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Improving Your Conversion Rates


Conversion rates are a vital statistic for an online business. It’s one thing to bring people to your site or blog but it’s another thing altogether to turn them into solid leads and future clients or customers.

It would be a similar scenario at an electronics store. You can all have all the glitz and overhead and awesome displays that you want…but it means nothing if nobody buys anything. Some people may walk by the store, others may stop in for a quick peek and then leave and still others may walk around for a while and check out the displays but still buy nothing. It’s good to attract interest but that won’t pay the rent. Like a store, a website or blog needs people to actually convert and be clients. conversion-300x186
Here are some tips that can help improve those conversion rates:

1) Website analytics will help you find out how many people are visiting your site and if they are actually clicking on your ads and links. A couple of methods to track any tends are Crazy Egg tracking software  or Google Analytics if you wish to not spend any money just yet.

2) Social media is a great way to bring people to your website/blog because they will already have a good idea as to who you are. If you have a Facebook fan page, you will get more traffic if your Facebook friends and fans ‘Like’ your page and refer their own friends. The best word of mouth is through people that tell your friends. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy from a company if a friend recommended it as opposed to an ad?

3) Split Testing means that you have two different versions of a web page and see which one attracts more conversions. Often, it means that a headline should be larger or that a link should be a different place that’s easier to find. Google website optimizer is a free tool which will help you do split testing and find out which page works best.


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