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How To Build Your Lead List


Plan into Action

Building Your List Right

The first thing every networker will tell you to do is to make a list of everyone you know and to keep adding to that list every day.  The real truth of what happens is that people burn through their friends and family along with all the acquaintances they know and their “List” is vanquished in a short time.  The trick is finding new people to add to your list that want to be on your list and there in lies the dilemma.  This post will reveal to you how to add people to your list!


The Old Methods & The New Methods

The Old Methods

Most, if not all, network marketing companies idea of duplication is to go out into your community and interact with people.  This means joining a group and participating in local meetings.  Your upline, will teach you to follow this pattern, which you will teach and do with those you recruit and sell the opportunity:

  1. Join networking groups, attend meetings, auctions and get involved in your community.  While you are out doing your activities acquire business cards and talk to people and always be recruiting.
  2. The goal is to get an appointment with people to do a 3 way call with your upline or get people to attend a live meeting at your home or at a local established pre-arranged opportunity meeting where that “invited” person will sit through a presentation and make a decision.
  3. Follow up with that person and attempt to recruit, sell and get them to join your networking business.

You get the idea.

Once a new person is introduced and becomes a member in your business they to will be taught to do the same as you are doing.  The idea of Duplication.  However, as you probably already know, this usually fails.  Simply because most people are not “networkers”.  They are new!  Their choices in life don’t involve going to any of these places to make or develop relationships for the sole intent to recruit and sell!

It’s a turn off and people quit.

Now, if you have enthusiasm, spunk and a personality that attracts people to you and you can make you business fun.  You may be able to establish a team that builds off of your synergy.  But, eventually you will burn out and want an alternative.

The majority of people will like the new way better!  However, the old way is and will be encouraged at some point in the future to be implemented in some capacity that you are willing to undergo.  Both methods are encouraged to be used, although I suggest you start with this new method first and learn it so your chance of success in the old method will be a lot better!!

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The New Method

In the Old Method, you were taught to lead with the company or the product or both.  Most people see it coming and say, “no”.  In the new way, you are taught to put your company and it’s product aside and develop “you” through proper training.  You learn to be a person with value that has an answer to other people’s problems. You are taught how to be in a relationship with other people.  Being solution oriented.  A valued member of your community that others seek you out for your opinion and assist in their effort to achieve their goals.  The point is find a Niche and become an expert in that Niche!  Share your wisdom and attract those that would be interested in knowing more.  So, in the network marketing business, your expertise is relationship building, psychology of common sense of operating a business on the net, you know the tools, and are capable, in time, of learning the field of marketing.

Being a leader in any business takes time.  Learn, make mistakes, and keep finding better solutions.

The New Method axiom:  People don’t join opportunities, they join with people.  So get out there and be heard and show people you can be a good person to follow and work with in a business.


I hope this was helpful!

Kindest Regards,
Johnmark Cooper