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Charity Marketing Online


There have been many articles posted about network marketing for online businesses and ways to make money online.

For this article, let’s take a slightly different tact and learn how to market a charity or non-profit organization on the internet effectively and for zero money on your part.

It’s good training for the online business world.

After all, you may want to go into network marketing but you don’t know what to market online or where to start. You could use some practice so a charity would be a good place to begin.

Most of us are involved with a charity in some way or another. We like to volunteer our time and help others, whether it be by fundraising for a local charity or helping out occasionaly. People volunteer with many types of organizations whether it be a Heart Association, Special Olympics, Cancer Society, Big Brothers or a local school or organization in their hometown.

Everybody wants to help out and give back to their community. One such way is by marketing their favorite local charity on the internet to build awareness, raise funds and get more volunteers.

It’s something you can try with some simple online tools.

Online Marketing

Pretend your favorite charity is like your own business. You want to build awareness.

Treat it like a business that you want to market.

It’s good training if you want to have an online business because many principles are the same.

You want to expose the business or organization to as many people as possible.  The internet is a great way to do it.

If you want to start an online enterprise but have no idea how to go about it, then marketing a local charity is a great way to practice and get some experience.

Plus, you’ll expose your important asset to everyone.

That asset is You!

You Are An Asset!

That Is Correct

People don’t join a business, they join people.

People will join you if they trust you and your message.  The more they know about you, the more they will trust you and follow your lead.  If you show how much you care about your community and those in need, then your value will skyrocket.  The value of YOU can be limitless! This will help you in life and in any online business you may start.


How Do I Go About It?

There are a couple of ways that you can be involved with a local charity or organization that needs help.

You can see if there’s a national organization such as Special Olympics which could use help with the local chapter in your area.

Or, you can see if a local program needs help.  It could be anything – a childrens’ charity, a seniors’ organization or any other worthy cause.

For example, let’s say you want to help out a local soccer league for underprivileged kids which needs money or volunteers.

You can assist them by doing some online marketing and building awareness.

A first step online is to get a free email address like Gmail.  Go to Google and register an address such as ‘’.  This will give you the entry point to register with many social media sites.

Start With Facebook

You probably already have a Facebook page.  That’s a great place to start your online venture.

You simply create a Fan page.  Go to ‘Home’ at Facebook and scroll to the bottom of the page.  There, click on ‘Create A Page’ and you’ll come to a page which gives you different options.

‘Create A Page’ Categories

You would pick ‘Cause Or Community’ for your charity but keep the other categories in mind for a future business which you may create.

Once you enter your category, then upload a profile picture.  After that, enter a complete description about the organization and what people can do to help.

Once you’ve done that, market the page as much as possible.  Invite your friends on Facebook to ‘Like’ the page.  That way, they’ll receive any updates that you create. Their friends can also ask friends to be fans of your page.  Invite your email contacts to view your site.

Go to similar organizations that have Facebook pages and join them.  They’ll likely return the favor and be fans of you.  Interact with them – leave comments, ask questions, invite them to events.  Keep them updated!

Facebook has hundreds of millions of users so it’s a market that you don’t want to ignore.

Plus, it’s good practice for your future online business!

What Else Can I Use?

YouTube is a great resource.  It’s free to use and you can sign up easily with your email account.

Going back to your local soccer team, take a video of the kids playing soccer.  Also, film them talking about the program and how much it means to them.  If you have a digital camera, it should have a video feature.  Otherwise, you can borrow one.

Once you’ve done that, simply upload the video.  Add as many relevant tags as you can and make sure your video description is as complete as possible.

Upload Page – Use Fully!

Then, market it!  Send it to local businesses online.  Show it on your Facebook account.  Ask your friends to view it and share it with their friends.

You can also make a free video with Stupeflix that can incorporate video, images, text and background music.  Check out a previous article that gives you a how-to guide.  It looks very professional and will add a lot more power to your marketing efforts.

Videos are important for any online venture so be sure to be well acquainted with YouTube and all it has to offer.

Twitter Is Also Useful

Twitter has well over 100 million users and it’s growing rapidly all the time.

It’s also free!

Use your email address to sign up.  Simply pick a useful handle, such as ‘soccerteam’ and tweet away.  Tell your friends to follow you on Twitter.  Search for other charity organizations and local businesses on Twitter and follow them.  They’ll probably follow you and be interested in your venture.

Make your tweets interesting.  You only have 140 characters to say what you want so it’s good practice to be concise.

Say a lot with a little!

Facts About Twitter

Remember, if you’re marketing a charity or your own business, YOU are a vital asset!

People join people.  People will join you.

They will see your Facebook page, you videos and your tweets and they will be impressed.

Online Marketing and You

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are three very important social media tools.

They will be vital to any network marketing business that you will enter.  Social media optimization is important for any online venture, whether it be a business or charity.

It’s vital to be involved in online marketing.

As said, helping out a charity or local organization in need can be a valuable way to get started or to practice.

Plus, it will build up your brand.

Yes, you are a Brand!

It would be a huge asset if you could show how much you helped a charity at your online profile .

“I’m involved with a local soccer team for underprivileged youth.  Check it out online!”

Of course, it’s entirely up to you if you want to do this but it can be a valuable experience.

If you’re new to network marketing and don’t know where to start, then doing online work for a charity or non-profit organization is great practice.

It will also put you and your work on display to the online world – in a good way!

It will build up you and your brand. Remember, you are your most valuable asset!

Build up that asset as much as you can.

I hope this was helpful to you.

Kindest regards,
Johnmark Cooper