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Nutrient Timing – Fueling Your Body Correctly


Nutrient Timing is a very serious topic for professional athletes and those people who have “decided” and “committed” to getting their body in the best health and physical fitness of their lives.  There is always exceptions, and people have their reasons for needing this information and applying the knowledge, but let me be very clear about one very important point:  This topic is so serious it’s very dry, scientific and loaded with body chemistry terms.  So, if you failed chemistry or slept through biology, or simply dislike learning about what’s going on in your body at the molecular level and prefer to enjoy the benefits of this knowledge…I suggest you find a trainer who knows this stuff and “trust” in him/her to know what’s best for “YOU!”

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The goal of this article

  1. To explain the basics
  2. Point you to the resources to read and gain more knowledge.
  3. Provide you contact information of professionals and trainers whom can help you achieve your goals

What is Nutrient Timing?

It is knowing what to consume and when to consume it!  Primarily focused around your exercise routine.  So, this is before, during and after exercising. It is designed to achieve most advantageous exercise performance and recovery.  The key is “consistency” in the fueling process while employing the tactic of muscle confusion during your work out! 

Three Phases of Nutrient Timing

  1. Energy:  The goal here is to fuel the body before and during your exercise time.  Carbohydrates and Protein in specific ratios according to your “variable” to assist your body in lasting longer and doing more and recovering faster.
  2. Anabolic:  After you finish your work-out, imagine a timer “click” begins and ends at 45 minutes afterwards.  It’s within this window that you must refuel your body with Carbohydrates and Proteins in the right balance or you might lose up to as much as half of your work-out effectiveness.  This is the most serious of the three stages.
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    Growth:  This stage is after the first 45 minutes and extends for the rest of the day.  It is essential to eat a well balanced meal consisting of, guessed it, carbohydrates and proteins in the right amounts to assist you body in growing and repairing muscle, tissue and giving the “Chemistry” in our body the right nutrients to do their job of maintaining and improving.  This stage includes the necessity of having a good night sleep. 


Sources & Professions

Now, if you love the science talk and really want to have a full in depth understanding of Nutrient Timing by a leading professional PH.D who has broken the science down into an easy read then buy this book.  Mr. Ivy’s material is widely quoted on this topic.


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Nutrient Timing does not need to be difficult

Establishing a work out plan, trainers and support you can find the following Professionals and sites available:

  •  The home to many programs such as INSANITY and P90X.
  • Evolve Health.  A new company with you in mind! Take the e84 Challenge
 (If you have a site you feel assists people in Nutrient Timing or are a professional Trainer seeking clients, please contact me and I will add you to the list)

The Nutrient Timing Is Your Key to Health!


I hope this article was helpful.

Kindest regards,
Johnmark Cooper