoming a business was to properly and easily allow instant messages and SMS messages to be marketed to users who wish to have their mentors, stores, and favorite brands marketing to them directly into their phone via an instant message and help them save money and bandwidth.

The Smart Marketer Gets Call Loop

Let me repeat that:  The Smart marketer Gets Call Loop for one simple reason:  The clients they have will love them for being instantly connected to them where ever they go.  So, when my prospect is out and about today doing his chores and it’s 8:30 pm and I have a webinar starting at 9pm that he usually attends and I send out an SMS message alert or better yet I send a pleasant audio reminding him of the webinar start time.  Boom!  I have instantly connected and reinforced my relationship with that individual and all of my prospects whom have signed on to the Call Loop program

You owe it to yourself to check out this powerful tool called Call Loop and adapt your campaign to included marketing to the mobile industry. We are becoming social and in this increasingly social environment companies like Call Loop are going to help us all stay current!


Check it out! —————->


Johnmark Cooper


Three Levels Of Interrupting

The 3 Levels of Interrupting

There are three levels of “Interruption” you need to pay attention to in every conversation you have with people.  I Have titled them as “Honored!”, “Redirected”, and flat-out “Disrespected!”  The place you need to be in is “Honored” and the only way you achieve it is to be Honourable.


Can you recall a time when you were among people you know and one person starts speaking and each of you listens to what that person is saying without a thought to interrupt.  The idea of “interrupting” is absolutely unacceptable in your mind.  This person might even have a problems speaking.  The point is everyone is listening with politeness and giving that person their full attention. Respectful!  Honored!

I am sure you know people who get that kind of respect.  No matter how long they talk or how many pauses they take, or how they say what it is they wish to say, even if a lengthy story bundled into the point.  You listen to every thing they say and when they are done there is a slight pause of silence before someone else speaks.


I see a lot of people doing this action!   For some strange reason people get it in their heads that it is okay to jump into the present conversation and steer it into a new direction.  They believe their relationship is strong enough to allow this behaviour.

Flat Out Disrespected

People somehow have it in their heads that it’s okay to be flat-out disrespectful and embarrass people with their interruption of a person just before they are about to speak with stupid statements such as, “Keep it Brief” or “Is this going to take long?” It is usually around other people for maximum impact!

If you ever have this happen to you:  That person has zero respect for you!  NONE!

My advice

Those who redirect or Disrespect, ask them to stop doing it with a defined penalty:  The absence of YOU in their life.  No person should allow this to happen repeatedly without consequences.  Best not to give power to someone who has no manners!  If they stop, then they are Honoured and deserve your continued support and friendship!  It is within your power to allow this type of behavior.

This also means you must lead by example and be Honourable to others.

Now, there is a few exceptions.  If what you are talking about is crap, wrong, rude, crude, and coming from an emotional state.  There is allowance for a person to interrupt and correct or set you straight, and you know I am right about this part!

Johnmark Cooper


How To Use Twitter

How To Use Twitter


Twitter image Blue on White Congratulations, you have finally arrived at a site where you are going to get the straight goods on what the heck you are to do with twitter, and how you are going to use it effectively.

Before we get into all the cool and effective ways you can use Twitter, I want to share with you a few insights about twitter that might make you sit up and gap at the screen and say, “I didn’t know THAT!@!!” and the truth is a lot of people know this but few really talk about it because they think it’s obvious!

Which is totally funny for those that know, but it’s not funny for those that didn’t realize it until now!

The insights I am referring to are about the essence of what twitter was designed for….mobile market!  Now, that may have been obvious, but the part that may have you gaping is that twitter should never be “Feeding to”  a social site or be a “Feeder” of anything.  This is because by definition twitter is pure, rapid communication and must be the last in the chain of any syndication process or you will burn out your programs you pay to maintain.

Lets consider a typical blog post.  The first thing “professional” bloggers do is set up automatic feeds that will take their posted material and submit to the social media sites, web 2.0 sites, tribes, and of course to Twitter.  This is called ‘syndicating your material’ and will help get your material seen by those that are searching for it, by keyword or keyword phrase.  Now, I didn’t lump Facebook in with those because Facebook has gotten a lot more strict with auto-submitting programs.  Your best to manually add to Facebook.

