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Blog Content Ideas

Establishing a structured plan to create unique blog content that will move, motivate and/or inform your loyal readers, or the first time reader,  takes having enough sources from which the information can can be created.  This world is abundant with changes!  It is those changes that you and I need to be paying attention to, so that we may write and inform our readers about how those changes are going to affect our Theme or Niche.

Does that make sense?

So, let’s get right to it!

Past to Present

A lot of tools we use in blogging today to generate traffic was created on an “edge”!   What do I mean by an, “edge”.

Well, I will explain:   Products are created to take advantage of a deficit or loop-hole in how Google’s algorithm works, or how facebook treats a link, or the way in which blog posts and video is syndicated to the world online, or how networks are weighted in terms of importance.  As time goes by, these big companies change how they operate in response to these “loop-holes”.  As responsible bloggers, it is our job to inform and help our loyal subscriber learn ways to adjust to the changes and give them alternatives.  Honest alternatives.  This means old video, posts and marketing practices need to be through out, adjusted or re-tooled.

Blog Content Idea From Reviews

Reviewing Gurus in the field of your chosen niche is a great way to give your blog clean definition of your focus.  Highlighting the accomplishments and strategies of these people will help keep your reader aware of how much you care about their success.  You can intensify your efforts in this area by arranging a live interview of the Guru and have him/her give a short testimonial on the product and services they promote after the interview.  Also, a testimonial from them about you can be even more valuable.  Posting such a comment from someone will uplift your own value.

Reviewing products you have used and tested can benefit you in a few ways.  Remember, it’s your personal experience with these products you are using that count.  How you use them to get X result.  Without the result, don’t waste your time because your subscriber wants to know that result like yours “can” be obtained.  Create a video and show them how you have obtained the results.  The other benefit is that a lot of these products or tools are affiliate programs that can generate income if your reader accepts your advice and get’s it for themselves.

Reviewing companies related to the niche you are in today.  I am in Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I use the following sites to find companies to review:

I am sure there are other similar sites, and if you know a few more…contact me and I will posted it with your reference.

Blog Content Idea’s From News Sources

This is a time tested way to stay current and help your readers be right their with you. This method is about going to your favorite search engine.  In my case it’s Google and entering the NEWS section and typing into the query your niche topic or related topics and learning first what is on the market that is effecting or has the potential to effect the efforts you and those in your team and loyal subscribers do.  Read the related posts, read the comments, and dig a little deeper into that chosen topic and summarize all your findings in a blog post.

Content Idea’s From Other Sites and Forums

This is my favorite way to find valuable nuggets of golden topics to share with my readers.  I personally like helping people resolve the problems and if I find a lot of people struggling about a similar problem in a few of the niche forums and sites I visit,  I first answer their questions.  Then I research the problem and post all my findings on my blog and then go back to the blogs and update my answer with the new blog post I created.

Another neat way is to explore other urls that give good content already.

This is a short list and I am certain there are hundreds more sites that cater to people searching for valuable information.


There You Go, Blog Content Idea’s That Will Keep Your Site Alive!


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