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Google’s Disavow Links Tool

Ranking highly on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is an important goal for any business with an on-line presence.  When someone types in a search term on Google, you want to be on the first page when the results show up.  If you are on the second or third page, it’s almost a certainty that you won’t be found since people usually can’t be bothered going past page one.  Google’s Disavow Links Tool is a new device from Google which will help you get better search results organically and not be penalized by low-quality or spammy links.

There are many methods of improving search results such as using relevant keywords and having back-links.  These back-links are made by having other sites provide a link back to your own site.  However, Google wants these links to be provided by real people who are recommending your page.  Google does NOT want a lot of back-links provided by low-quality or spammy sites whose only purpose is to automatically generate hundreds or thousands of unscrupulous links.  Google’s Penguin and Panda tools were designed to penalize sites which generated search results with methods such as keyword stuffing and ‘link-spam’.

Some online marketers will actively seek out sites which promise thousands of backlinks in order to improve search results.  Others will share their online content with actual people who will read their content, use it and promote it to their own contacts.  That is, they will promote and recommend contact if they find it useful.

This is what Google wants.  Google wants web sites to rank highly because of their content and popularity, not because they were able to buy a lot of false links.  Penguin and Panda were designed to weed out these web sites and penalize them.

However, many web sites were penalized because they were inadvertently or mistakenly backlinked to spam and other low-quality sites.  Many content writers were often tempted by promises of a multitude of links going back to their site and increasing their online presence.

Penguin and Panda were like a splash of cold water and many web sites paid the price.   After these developments, many web sites wanted to get rid of bad links and now Google has given them a way to do it.

How To Use The Google Disavow Links Tool

If you have used link-spam sites or if you have paid to get back-links, then Google will have sent a notice pointing this out and warning that you may be penalized.  They will strongly recommend that you get rid of these links.  If you haven’t received any notice but are concerned about possible bad links to your site, then it’s best to take action and remove any links you think are low-quality.  If you are using any systems that help you get links automatically, then stop doing so.

Next, click here on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog and follow the instructions on the page.  Whether you use backlink systems or not, it’s best to read the content at the link and see if you need the service.  Google’s Disavow Links Tool is an important facet in online marketing.

You do NOT want to be penalized by Google as they are the the dominant search engine.  If you are banned from Google, you are essentially shut out from any online search queries.

Google Disavow Tool Link

Keep yourself informed of any developments in the search engine optimization. Google has been cracking down on linkspam and other methods which aren’t organic. Make sure that you build your following with quality content and proper optimization methods. Whatever you do, don’t get penalized by Google. Play it safe and you’ll win out in the end.