Now that has been explained, let’s get into the ways to use Twitter. :)

Just so you are clear, I am going to explain every little detail from scratch to finish so that when you are done reading this post you will have a firm grasp on how to set up and use twitter like a Pro!

Oh and if you believe I have missed something, then please do speak up and let me know and I will edit this post to include your information and that way we all win.   :)


Making Your Profile

Twitter Facts One of the things important to any bio, especially Twitter, is you need to be brief, informative and creative.  You see, your bio needs to be aimed at the audience that will most likely be wanting to know more about the information that is in your niche.  That way you are going to attract more “like-minded” individuals that what to learn from you and read your content or read the content you Re-Tweeted.  Be precise about yourself, use words that people would search for , entwine your words with wisdom and let people see “You” but


The following information is the technical stuff you will need to know.  It is the language everyone uses, so this is important to keep handy.  You might want to write this down and keep your notes handy until you get use to it!

  • Twitter stats The @ symbol is used to create a hyperlink called a “mention”.  The Format is @username.  When you created your profile and decided on a user name, that name became a “sensitive” link to you !  For example, my “sensitive” link is @Johnmark
    So, when you type this code into the “Compose” window you will in fact be “alerting” that person of what you are writing!
    Example (you to me): Today my friend @Johnmark was teaching us about Twitter *link to this page*
  • The # symbol called the Hashtags is to “Highlight” a Keyword in your tweet.  It is best to be careful and use this symbol only for important referencing.  Spamming this symbol will only get you into trouble.
  • RT – This means Re-tweet.  This code means that you are taking someone’s tweet and resending it.  This is done at the article site most of the time.
  • DM –  This means Direct Message.  Sending a private message to another.


The best reason why most professionals automate is because it saves them a lot of time responding back to that ‘new follower’ and ‘following’ them back.  There are a few good automation programs and the one I recommend is called SocialOomph.  It is a simple program to understand and implement.

A word of caution on automation:  Only automate after you know what the heck is going on in your marketing efforts!

The Keys – Using Twitter

Twitter Attraction.  Write with your Heart & Passion Be attractive!  Use the rules of attraction marketing to be a roaring success with twitter.

You see, he majority of people on twitter are promoting and advertising a service, a product, or something for you to buy through them.  It’s a lot and it’s annoying.  Mind, I will accept the odd promotion or advert, but constant promotion in every post and I will remove the ‘disruptor’ liken to a disease! You will find a lot of people have a similar view to those tweeting them!

Alternatively, use Twitter to share insightful content that uplifts, inspires, informs, and is ‘tastefully’ saying ‘I want to help you be better’ with this information.  That kind of Tweet gets into my page.  Resonates with me.  So, please be conscious of others and develop a relationship:  Share valuable content that help me grow and desire to read your work or material you recommend!

Do not for get this important axiom:  People do not care about you until you show them how much you care!

This is true in most online marketing, especially in Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s recap these essential Rules in Twitter:

  1. Do not sell on twitter.  It’s a real turn off when you behave like a “commercial” on T.V.  — Stop it or you will be ignored!
  2. Bring Value in the form of insightful links, quotes, and referrals to books and stuff that is helpful for your niche.
  3. Be sincere, honest, and transparent.  Lie and you die!
  4. Use this tool last in any marketing syndication or RSS Feed cycle.


Follow Me on Twitter


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Johnmark Cooper


Commenting On Blogs

Commenting On Blogs

Establishing good content that engages people who visit your blog page to leave a comment is less of an art and more of a style of writing.  The style is certainly not restricted to one type, the key is to keep it conversational. The point is you want to have people add their opinions and knowledge to the content of the article and create a “living” post.

Think about it. It’s no secret that many of the people who comment on blogs are also bloggers. They simply have more motivation to take the time to comment.  So when you meaningfully participate in the community aspect of a blog, you’re creating meaningful relationships with people who can send you significant traffic—bloggers and other active social media users. [Brian at CopyBlogger]

The most important aspect of the comments area, in my opinion, is sharing your thoughts and knowledge of the topic. In so doing, connecting with  other bloggers and interested people who are seeking information about the topic.

