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Your First Year in Network Marketing

How to succeed


Establishing Where to Start

It’s your first year in Network Marketing and you are looking for advice or assistance on how to succeed, right?

Which sentence best describes your situation:

  1. “I have been introduced to Network Marketing, can I make money in it?  Please tell me the truth, no BS please!”
  2. “I was introduced to Network Marketing and I am excited and scared.  Is Network Marketing a scam?”
  3. “I have a friend of mine wanting me to get into Network Marketing but I don’t know much about it.”
  4. “I have been in Network Marketing before and didn’t succeed….but I want to succeed with this new company, help?”
  5. “I am in Network Marketing but I am not having the success I want, what am I doing wrong?”


The Introduction Stage

Let me tell you:  This is the best part for everyone.  It’s almost universal when a new person is introduced to Network Marketing:  You either get it or you don’t.  Those that get it are blown away!  Excitement fills you with the imagination of being delivered out of scarcity by the simple method of leveraging other people’s efforts.  The presentation always starts with you at the top and you just need to get three people.  Like it should be easy to get three people, right?  In your mind you are thinking of everyone you know who would love this concept.  It’s almost impossible to sit still as you watch the presentation unfold as the board fills with a network of imaginary people and the compensation plan fills your pockets with lots of cash.  Each person buying product every month and it all sounds super easy.  You might even think that no one would refuse such a lucrative deal.  It’s the end of worrying about money.  Does that describe what you felt?

The Usual Presentation

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Your first year in network marketing can be full of excitement or it can go down in flames.  The moment you decide you are going to participate is the moment, you need to step back and really take the steps that I am about to first warn you not to do. Then, take the steps that you must do in order to be a roaring success.  The choice is yours.  I am teaching from the point of where I have come, the mistakes I have made and the success that can be achieved if done the right way.  This success is harder if you have already made a few mistakes, but it can easily be turned around in your favor.


The Old Method

This does work for some people.  The old way is to speak to people and present the opportunity directly, belly to belly.  Either one on one in a public location or at home meetings.  These people already have the necessary skill set and personal development to establish rapport with people quickly, they have the flare for spontaneity, they know how to turn a situation around and make it fun and enjoyable naturally and most definitely all of them have very strong posture.  The one big quality that helps people to succeed in this business is their ability to speak to others without fear of rejection.  If I have described you, this will be easy for you, but you will need to still understand what not to do to avoid failure!

Your first year in Network marketing usually starts off by your sponsor, the person who introduced you to this business, telling you to make a list of everyone you know, called your warm market, so that you and him/her can sit down and quickly call everyone and set appointments to introduce the business to them.  The sponsor wants to get to your warm market while you are still excited.  They say to allow that excitement to transfer naturally to the person you are calling.  This ALL DEPENDS on your relationship with these people and your POSTURE you have established with them to date.  Not the posture you will be presenting to them when you call.  Remember that key difference!!  If you had no posture in the past you certainly will not now, or perhaps better…not yet!

So, for those of you who know you have a good relationship with people on your list. They trust you, maybe even admire you for whatever reason.  The point is, you know that when you call they will accept your direction without too many questions.  Then, by all means call them and get the ball rolling. Toss any canned speech but remember to keep the call brief, to the point and make the appointment.  Mystery is a good thing.

For those people who know they have questionable posture with those on your list.  DON’T call anyone!!  Not yet!  To do so would be a waste.  Under no circumstances give your list to your sponsor.  This is your career and it must be led by you.  Your sponsor cannot and will not hold your hand and do all the work for you.  If they call the people you know before you are ready, you will be left behind.  All network marketing company’s compensation plans rewards the leaders by the efforts made by them for the value of their contribution to other people…those who you enroll and lead.  Your sponsor is there to teach you the ropes, answer questions when you get stuck and assist you in achieving your goals if and when your group gets big.

Most people do not follow this advice.   They get in, blast through their warm market unprepared and are left behind.  Their sponsor moves on because you have failed to develop into a leader fast enough for your sponsor to continue working with you.  They will often tell you to call them if you find someone interested in the opportunity or bring them to an open meeting.  If you have heard this from your sponsor then you need my advice the most!!

The BEST Method

This method is for everyone.  Even if you have all the right skill sets.

Don’t make a list of anyone.  Step back and calm down.  Let the excitement mellow.  Put on your figurative learning hat and get busy understanding what to do to be a roaring success.  Above all, protect your integrity of the people you know.  The network marketing world has a lot of unwanted baggage of people failing to succeed.  The word “scam” is the first words that people will think.  “Oh, network marketing companies are all ‘scams'”.  This is because most people don’t get in and do what is proper in business.

What is proper? —>  Get a good education and put together a solid business plan!  Understand what tools you will need to succeed, what marketing method you will use and determine a fair budget to carry it out.  Set a goal as to when you will achieve it and get busy taking action.  Start out slow and build wisely.  A good network marketing business takes time to create.  Under no circumstances should you quit your job.  It is strongly advised by everyone in this field to keep your job until your network marketing business is producing double or triple what you are currently earning!

Your first year in Network Marketing should be no different!  Get educated on how to be successful.  Study this new field and learn how to brand yourself.  Yep, you!  A good phrase I learned and I want you to write this down, “People join people, not the company you represent!”  Like I said earlier about posture,  you need to establish yourself as being focused into the area of your chosen profession or professions.  Many people these days have got more than one.  That’s okay.Leadership is the Key!

This is a people business.  You will be standing in front of people with your message.  So, you need to be able to be comfortable and practiced with leading people out of their problems and directing them to a solution that benefits them FIRST!  Expect nothing in return and you will be rewarded because your action to them will travel!  People naturally want to give back and they will do so in the best way then know how.  Always on their terms and at their convenience.  Usually by referring people they know or meet to you.  This is powerful!

The big problem in Network Marketing is finding people interested in your opportunity, how to properly brand yourself to attract those interested in this field to you and have them call you and what marketing method to use and how to use it!

I have a solution.  It’s called My lead System Pro.  It solves all of these headaches in one step!