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Blokube is a useful way to market your blogs

As a network marketer, you know that there’s a limit to your own personal market.  You can make a pitch to friends and relatives but you risk alienating them if you’re too persistent.

Plus, you can only make a pitch to them once.  If you do it again after a refusal, you’re treading on some pretty thin ice!

After all, multiple streams of income are an ideal source of revenue for a network marketer but you have very limited options if you rely on your personal circle of contacts.

Blogging and the Internet

Blogging is a great way to market your products online. If you have great content and use the proper Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) methods, you will definitely find an audience on the internet.

Blogging Online Builds Audiences!

However, you should write for people and not for search engines.

That is, write the blog for an audience and use SEO techniques to reach that audience.

Don’t write the blog to make search engines happy…write them to make people happy!

Think of it as a blogging community and Blokube is one tool to reach that community.

What Is Blokube?

Blokube is marketed as a site for bloggers, built by bloggers.

According to their web site,
We understand that regardless of niche and your market, the most important aspect of blogging lies in the power of community, and that’s why, here at Blokube, we’ve gone out of our way to make sharing, engaging and interacting online easier than ever before

Blokube offers a place for bloggers to mastermind. To network. To exchange ideas and interact. Blokube is a community.

The main point here is community.  You want to write for people because these people will become your clients and customers if you have a network marketing business.  You can also build a team and have a group of colleagues who can give you advice and support.

Promote your blog in any way you can because the more viewers you get, the better.

Blokube is free to sign up, so you don’t have to worry about paying any fees.  There is a Blokube Pro which promises no advertising but you can try that once you have used the free service for a while.

Page

What you will need a Blog Url and a Twitter account.  A Twitter account is easy to get and it’s one social media tool that you should have anyway.

I’m In, Now What?

It’s simple.  If you look at the image again, you can see the categories in which you can submit a blog: Business, Marketing, SEO/SEM, Social Media, WordPress, Web Design, Lifestyle, Resources and Tech.

Furthermore, once you pick a certain category then you can choose a further sub-category to pinpoint your target audience.

For instance, under Business you can choose Domains, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Professional Writing and Web Traffic.

Under Marketing, you have the options of  Affiliates, Branding, Online Marketing, Direct Marketing and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

Once you pick a category, say Social Media, then submit your blog link in the space on the right hand side of the page.  After that, it will ask you if you want to add an image, which is always helpful as a visual aid.  Also, it will ask for keywords so make sure you have some which are pertinent to your article.


 There Are A Lot Of Categories To Market Your Blog!

That’s true but it’s important to have a focused blog.    You don’t want to submit your blog to a ‘Marketing’ category alone because the field is so vast – affiliate marketing, MLM, etc.

Likewise, if you’re searching for information on direct marketing, you don’t want to sift through a lot of blogs on other types of marketing that have little to do with your search.

Remember, keep your blogs focused and you will easily find a category at Blokube.

An Important Point about Blokube

When you’re article is submitted along with an optional image of your choice , then other members of Blokube will then vote on it.  The higher the votes, the more visible is your blog. If your blogs have bad content, then it will receive negative votes and not be published.

The rule is:

Content is Important!!!!

Always keep that in mind about your blog.  Bad, boring or hard-to-read content will never be popular at Blokube or just about any other site online.

If your category is affiliate marketing, then make sure the blog has something useful to say about it.  Don’t waste a reader’s time!

Return The Favor

Since Blokube is a community, feel free to comment on other blogs and leave a vote.  Feedback is always useful and leaving comments will increase your profile with the community.

Interaction is key to a community so be sure to be involved.  The more times people see your name in blogs and comments, the more they will remember you.

If you write blogs with great content, you got it made!

Blogging is Good!

Marketing Your Blogs

Blokube is one tool that you can use to write your network marketing blogs.  If you have good content and write useful information, then you will build an audience.

Of course, you will need a hosting site for your blogs since you can’t write articles directly at Blokube.

A suitable blog site is WordPress, which is used for this blog. It has both free and paid services but the paid service is worth the nominal charge.

If you’re writing great blogs and attracting a lot of viewers,  then you should definitely try having your own web site with your own address.  That looks very professional and it’s a great way to market your blog.


GoDaddy Hosting Services

The first step in making a professional looking blog site is to obtain a domain name with a suitable address, such as ‘’.

Then, get a reliable hosting service for the domain name. This ensures that you own the space and can do what you want with your web site.

After that, write blogs! Be passionate about the subject and include as much information as you can. Use images and videos to market your products.

Writing blogs can certainly elicit a lot of passion and goodwill. Make sure you convey your own passion about whatever subject you choose!

Hope that was helpful!

Kindest regards,
Johnmark Cooper