What is a “Living” Post

Perhaps this is something I made up or maybe it is something that I heard.  What I mean by this is the comments that are added by you…the reader creating a conversation in very much the same fashion as forum thread.  People become engaged in a discussion of the topic.  It’s a real thrill when it happens!

Comment on Blogs – Sign Up First!

People seem to be leaving a post without commenting on the content.  Especially if that content helped them solve a problem.  The reason for this situation is because the reader must leave their name and email address.  Essentially “subscribe” to the blog.  This “sign-up” step is the cause of the lack of comments.  Even I am guilty of this “stoppage”!

I am sure I am not alone in this thought.  Today, people are a little cautious of  ‘signing up’ to sites.

This is nothing to be worried about.  You are not signing up to a mailing list and your information will not be used in that way!!  If I am wrong, please correct me.

Relationship and Link-Juice

Personally, I leave a comment at blogs only if I really enjoyed the content of the blog and the information helped me.  The goal to add my information to the author and to perhaps establish a relationship with him/her.  My motivation is purely the desire to give compliment to the author and share or add to the post for other readers.

My comments will allow the search engines to add a little Link-Juice to that post as an incoming link like a vote!  The more comments the better the author’s post will rank.

Also, the quote above I used from Brian’s blog is also a vote from this page to his page.  Readers can jump from this post to his to learn more about the topic and get a greater depth of understanding of the topic.  It is a great way to share!

If you like this post, let me ask you to take a few minutes and learn why we do stuff on Blogs. We do it to get your attention and share something new with you and people you know. So, if your enjoyed our post this is what you really should do next:

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Johnmark Cooper


Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes –

What You Must Correct to Succeed!


Learning all the avenues to make Money onlineWhen people first start out in affiliate marketing they are naturally excited by the potential of receiving commission from the people who would come to their site.  After all the internet has billions of people surfing, searching, lurking, doing business and of course…. shopping.  But the mistakes that are made begin from when the beginner affiliate marketer “thinks” s/he is going to magically tap into this river of traffic and have people buy, buy, buy off their site is an illusion.  This post is about helping you get a clear understanding of what the reality of affiliate marketing so that you may have a proper outlook on your goals and have a chance at a good success.  The bottom line is learn what others before you have done wrong and avoid those mistakes!

Okay let’s get started learning how to improve your chances of success!

Starting out – Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes new people making in affiliate marketing is understanding how to actually “Market” the product or service you are offering.  In the ‘brick and mortar’ world the regular course of action is to do a considerable amount of research to be sure the people you are Confused cartoon man in front of a computergoing to be earning as a customer will like, buy and keep your product and perhaps return and buy more from you in the future as well as have a lot of those kinds of customers.  Don’t forget in the art of selling product to someone, you want to have them return and continue to buy from you because of the level of service and “goodness” you provided.  So, you need to get your customers on a mailing list that they “want to be on” and receive offers and notification from you!

Discoveries of Affiliate World

As you do your research you will discover that this is not a ‘get rich quick’ business.  Affiliate marketing takes time, money and education to set up correctly.   It also takes a serious mind shift and mental conditioning to establish yourself on the internet.  You will discover there are a lot of personal skills you will need to adjust, fix or overcome to establish yourself as a successful affiliate marketer.  Also, you will learn that there is a lot to learn.  Programs, tools, SEO, tracking, linking, backlinking and there are more…these are only a few to tickle your mind.  There is a lot to learn.  So get it out of your head that you will be famously wealthy inside a few months.  Aim for an even 24 months to 60 months.

Consider the analogy of learning a new language to the art of being a successful Affiliate Marketer!

The Mistake everyone forgets – The YOU Factor!

Arguably the biggest mistake next to not marketing correctly to attract customers is the ‘YOU’ factor that always gets in the way of your success.

Did you know you are you biggest competitor?  It’s true!  Get too emotional about business decisions and you will suffer.  This business of marketing on the internet takes patience, time, commitment, focus and a lot of persistence. The faster you make a decision the faster your business will move forward.

The biggest personal factors you will be fighting is your own laziness, a lack of ‘knowing’, and fear!

