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How To Succeed In Network Marketing


This article will answer the question of how to succeed in network marketing.  However; can you do what is required and can you apply yourself in your own unique way to unlock the secret code to achieving a brilliant blazing success that will have you on stage telling hundreds, even thousands of people…How you were successful?

Only YOU can answer that for sure!!

What I will do is break down the door and show you what you need to do!

That is what was done for me, and I am only too happy to pass on the knowledge!

My answer will be very direct…blunt and to the point…in your face kind of talk.

So, if you don’t like a clear, honest, no BS, conversations…you better not read this…because it will teach you what really works and what you really MUST do for a blazing success!

There are two key words in your question:   “Network” and “Marketing”.  Yet, the very idea that you don’t know how to “Network” or how to “Market” begs the question of … why are you asking?

You see what I mean?

Maybe you don’t ??

Perhaps you need to take a good hard look at the question of “Why you need to ask?  How to Succeed in Network Marketing?”

What I hear you saying is:  Can you succeed in Network Marketing?

The simple answer is Yes!

But, you want it more clear, don’t you?

This is the Premise of it and if you get it … then you get it.  If you don’t well…too bad!

It’s all about YOU in Network Marketing.

YOU want to be a roaring success, right?

Then become a roaring success!  Give yourself the permission to Succeed!

The only way to do it…and it really is the best way…because any other way…eventually….leads back to this method, so skip all the BS and do what works.

Teach people what you know.  Go out and learn as much as you can…honestly learn it!  Then continue to share all that you know as best as you can and as prolifically as you can until your heart bursts open!  …. but there is a key point that needs to be added here.

Okay….lean in…because this is the foundation of it!  The real tipping point that you must….GET.  Without it…you will Fail every time!

Do it all with the designed intent to create a Brand of yourself that people can trust and admire in your niche.  Do it with the best of intentions for “others” and expect no compensation for your efforts.  Not a cent!  Treat it like a work of love!

That way you can never ever fail!  A powerful place!

You must enjoy every moment of it as you do it!!

Forget about Network Marketing until you get that started because without that …. You simply will not have the success you want in life!  Period!

Passion Does not Lie!

I am sure you have failed at stuff and that’s good.  It means you are trying and you are human!  We all fail, the trick is about how you handle the fail.  There are second chances in this arena and thirds and fourths……it just becomes a little easier each time.

Seriously!  The more you fail in networking, in marketing, heck at stuff you do in life, the more in common you have with the rest of us and the more you have to share!

Those people out there…the people who would see your message…are just like you and me…and…they need you to help them out of their problem.

As you share, they will see the content you put out and grow to know and respect you for … simply sharing!  Teaching!  Mentoring!  Inspiring!  Being You!

If you are looking for permission to be Yourself!  Then, give yourself permission.


It’s that easy!

Get a domain at Godaddy and start a blog with WordPress.  Sharing your experiences tied to your niche and key words in that theme.

Use every media outlet you have at your disposal and budget out a plan of action on how you are going to Market yourself to the world about your Trusted, believed in, product …. and what’s the product…..

Ahhh….a lot of people mess this up and it’s a factor in your efforts that makes the difference between getting a piddly income or making your dreams come true!

Ready?  …

The product is “What YOU know is right, and what you recommend that must be done to avoid doing it wrong”!

That’s the simple truth to it!

Here is the other key:  Don’t give it all away for free.  Give part of it, enough to solve the simple problems or teach the basics.

Then offer an opt-in form asking people to “Trust” you with their contact information in order for them to get the rest of your knowledge.

People join YOU because your advice…however they found it….was right.  It helped them out of a problem.  Made them some money or steered them away from a bigger problem … you get the drift??

Here is another key:  Automation!  Use automation as much as you can!  Thus, get an auto-responder.

It’s emails that you have create on a defined schedule.  Designed by you.  My preference is Aweber or GetResponse.

Now you have a list of ….People….who trust YOU!

Just keep providing good quality content to the world and continue to build that List.

There are a few things you need to do to keep people on your list happy with you and that is to do give them stuff.  More free advice and more free goodies you find in your efforts to learn and share.  Save the big things to sell….as long as it’s quality and it will help them reach a new level in their success!

Here is me giving you advice….all free!

Okay, a big key factor:  Online, you need to have backlinks to be successful!  They are votes from other people and companies that endorse your articles!  Your words!  So the more backlinks you have, the more your words mean something to the “relevancy” of search engines and the more likely your “words” will be read.

To do all this takes having the right tools to make it happen faster, easier and with as much automation as possible so you can have fun in the sharing and not worry about the technical aspect of being found!

There is a learning curve with each tool you use to automate and after you have learned, set up and put into motion…it becomes easy…..part of your marketing routine.

Google, search engine ranking is not the only thing you can do to achieve your success.  You want it to roar, right?….I mean really be a ROARing success, Yes?

You know that old saying, (modified here) “I can lead you to the door.  It’s up to you to open it and go through it!”

In other words, I can point out the tools to use and I am willing to teach you how to use all the tools, but without your passion — your unique twist — your effort!

Well!  you know what will happen now…don’t you!

The best Marketing “first step” is My Lead System Pro.

They teach people a step by step formula to Brand yourself!  Also, the community has given back in their own unique way to make the trip easier!

If you are looking for a good income or want to add another to your ‘recommended list’ to promote, you will want to investigate Empower Network for their blog platform and the fact that they pay 100% commission.

To boot, their goal is to help people, like you and me, make a lot of money and with that intent, they pull out all the stops to achieve it!

Like, some really nifty methods.

Remember I said…”Use every media outlet you have at your disposal and budget out a plan of action on how you are going to Market yourself to the world about your Trusted, believed in, product…well, Empower Network is a tool on steroids!”

Give yourself the permission to get out there and do it!!!

And I will see you on stage telling us how you achieve your Dreams!


That answers the question, “How do I succeed At Network Marketing?”