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Making Network Marketing Fun!


When was the last time you can remember having Sponge Bob Fun………at a Network Marketing meeting.


Most Network Marketing meetings are so damn typical.  A room full of people…most of them involved with the business you been invited, along with their guests.  Everyone dressed in business attire and the atmosphere of seriousness. The host starts off with a lite speech or story and blends that into his presentation…..about a product attached to a multi-level commission structured plan.

Showing Frogs


In truth,  Network Marketing is about showing something that we are interested in and telling people about all the benefits.  One of those benefits is how we can earn money.  This element of making a sale seems to be the most difficult part for people.  It’s like when a boy comes up to the class and shows his live frog collection!  Instant discomfort for everyone.

I am sure the thought is, “OMG!!! He better not pick me for any demonstrations!!!”


What’s wrong with people…it’s just a frog!


Network Marketing can be A LOT of Fun! — STORiES!!

A while back, before I was married, I was invited to a yacht party.  I knew my friend was a network marketing guy and this party invite sounded very much like an intro to introduce me to his business…but come on…a yacht!!  I right away said, “I am IN IN IN!!!” The day arrived and he picked me up in his black Jetta.  The day was a perfect August summer day with blue sky and hot weather.  My heart was racing with anticipation.  I love Yachts.  All the way down to Toronto’s core we talked and got caught up.  A few times I tried to get him to tell me about this yacht but he just smiled and told me to be patient.

When we arrived and got clearance to get onto the private docks, a part of me was thinking this yacht was going to be a small boat and ha ha ha … joke’s on me!

No joke!  I was stunned to see a big yacht!

The best part of the whole night, there were only eight people in attendance.  We talked and sipped wine and the man who owned it showed us his hospitality without limit.  The Yacht never left the harbor, and that was fine by me.  It was the thrill of being in this man’s company.  After all, he makes enough to own, operate and maintain this beautiful craft.  He told us stories of where he has been and the interesting culture of people when you own a Yacht.

At the end of the evening, after dinner, while we sat on the back deck he politely shared with all of us an opportunity to make some money in a mlm business.  There were no high pressure tactics or mouth-watering proposals.  It was a simple explanation and an offer.  I did join and we did make money.  The introduction methods were always at the end of a fun filled evening.


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