Earning Success

Success is earned through knowing what to do with your niche market.  The first piece of advice is to love what you are doing and it will flow right onto the post you are writing.  Interact with your niche audience and engage them with Unique content, news, updates, reviews, and most of all swirl your own experiences into what you are writing about and that is about sharing a part of ‘YOU’ with your audience.  Being real, transparent and passionate!

Picture of a woman behind a upward graphPeople will love you for it!  Trust me.  People can see if you love what you write and they will respond.

Your job is to engage them to take action with your expression of thought.  That can be in words alone, or in a video.

Offer an opt-in form so those that want to be on your “mailing list” or as I like to say, on your “Friends List”, can learn more about your and what you have to offer.  So provide that extra bit of service and personality of yourself in an auto-responder.

Then share what you have written to the social media, but here is the kicker…you shouldn’t advertise on these social media’s for the purpose of solicitation of a sale.  No!  You go there to share information and know that “if” they want to know more, your site is conveniently placed for them to go and dig deeper.

Take your time, learn the tools and expand slowly!  Always share and interact with those inside you niche.  Find a mentor and model their success!


Johnmark Cooper


WordPress Robots Meta Tags –

What Does “NO” Mean?


A Picture of SEO

In every WordPress page editor there is a section way down below the editor window called “SEO Details and Additional Style” and in that section is a sub-heading called “Robots Meta Tages” followed by a short list, each with a ‘check box’:

  • noindex
  • nofollow
  • noarchive

The descriptions do not really explain how to use these tags.

A common question is:  “When do I use these Tags effectively?”

They are advance SEO options with very specific instructions to the robots that are sent out by all the search engines of the world.

My goal in this post:  Teach you how to effectively use these tags.  This will be a living post.  As I learn more uses for these tags I will add more information.  So, subscribe to my site, or this post, so you can get the updates!

Let’s Begin:

What are Robots?

These are programs designed to retrieve information from the internet.  They go by names including robots or bots, spiders, and crawlers.  They scour every page, picture, table, movie, chart, links and data added to the internet, everything!   Each time you add “Content” to the internet these robots will visit the new information, however there may be a time delay depending on how frequent new content is added to your site.

You can speed this process up dramatically by properly marketing the content!

 How To Use Each Tag

These tags are used for “training” the robots that come to your pages.

Special Note:  These tags will only work with HTML coded pages.  Don’t worry – WordPress and the Theme “Thesis” are a visual editor overlaying the functional  HTML code that gives it life!

The “noindex” Tag

Tells the robots “NOT” to add this page to the library of pages that can be “searched” at the search engines and visited.

At first, when I was new to blogging, I thought to myself:  Why on earth would I want to tell the bots to ignore my page.  After all, I am trying to rank and get traffic.  People like you!  To visit my page, learn the lessons and knowledge I can teach you and perhaps lock arms and work together as a team!

So, I spent some time learning and discovered these tags have value in special situations.  Here is a list of each:

  1. Avoid “Bloat”.  The meaning of “Bloating” is about the addition of pages or subpages that repeat the same information.  For example:  Having a duplicate page that is “printable”.  Bloating is also about identical sub-page landing pages you may create for your team.
    If you have other examples of “Bloating” that can utilized the “noindex” effectively.  Please share by contacting me!
  2. Keep a page or series of pages “Private”.  The reason is specific to each person.  Mind-you, these pages are still ‘Checked’ by the bots to verify the page still doesn’t want to be indexed.  Also, a few sources indicated that it is possible the bots may ignore this instruction, so I recommend that you take additional steps if you wish to truly have a private page.
  3. Error and Thank-you pages really don’t need indexing, so, this is a great Tag for them.
  4. Squeeze pages and landing Pages.  Specifically, to those using these pages ‘might’ have cause to use this tag.

 The “nofollow” Tag

This Tag is a global instruction to all links on the page that overrides any specific link instruction.  Telling the Robots. “Don’t follow any link off this page!”

When you create a link, the HTML code allows “nofollow” to be added into the coding to instruct the bots not to follow the link off the page.  Even if someone “clicks” the link and leaves your page.

