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Your Ideal Network Marketing Success

How do you define your ideal network marketing success?  Be honest with me on this question because it is real important to your future in this niche!

Now before you answer I want you to leave out the following subjects:

  1. Money.  Being successful in network marketing means you will have a lot of money!
  2. Anything that money can buy.

 Your Ideal Success

I want you to reach down into your heart and really take a good long look at yourself and think about the following areas of your life and then answer my question as if you are already there…you have already achieved your ideal network marketing success!

  • What have you achieved?
  • Where are you living?
  • How do you feel about your success?
  • Who is sharing your success?
  • and now that you are successful, what will you do next?


Think of the end where all the struggling and frustrations are behind you and you are now sitting pretty with your success.  Always think of the destination!  Focus on the destination until it is crystal clear.

A familiar buzz word is nested in this question:  What is your “Why”.

Without a strong “Why you are working at being successful in Network Marketing”.

Mentors will ask you this question, as I am asking you now, but instead of asking you, “what is your ‘Why'”, I am asking you to be a lot more elaborate and think about all the details, because it is in the details that you will discover the truth behind your “Why”!  It will give your reason energy to pull yourself through the junk and BS that you will find in life that could drag the weak down….but not you.  You are strong and fighting for your success because you have done this exercise.

When you answer this question I want you to write it down and read it to yourself every day until it becomes a part of your subconscious thoughts.  To the point you dream about it and makes you wake up early and go to bed late…striving to reach it!

Leave your answer in the comment section, or if you feel that your answer is far too personal write to me privately.

I expect you to be very successful in this business and I know you will surprise yourself down the road at what you will accomplish!

Believe in yourself…and if you don’t, believe in my belief in you while you find your way and together we will achieve success together!

I expect you to LET YOURSELF become successful and not hold yourself back like most do in life.

Join me and let’s lock arms together and be successful!

Kindest regards,
Johnmark Cooper