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There is a big “Buzz” happening over at Evolv and it’s all about this thing called an “e84 Challenge”.   Their office is busy, I mean really busy!  Everyone has big happy smiles, they all have a spring in their step and the mood, well,  they are all positively Excited!!

Why, this infectious, titillatingly, positive attitude?

To meet you of course!

I am serious!  They’re exited about the results they have received from the many people whom have taken and easily succeeded in the e84 Challenge.

Their company, along with the products they have created, have help the “average” person achieve fantastic results through an online business that helps people walk through a step-by-step process that introduces them to facts, habits, methods, and products & tips to improve, transforming and re-shape your body and mind into a new future YOU.

Now, take a moment and imagine.

I mean it!  Take a big step back or lean back in your chair and clear your mind and think of yourself now as the owner of this company.  You started with an idea with a friend or two.  You have endeavored through a long series of hurdles of getting products tested, working with scientists, dealing with lawyers and accountants and convincing people to endorse and work with you to achieve a dream from an idea.  That long road all paid out of your own pocket!

Okay, got it? It’s now the present day.

You have created great products to help people!  You have teamed with some of the best minds in the world, your products are approved by governments and studies show your products are revolutionary and now celebrities, such as hall-of-Famer Tamilee Webb are endorsing and promoting it with big happy smiles and telling people to walk in their footsteps and take this amazing journey of self discovery, positive mind-set creation, and total body transformation into the new you.  Can you imagine it…or better…can you see it and feel the excitement!!!

Course, you don’t own the company, but you can now feel the excitement!!  It comes from helping people just like you achieve something great, and what better way then a “Challenge” with rewards and recognition at the end!  What better way to fire you up and get you in the best shape of your life.  Right,  don’t you love a good challenge?

Well, here it is my friend!  This is the e84 Challenge to get you in the best shape of your life, using the Evolv products, such as Evolv Limitless!

e84 BannerHype?

No…A serious Fact!

This is words directly from Co-founder Trey White, on the mission’s Challenge:

The Big Idea ~ 8.4 Million to complete the Challenge!

I would like to personally invite you to join the e84 Movement. Our first major milestone is to help 8.4 Million people to complete the Challenge. The health crisis around the world needs a Revolution, and I believe it can start with 8.4 Million people completing the e84 challenge.

Since launching my first major success to a Billion Valuation in the late nineties, I have invested millions into advancing technologies and visionary companies. I love to think big and set big goals. I have never been as excited in a vision or project as I am with Evolv. Our mission is H.O.P.E – Helping Other People Evolv.

Small daily habits over 84 days will change your life. I invite you to make the decision to be one of those 8.4 Million and join the movement and Pass It On!

Trey White, EvolvHealth Chairman & Co-Founder

Taking The Evolv 84 Day Challenge

Getting accesses to the Challenge is as easy as following this link to the Evolv site and signing up.

Before you go, you will need to think about what level you want to start at and begin your challenge.  We are all at different levels of physical fitness and mental strength.

“Mental Strength”:  The mind!  YOU are:  What you have stuffed into your head!  Most of it’s Junk!  It needs to be replaced with Value!  Before you can do the challenge you need to start down the road of positive reinforcements that will help you achieve the better more improved you!

Reading books isn’t going to cut it, alone…and you know it!

So, here’s the rub!  You have a series of habits, routines and environments you immerse yourself into everyday.  To start down the road and get to the place where starting this challenge will be…..where YOU “know” in 84 days you will not only succeed, but it will completely alter your entire way of thinking about how you live life.  You will wake up to each day with that “thrill to be alive” feeling!

To get to that powerful emotion requires a serious no-holds-bar conclusion in your head that you need to take control of YOU and begin fixing the problems through positive attitude, better sleeping, shopping for your food and getting the right stuff and exercising regularly with the right system, the right products to help you, and the most important, find 3 good mentors to form a team to keep the vision….your vision alive!

Do that first and you literally are guaranteed success

You be the FORCE of Desire.   Evolv and your mentors, and  all of your friends and family will be your support to help you achieve your very best!

Take a picture of yourself and Commit to 84 days of Total Transforming YOU.  Put it in writing digitally on the exersciz site and introduce your three mentors.  Be best if a couple of those mentors were in the Challenge with you.  Evolv together!  (pun intended ).

(The site: will be free to use if you are a member of Evolv, otherwise it’s a 30/mth cost.)

Where To Start in the e84 Total Transformation Cycle?

e84 Burn:  Start here if you need to lose weight.  Designed to help reduce you to an idea body.

e84 Fuel:  Start here if you are the “weekend warrior” and you need to burn off a bit more weight to enjoy life more

e84 Edge:  Start here you didn’t need the “Mental Fix” I suggested above!  In fact, you need this program because you need to slim down a bit more and charge up your system so you can maintain the new active you.  Probably working out a lot more, or doing stuff that needs a fit body and you need serious Nutrient Timing to achieve serious results fast!   This stage is great to get you leaner, stronger, tighter and to keep your body at peak fitness!  Rock On!

So what are you waiting for?

Take the e84 Challenge!



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