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Affiliate Marketing Mistakes –

What You Must Correct to Succeed!


Learning all the avenues to make Money onlineWhen people first start out in affiliate marketing they are naturally excited by the potential of receiving commission from the people who would come to their site.  After all the internet has billions of people surfing, searching, lurking, doing business and of course…. shopping.  But the mistakes that are made begin from when the beginner affiliate marketer “thinks” s/he is going to magically tap into this river of traffic and have people buy, buy, buy off their site is an illusion.  This post is about helping you get a clear understanding of what the reality of affiliate marketing so that you may have a proper outlook on your goals and have a chance at a good success.  The bottom line is learn what others before you have done wrong and avoid those mistakes!

Okay let’s get started learning how to improve your chances of success!

Starting out – Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes new people making in affiliate marketing is understanding how to actually “Market” the product or service you are offering.  In the ‘brick and mortar’ world the regular course of action is to do a considerable amount of research to be sure the people you are Confused cartoon man in front of a computergoing to be earning as a customer will like, buy and keep your product and perhaps return and buy more from you in the future as well as have a lot of those kinds of customers.  Don’t forget in the art of selling product to someone, you want to have them return and continue to buy from you because of the level of service and “goodness” you provided.  So, you need to get your customers on a mailing list that they “want to be on” and receive offers and notification from you!

Discoveries of Affiliate World

As you do your research you will discover that this is not a ‘get rich quick’ business.  Affiliate marketing takes time, money and education to set up correctly.   It also takes a serious mind shift and mental conditioning to establish yourself on the internet.  You will discover there are a lot of personal skills you will need to adjust, fix or overcome to establish yourself as a successful affiliate marketer.  Also, you will learn that there is a lot to learn.  Programs, tools, SEO, tracking, linking, backlinking and there are more…these are only a few to tickle your mind.  There is a lot to learn.  So get it out of your head that you will be famously wealthy inside a few months.  Aim for an even 24 months to 60 months.

Consider the analogy of learning a new language to the art of being a successful Affiliate Marketer!

The Mistake everyone forgets – The YOU Factor!

Arguably the biggest mistake next to not marketing correctly to attract customers is the ‘YOU’ factor that always gets in the way of your success.

Did you know you are you biggest competitor?  It’s true!  Get too emotional about business decisions and you will suffer.  This business of marketing on the internet takes patience, time, commitment, focus and a lot of persistence. The faster you make a decision the faster your business will move forward.

The biggest personal factors you will be fighting is your own laziness, a lack of ‘knowing’, and fear!

Earning Success

Success is earned through knowing what to do with your niche market.  The first piece of advice is to love what you are doing and it will flow right onto the post you are writing.  Interact with your niche audience and engage them with Unique content, news, updates, reviews, and most of all swirl your own experiences into what you are writing about and that is about sharing a part of ‘YOU’ with your audience.  Being real, transparent and passionate!

Picture of a woman behind a upward graphPeople will love you for it!  Trust me.  People can see if you love what you write and they will respond.

Your job is to engage them to take action with your expression of thought.  That can be in words alone, or in a video.

Offer an opt-in form so those that want to be on your “mailing list” or as I like to say, on your “Friends List”, can learn more about your and what you have to offer.  So provide that extra bit of service and personality of yourself in an auto-responder.

Then share what you have written to the social media, but here is the kicker…you shouldn’t advertise on these social media’s for the purpose of solicitation of a sale.  No!  You go there to share information and know that “if” they want to know more, your site is conveniently placed for them to go and dig deeper.

Take your time, learn the tools and expand slowly!  Always share and interact with those inside you niche.  Find a mentor and model their success!