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Surf Inn Hermosa


I stayed at  Surf Inn Hermosa on the west coast of Costa Rica.  The Inn is a deliciously cozy place with clean, luxurious apartments.  We stayed here for about two weeks and I must say that when I return to Costa Rica Surf Inn Hermosa will be my first pick to stay!!

Benefits At Surf Inn Hermosa

This Inn is nestled right up to the beach along the Player Hermosa area.  There is a place right next door that does full body messages inside a curtained off area outside on a private, roofed in, raised deck.  As you get your message you can be lulled into relaxation by the joyous break of the ocean water.  A few doors down in either direction, along the beach, are outdoor style restaurants.  Please remember, it is always warm and the places here that serve food are fully licensed and the food is excellent!  We ate dinner at both more then once.  Each time we were delighted with the service!  Also, both restaurants cater to “Take out!”.  There is always a cab driver waiting by the road to take people into town (Jac0) which costs about $12 U. S. depending on where you are going.  The owner, Christina, offers:  *each have a fee or are free* laundry , Yoga, Mountain hiking, surfing lessons, tours to local falls and events.

Each Saturday on the beach a Surfing contest is held and the beach is alive with people.

At sunset, the beach is the busiest for the obvious reasons…sunsets are wonderful!

Another benefit, more for the area then for Surf Inn Hermosa is the fact that there is not pollution in the sky.  This means the sky at night is WOW clear!  I spent many night outside at low tide sitting in the sand staring up at the stars.  Also, no air-borne bugs to speak of for the entire time I was there.  Which brings up my last point, the birds…lots and lots of birds that are very happy to sing their songs.  As well as a beetle that makes a loud buzzing, but the beetles only sing around sunset and a bit afterwords.

I did a video tour of Surf Inn Hermosa.  The tour includes the apartment we stayed in along with a good view of the area around the Inn.  I do a bit of panning while on the balcony.  If you stop the video at 5:19~20 You will see the place where the white sheets close in the corner of the raised deck for the message.

Also:  Note the roar of the surf!!!!  This is a constant background ocean music and WOW is it ever addicting!  I tell ya, I get goose bumps with a desire to return to that atmosphere!  My apology for not holding still long enough for you to really grasp the full meaning of this beauty.

A Few Advisory Points

Although the area is safe, for the most part, you still need to be careful to keep your belongings in a safe place because petty theft can and does occur regularly.

Car theft is big in Costa Rica, so be alert when using your car and storing valuable in it.  Surf Inn Hermosa has a limited parking area and a security guard to watch over your vehicles.  Be sure to have a credit card that allows you to cover Insurance coverages on rental vehicles, otherwise renting a car in Costa Rica is extremely expensive!

Traveling in Costa Rica without a GPS in a car…unless you know where you are going….is flat out stupid!  There are no road signs of any kind in the entire country and without a GPS and a good amount of common sense you will get lost quickly.

Okay, when you are out playing in the waves.  Good advice I have for you.  Always be sure that there are surfers out in the water in front of where you are enjoying the surf.  That way, if you get pulled out in an undertow the surfer can rescue you.  Also, if an undertow does pull you out, the best strategy is to swim sideways to the direction of the pull or just tread water and “SCREAM” for help!  Seriously, without help you can be pulled out over a mile!  Many of those that surf are very much aware of the dangers of undertow and I strongly believe that they make it their business to watch for people caught in these dangerous conditions.  Hold your breath and get a breath when you can each time.  Avoid fighting mother nature and you will survive.  The danger is if you fight and panic, it sucks all your energy out and you drown!

You can spot an undertow on the beach when the water forms an inward “V” and the receding water funnels with cresting water.  ( I would love a better explanation, if possible. :] )


Christina Truitt

Christina Truitt.  Owner of Surf Inn Hermosa


My Recommendations

I recommend Surf Inn Hermosa to anyone travelling to Costa Rica in or around Player Hermosa area or Jaco.  Christina’s Inn has limited space, so you are best to contact her to arrange availability as soon as you know your travel arrangements.  She has arranged with a local services to pick you up at the San Jose airport for a reasonable fee, if you chose not to rent a car from the airport.

This is the link to Surf Inn Hermosa:  or you can just click on the picture of Christina.

I also recommend you stay at Surf Inn and satellite out to the many places you can tour, like the volcano, the hot springs, the wales tail.  We visited the wales tail.  It sits on a national park and is a huge beach at low tide.  It is a real thrill to walk out and enjoy an evening under the stars on the soft silky sand.  Better be sure to have a good flash light or have your cell phone light.

If you desire something more then the really laid back enjoyment of the surf and have a taste of something luxurious be sure to ask Christina where you can get what you are needing.  She is extremely knowledgeable of the area and makes it her business to stay informed of the local and touristy excursions you can go do.

If you need to make special arrangements before you arrives, be sure to ask her for assistance.  She was extremely helpful to me before I arrived and I requested a message to be scheduled once I did.  It was a snap for her to do and she was pleased to help!


That is my review of the Surf Inn Hermosa!

***** 5 stars In my book!!!