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10 Day Tranformational Cleanse


I personally tested this product on myself and I share my results and understanding of what I personally went through to achieve weight loss.  This is an all vegan cleanse that will help you break a lot of food craving habits and enable you to change what you eat every day and especially how much food.  I did this cleanse for 40 days, so two cleanse with one week rest in between.

Mind Set

I call this “personal resolve”.  You might have a different word to describe the same:  Determination, will power, a personal vow or dedication to excellence.  Whatever your wording!

It boils down to this simple fact:  You are serious about getting healthy and feeling Great about You!  It starts with what is going on in your head, First! 

Nothing else on this planet matters more than You feeling fantastic about Yourself.  Period!  When  you look in the mirror, how do you feel about yourself as a person?  For me that started with my Mind Set!  Getting the Junk out of my head and being clear about what I wanted most for MY life.  Learning what I say to myself, how I treat myself and what actions I do to improve my life for my best health and wellness.  It goes way beyond just losing weight.

Do you understand what I am saying to you?

This Transformational Packs from Purium Inc promises to “break your addiction to processed foods” and end the cravings.   Your new you starts the day you begin the Transformation!  For me, and maybe even for you,  it started weeks before the day I started to participate in the cleanse.

What To Expect When you start Juicing!

My beginning with juicing.  This was before I started the cleanse.  Lots of live whole foods made a rich green drink that tingled as it went down.  My wife and I were in Costa Rica.  We juiced in the morning and early afternoon, and of course I had an addiction for coffee and so I drank the local coffee.  So…heads up.  Do not drink strong coffee and only juice. It has a the following effect:  The rest of my afternoon and evening was spent running to the bathroom every half hour.  LOL :))

My body was being detoxified of all the junk with all the Great food nutrients I was now putting into myself.  The first couple of days of getting use to the new habit I consumed those foods was a real eye opener.  I was feeling much better about myself!

I had begun my journey to a healthier, happier me.

Transformation Resets

The schedule for the transformation is laid out from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm for a reason.  You feed the body nutrients and water throughout the day and at night you allow the body to rest and fast.  So, rest and keep your activities to a minimum.

Water Reset:  During the Transformation I consumed 124 oz of water each day.  You know, it did not seem like a lot of water.  Be prepared to have a bathroom handy because this amount of water is absolutely necessary.  It flushes out the old and enables the body to be detoxed and cleanse itself.   This taught me that I can consume that much water each day!  I believe the amount of water consumed is an essential part of the weight lose mechanism inside the human body.

Salt & Sugar Reset:  Throughout the 10 days I discovered my addiction for sweets and salts slowly vanished until all I had was a memory of the “Taste”.  After the first 10 days were finished I have discovered that a lot of food is extremely over salted or sweetened.  To the point that my tongue burns with distaste for it.    A day after my cleanse, as mentioned, I went out and tasted what I thought I liked and you know what tasted the best of all the foods:  Oranges, apples, bananas, and organic live foods.

My wife had a muffin on the way home from work a few days after her cleanse and she said it was disgustingly filled with something that tasted sweet but tingled on the tip of her tongue.

Food Intake Reset:  Continuing from above, all my taste buds were also reset and it has taught us, my wife and I, that we do not need a lot of food to be healthy.  We need healthy dense live whole foods that are readily available in the local farmers markets or in the grocery store.

My Results 

I did two cleanses with a week rest in-between each 10 days.  At the end I weighed in at 196.5 lbs.  I had lost 28 lbs in 40 days.



Please understand the purpose of this cleanse is meant for those people that have a serious need to lose weight in a hurry!  It was designed for actors, and people who need to slim down fast.  It takes discipline and dedication.  Few people have the ability to take 10 days off to focus their body into this type of weight lose.  It is especially difficult for those with a busy life.

Please discuss this cleanse with your doctor to ensure it is right for you and your situation.

I wish you success in your efforts to lose weight and get into a better health!

Thank you
Johnmark Cooper
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