Here is an example of the HTML code behind a link, minus the quotes:
”  <a title=”This is an example Link” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>highlighted words everyone sees</a>   ”
The rel=”nofollow”  tells the bots to stay on the page and omit following this link to it’s destination.  Keeping the Link “Juice” from the search engines.

 It is my recommendation to avoid using this Tag and use the rel=”nofollow” in each of the links that you wish the bots to avoid traveling off your page.  Such needs are to pages you would not wish to send the robots, like squeeze pages, affiliate links, and reference sites to name a few. You want the robots to travel to other pages on your site and other sites you control.

The “noarchive” Tag

This tag tells the bots to “NOT Store your page in any archive” for long term referencing.  This is a fickle tag!  There are mixed reasons why people would want to activate this tag.  The reason I say “fickle” is because this tag only affects the information cached at search engine locations.  It does not effect anyone who repurposes the information into their own ‘spin’.

The big point that really needs to be said:  If you are going to activate this tag, it should be done from the very beginning.  It’s unclear how your page will be removed from any archive if it’s been previously indexed and then the tag is activated!

I hope this helped you!

Kindest Regards,
Johnmark Cooper

Johnmark Cooper


How To Build Your Lead List

How To Build Your Lead List


Plan into Action

Building Your List Right

The first thing every networker will tell you to do is to make a list of everyone you know and to keep adding to that list every day.  The real truth of what happens is that people burn through their friends and family along with all the acquaintances they know and their “List” is vanquished in a short time.  The trick is finding new people to add to your list that want to be on your list and there in lies the dilemma.  This post will reveal to you how to add people to your list!


The Old Methods & The New Methods

The Old Methods

Most, if not all, network marketing companies idea of duplication is to go out into your community and interact with people.  This means joining a group and participating in local meetings.  Your upline, will teach you to follow this pattern, which you will teach and do with those you recruit and sell the opportunity:

  1. Join networking groups, attend meetings, auctions and get involved in your community.  While you are out doing your activities acquire business cards and talk to people and always be recruiting.
  2. The goal is to get an appointment with people to do a 3 way call with your upline or get people to attend a live meeting at your home or at a local established pre-arranged opportunity meeting where that “invited” person will sit through a presentation and make a decision.
  3. Follow up with that person and attempt to recruit, sell and get them to join your networking business.

You get the idea.

Once a new person is introduced and becomes a member in your business they to will be taught to do the same as you are doing.  The idea of Duplication.  However, as you probably already know, this usually fails.  Simply because most people are not “networkers”.  They are new!  Their choices in life don’t involve going to any of these places to make or develop relationships for the sole intent to recruit and sell!

It’s a turn off and people quit.

Now, if you have enthusiasm, spunk and a personality that attracts people to you and you can make you business fun.  You may be able to establish a team that builds off of your synergy.  But, eventually you will burn out and want an alternative.

The majority of people will like the new way better!  However, the old way is and will be encouraged at some point in the future to be implemented in some capacity that you are willing to undergo.  Both methods are encouraged to be used, although I suggest you start with this new method first and learn it so your chance of success in the old method will be a lot better!!

Huge List Building Secret

Unlock The Mystery & Be A Better Networker

The New Method

In the Old Method, you were taught to lead with the company or the product or both.  Most people see it coming and say, “no”.  In the new way, you are taught to put your company and it’s product aside and develop “you” through proper training.  You learn to be a person with value that has an answer to other people’s problems. You are taught how to be in a relationship with other people.  Being solution oriented.  A valued member of your community that others seek you out for your opinion and assist in their effort to achieve their goals.  The point is find a Niche and become an expert in that Niche!  Share your wisdom and attract those that would be interested in knowing more.  So, in the network marketing business, your expertise is relationship building, psychology of common sense of operating a business on the net, you know the tools, and are capable, in time, of learning the field of marketing.

Being a leader in any business takes time.  Learn, make mistakes, and keep finding better solutions.

The New Method axiom:  People don’t join opportunities, they join with people.  So get out there and be heard and show people you can be a good person to follow and work with in a business.


I hope this was helpful!

Kindest Regards,
Johnmark Cooper

Johnmark Cooper