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Expanding Your 

Customer Base


As an online business you definitely want to keep the customers that you have and attract new ones. Furthermore, you want to make sure that your current customers will keep buying from you and also upgrade their present purchases.

customer1-300x202Here are some simple ideas to expand your customer base.


An outside service tool that you use to reach out to your list to inform with excellent content and you use to promote products and services to that help you earn money.  Each letter you write and set to go to the list on a pre-determined, by you, schedule.  It is an excellent way to follow-up with a new customer that have opted-in to a form your create and leave on your site or in ads.  It is all automated, so, once you set it up it can follow up with people day and night without your interaction.

Be smart and shop around for the auto-responder that fits all your needs.  Each have a fee.  The popular services are:

  1. Get Response
  2. Aweber

You can set up and create your own auto-responder, but there are a few concerns surrounding that option.  Maintaining consistency in your message and staying true to your personality theme.  Do not be someone you are not in your message.  Be authentic and real and the most important thing many people are wanting is for you to be a person they can trust to lead them to their solutions.  Be the person who helps them solve their current challenge.

With an Auto-responder’s an opt-out must be made available on all messages sent along with a statement of how you acquired their email address.  The opt-out is done through an link and is automated.


This is a companion piece to auto-responders and can be published in a monthly or quarterly cycle.  A Newsletter follows a ‘specific’ Theme of information to clients that want to see information specifically from you on that topic.  They can include articles and images which will provide in-depth reading material for your client base. You can solicit submissions from your client list and expand your newsletter with guest articles and blogs.  The key to monetizing a Newsletter effectively is to make offers that add value to the those reading the information.

It is important to note:  For both Auto-responder and Newsletters.  Be sure to stay consistent and keep your letters spaced out so as to avoid having it feel “spammy” to your clients.

Google Alerts

This is a program you create inside of google to send you notifications on specific keywords that you specify.  It will keep you updated on what your competitors are doing and also give you up-to-date news about everything in your field of interest. You can find out more about this service at You can also let your present and future customers know about any new developments with your business.

Affiliate Programs

In addition to joining a service that can assist you with automation and value added information and services for your clients is affiliation with each of those services via their affiliate programs.  For each client that takes your advice and uses these services you will receive compensation in the form of money or benefits from that service or both.

In addition, most internet services today have a basic or standard offer that caters to those on a tight budget with the option to scale up.  Each service will, on their own accord, attempt to up sell  these new clients and if they do upgrade, you will get the benefits of increased earnings.

Social Media

Many tools today are driven by gamification, socializing, and sharing pictures or reposting or retweeting.  It is called Social Media and it has the benefit to be free and most importantly the information can travel “virally” or exceptionally fast!  It allows you to use a lot of free programs which will build awareness about your business and grow your customer base. Make a Facebook fan page and get people to ‘Like ‘ it. Their Facebook friends will then be more inclined to check you out since a friend recommended it. Go to Twitter and make an account for your business. If you get a lot of followers, they will retweet your posts and expand your customer base exponentially. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do any hard-selling on social media since the ‘social’ aspect is the focus, not the business aspect.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, let me know!

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