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Facebook: Now Target People By Age And Gender


The company has to boost its advertising revenue to keep its advertisers happy,  it has announced that brands can target posts by age and gender.  Facebook has had similar developments in the past, such as its Social Offers program, and you should keep track of any updates concerning Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

Targeting posts by page and gender is a huge step up for marketers on Facebook.  If you have an online business, then Facebook is a vital part of your social media strategy.  Even with almost 83 million users being fake, there are more than 900 million users on Facebook and it’s a huge market for your business.  In the past, you could only target people by language and location but now you add age and gender which will make a significant difference based on what you’re selling. This will allow you to save time and energy by focusing on your target niche.

Facebook: Target Age & Gender

Along with age and gender, you can also target your niche based on relationship status, education, workplace and interests.  If you are marketing running shoes, then you may want to target a younger audience who have a lot of sports interests.  If you are targeting back-to-school products for high school and college students, then you can choose to focus on students aged 14-22.

This means that you can skip people who would not want to see your message because they are not in your target niche.  That is, older adults and people who work full-time are not interested in products for college students.

If you are marketing shaving products for men, then women would generally not be interested in receiving your product messages.  As an online business, you want to have multiple streams of income and this means that you will have different  target niches.  You can now focus your Facebook campaigns on different targets for each promotion.

This will also improve engagement in your Facebook circles.  The fact is that teens don’t really want to talk with older adults and some twenty something users wouldn’t walk to engage with others in their age group who have different interests.

For instance, a Star Wars fanatic wouldn’t have much to discuss with a sports fan devotee.  If you have different sales markets for your products or different demographics for your services, then you can send out different Facebook updates for each.

This will involve some extra work on your part but the results will be well worth it.  You must thoroughly know your product or service and you must also study your target market.

Facebook is giving you the opportunity to selectively target your customer base so be sure to take advantage!  Know your prospects and customers as well as your products.  Learn about where they work or what age bracket they are in and what are their occupations.  Knowledge is power and marketing plus knowledge equals more revenue.  Keep yourself informed about new developments every day and stay on top of everything that happens in your industry.  The new Facebook targeting application isn’t available to everyone just yet so keep track of announcements from the company.  They have an urgent need to improve their revenue outlook so that should mean more benefits for you.

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