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A Facebook Search Engine?


Advertising on the internet is a $15 billion a year industry online and you obviously want to have a piece of that.  You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing and having a lot of traffic coming to your web site to click onto those ads or buy an affiliate product.
How do you get that traffic?

One way is you get it by people using search engines to find you.   Since search engines are one of the reasons why people go online. It is a very competitive market.  Right now, Google controls 2/3 of that market.  Facebook may change that landscape.

What’s your feeling on that possibility?  Leave a comment below…we love a great discussion.

Facebook vs Google?

Facebook is the biggest social media site on the internet  with over 800 million users.  However, it wants to be a dominant search engine on the internet as well.  Just as Google+ was created to compete with Facebook in the social media field, Facebook is looking to compete with Google in the search engine marketplace.  It ranks behind Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engine sites but it wants to change that soon and enter the big leagues.


Facebook Search Engine

Facebook Search Engine?

People think that Facebook is doing just fine.  The company  will be putting out its IPO (Initial Public Offering) in early 2012 and some analysts say that its market value may go over $100 billion.

However, Facebook has to justify that value. It has to be more than a site where people go to check on their friends or play games; Facebook can’t have people leaving their site if they want to do a search online.

But, many people on Facebook  do just that.  They go to Google or some other search engine if they want to find something on the internet.  Advertisers are very aware of this fact. If they want to spend money on ads in the search engine market, they get more bang for their buck with Google.

Facebook doesn’t want that.

It wants people to stay in Facebook all the time, almost like they’re in a walled fortress.  It wants people to use a Facebook search engine and not go to Google.  Just like many stores have ‘one-stop shopping’ where people can get anything they want, Facebook wants its users to be able to do anything they want once they’ve logged in. The company wants to show advertisers that its users are staying put and using Facebook for their searches.

Can a Facebook Search Engine Overtake Google?

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That will be hard to do.  Google has such a huge lead in the search engine field that it will be a huge task for a Facebook search engine to overtake it.   It’s very difficult to climb on top of a company that’s already a leader in an internet industry.  Look at Google+.  It’s trying to surpass Facebook as the top social media site but it has barely put a dent in Facebook’s lead so far.

Don’t Underestimate Facebook!

Anyone who’s involved in affiliate marketing online has to be aware of what’s happening in the internet industry.   Keep an eye out as to what Facebook is doing.   It’s making a push to be a major search engine and the company has the money and the brainpower to try to make it happen. Don’t forget, nobody thought that anyone could have overtaken Myspace until Facebook came along.

Right now, Facebook users will only search for friends or a hot topic when they’re logged in but that may change  With 800 million users, there is a lot of potential money in optimized search, especially when those 800 million have access to the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons.

Think about it.

  • If you’re travelling to New York City and looking for a hotel online, wouldn’t  you pick one that a friend ‘Liked’?
  • If you’re marketing an affiliate product, wouldn’t it be great to have friends search for it, like it and ‘Share’  it with their friends?

A Facebook search engine would have that advantage of being in a huge community of almost one billion people.  Facebook is working hard to make sure that those people will make Facebook their default search engine one day.

It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this developing news story.  Keep a lookout for any updates about a new Facebook search engine!

What Does This Mean For You?

It’s a possible, “Heads Up!!” for everyone about what is to come in Facebook’s potential for how to connect to people.  Networking and finding people for your hobby, club, store, group, event or business is easy if you know how.  Especially for anyone who wants to have people drawn into their page, make friends and build more relations with people. It’s an important indicator that Facebook wants to grow and along with it, those of us who are networkers are seeing this as more reason to be developing our networks on Facebook.

But Facebook has strengthened its securities, making certain activities dangerous waters to venture.  The “sharks” at Facebook will shut you down and then you will wish you took my advice!  Before I say it, I want to address one fact that bugs the heck out of me and I’ve got to say.  For those of you who are “newbie Fan Pagers for Business” and you think you can navigate the does and don’ts of Facebook, you will take a long time learning how to do it the right way.  You might figure it out…but there is a lot to learn and the best way is to teach yourself or model after someone who has already learned how to do it!  And is “willing” to teach it for a small price!!  Right?  You buy it and make a plan and you build a business and make money through building relationships with people you will grow to care about…maybe not directly, but you will care because you know the product you are selling gives a benefit to the person who is buying that product.  You represent the value of that product.

So!  Get educated so you can HAVE A LOT OF FUN, MEET PEOPLE, SHARE VALUE, AND MAKE MONEY!!!!  :)

My advice is to learn off a friend of mine.  Michelle Pescosolido.  Yeah, she kids about it being tough for her to pronounce!  lol

Seriously she is a Master at Facebook.  She gets right to the point without any fluff.

Okay.  You owe that to the people you will be doing business with…it might be ME!  My standards of who I work with are high.  You got to impress the hech out of me before I will have anything to do with you or your business!  Get that very straight in your mind.  Okay!  I am not being mean.  I am being honest!  I want to work with people who can accept good advice and take it and give it and here is the big KEY!

I got to be able to trust you!  I got to just “know”.  The way you organize yourself, your events, and how you treat me.  I like value that makes me feel and know and trust you as a “Friend” because one day we may meet and I want to feel like we just saw each other last night, kind of friendship.  So.. supporting you is a pleasure!  — That’s easy if you be yourself!  Right!  But, it does require a certain amount of preparedness on your part.  But don’t worry.  Michelle keeps it Fun!  She teaches you how to Master Facebook.

Just get her course and you will be glad you did!

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