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Creating A Plan of Action

A Routine With Purpose!


Creating you Plan of Action must be a logical, written down system, a series of action steps that you do every day and every week with intended Monthly and Yearly results.  The “End Goal”

“Planning for your day, week, month, and year can all be stemmed in that order and created from the reverse of that order.”

Creation Of Your Plan

Plan of Action

Establish a Daily Action Plan. A Disciplined Routine!

I will explain that cryptic statement made above:  Lots of Guru’s and experts, like Mike Dooley from TUT says, “Focus on the end Result!” and do not focus on the “Cursed Hows”.
When you focus on the “END” result you should have a crystal clear vision of what that end goal is for you.  Envisioning the Place, the smells, and how it feels to be there, your goal accomplished.  Okay, picture it and create Afformations, a word created by Noah St. John in “The Secret Code Of Success”.  In the book Noah explains that the mind needs to “find” the answer rather then be tricked into believing the End results are obtained.  For example, an affirmation is “I am rich” when you clearly are not and you might even grunt with a rejection because you “know” your situation.  A different approach is “Afformation”, rather then an affirmation.  Therefore we would say, “How did I get so rich?”  Stated as if it already happened but as a question.  Our minds love a good question to answer.   Poof!!…the mind starts to work to answer the question.  And you are on your way to having a created plan of action!

As your mind crunches on this and other “afformations” in creating your end goals, you will be working on the very topic of a system that you will need to have in place to achieve the results you want for your yearly goals.  It will boil down to a Daily activity that you do!  A routine!  If you are self employed the process of establishing this daily action plan is essential.

Our Invitation

My partners and I sit down every morning and discuss what we accomplished yesterday and our goal for today, keeping in mind the aim and focus of what we are driving towards.  We have set our monthly and yearly targets.  Creating all this might require you, it did for us, to reach out and find other people, like ourselves, whom have achieved these results already.  The intent is to model and learn from our practices, get our advice and introduce yourself and ask us to mentor you or be apart of our group or Fan Page.  There are a lot of people in the world, like our team, that want to help and the best way to achieve “Our Goals” is by help you “achieve” yours.  Our “End Goal” may not be yours, but the methods on how we get there may be of serious interest to you.


I hope this post was helpful.

Kindest Regards,
Johnmark Cooper