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Rosemary Grove: Fair Trade Certified Products


Rosemary Grove

Fair trade is a very meaningful concept in the business world.  Unlike ‘free trade’,  fair trade implies that both trading partners receive equal value for their goods.  There has been a lot of controversy with free trade issues over the years such as NAFTA but fair trade has remained a sought-after goal.


In one way, fair trade help farmers and manufacturers in the Third World to be paid a fair price for their goods.  They are treated with respect and not exploited, unlike many workers in the Third World who are paid a couple of dollars per day and treated very poorly.  A fair trade certified good means:

– the producer is paid promptly

– working conditions are safe

– there is no child labor involved

– the local culture is respected

– there is no harm to the environment, such as with unsafe pesticides or chemicals.

You may think you are paying more for a fair trade product, but think of it as paying the right price.

Marketing fair trade goods is a great way to earn income and feel good doing so.  Just ask Chris Martin of Coldplay!

Make Trade Fair

Make Trade Fair


Rosemary Grove

Rosemary Grove is one company which is based on the fair trade principle.  They started in April 2011 and began to enroll Independant Consultants in November of that year.  They are fair trade certified.

What does that mean?

It means that the company is a certified member of the Fair Trade Federation,  an organization which strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade and  is part of the global fair trade movement, building equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty.

That definitely sounds like a very noble principle.  Imagine marketing these products to customers and showing how their purchases will help poor and disadvantaged people in the Third World.

What Do They Sell?

Handbags & Totes

Handbags & Totes

Rosemary Grove sells a wide variety of goods in many different categories: childrens’ products, bath/body care, clothing, purses, art work, beautiful jewelry and much more.

These products come from Africa and Asia as well as Mexico and South and Central America.  The prices range from under $10 to $100 and above.



The product list is almost endless and they are fair trade certified.  Purchasing these products will ensure that whoever made this products will be compensated fairly.

It’s essentially a win-win for the producer and consumer.  You would like to know that what you paid goes directly to an artisan rather than a company that pays its workers almost nothing for their labor.

How Do I Sell Rosemary Grove’s Products?

If you are passionate about handmade products which help the producer make an honest living, then Rosemary Grove is one avenue to pursue that goal.

Getting started, a start-up fee of $89 is required for the New Consultant Business Kit.  This kit includes:

1)  Replicated E-commerce web site

2)  3 DVD presentations

3) 1 Fast Start Workbook

4) 10 Brochures and 10 Business Aids

5)  10 $30 Ambassador Gift Cards

6)  50 blank gift cards

7) 250 business cards

8) Gift giving calendar

9) Follow-up chart and script

10)  On-going training and mentoring

As a Consultant, you can also purchase Product Packs  which will give you a 50% discount on the products.  You can buy $200/$300/$400 Product Packs (regularly $400/$600/$800) and these include eco-totes, home decor and natural paper products, jewelry and other hand-made goods.

Toys For Children

Toys For Children

Product Packs provide a great opportunity if you host a party or get-together to promote Rosemary Grove products.  Be sure to study the company and its products thoroughly so you can answer any questions promptly.  Also, read up all you can about fair trade in general and the benefits of fair trade certified goods.

This is a great way to market what Rosemary Grove has to offer.  Commissions and bonuses are earned on what you sell and the company will provide the support you need.

If you wish to earn income and help support less fortunate people from around the world, then definitely look into Rosemary Grove and the field of fair trade certified products.

Click on the ‘Toys For Children’ image for an application to be a Consultant.  There are 3 easy steps:

1) Read the Agreement

2) Fill out the Independent Consultant application

3) Process the fee and choose the option of purchasing a Product Pack.

Keep in mind that potential customers will be much more willing to buy when they know that their purchase is going to a good cause.  If you are hosting a party, show a video or two about fair trade goods and their benefits.  Print up some literature also that people can take home and read.  Do all the research you can and be totally knowledgeable about the subject.

Be an expert!


How Do I Get Leads?

You can sell Rosemary Grove or other fair trade certified products to relatives, friends and co-workers and they’ll probably be happy to support you but there is a vast untapped market online.

After all, everyone has only a limited number of people that they know personally. Sure, they can spread the word but that’s a process that takes time.

Why not use all of the resources that there are online to help your business?

Especially if it’s a business that you’re passionate about and want to fully maximize..

Helping people in the Third World certainly is a noble cause.

So, how do you spread the word online without spending a lot of money?

Here Are A Few Suggestions

Blogging is a simple way to get your message across online.  If you write about your business using the proper keywords such as ‘fair trade products’, then Google will rank you favorably when people do an online search on your subject.


GoDaddy Hosting Services

The first step in making a professional looking blog site is to obtain a domain name with a suitable address, such as ‘’.

Then, get a reliable hosting service for the domain name.  This ensures that you own the space and can do what you want with your web site.

A suitable blog site is WordPress, which is used for this blog.  It has both free and paid services but the paid service is worth the nominal charge.

After that, write blogs!  Be passionate about the subject and include as much information as you can.  Use images and videos to market your products.

Fair trade certified products certainly elicit a  lot of passion and goodwill.  Make sure you convey your own passion about the subject!

Social Media!

Don’t forget to use social media as well.  Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are valuable resources.

If you’re on Facebook, then make a Fan page about your business so that people will ‘like’ and follow it.   Look for Facebook pages that deal with fair trade and join them.  Make comments and get engaged!

Tweet about your business and update people about any hosting parties or upcoming specials.  Follow others on Twitter and they will follow you!

Look for YouTube videos about fair trade and post them,  You can also make your own.

Use Pinterest so that people can see beautiful images of your products.  Pinterest will show viewers the link where the pictures originated.  This leads back to YOU!