Melaleuca Backup Order

Melaleuca Backup Order


If you have found this post, it is because you have concerns, questions or maybe even a frustrated complaint about Melaleuca’s Backup order.  It is the number one complaint in Melaleuca.  I am here to clean up the mess and explain the secret to making the Backup order “Acceptable”!

Melaleuca Backup Order – What the heck is it?

Officially, the Backup Order is a selection of products, which Melaleuca preselects and is automatically shipped to any Preferred Customer if they failed to order the minimum point value that they committed to every month.  Most likely that is 35 points.  The customer’s account is billed including all applicable taxes and shipping cost to the address on file.

Melaleuca Backup Order -  What’s the point of it?

When people sign up to the company there are a few benefits often omitted out of the proper introduction to the company.  One of these is the Backup order and why it is so important. Yes!  It is called a Benefit!  Without this benefit, any missed orders, in any given month, would automatically omit the representative from any and all commissions including any pool calculations and or bonus’.   This would create a logistical nightmare for the accounting department.  It is because one missed order affects the incomes of seven families or ‘Business’ in your up-line above you.

Melaleuca Backup Order – Okay I have to have it, why?

Lets assume you are becoming successful in Melaleuca and the backup order doesn’t exsist.  You have a team of growing businesses under you and every month your check has been rising.  Last check was a cool $2455.86 and this month it’s shaping up to be around $2800.00 roughly.  The check arrives in your mailbox on the 15th of every month like clock work.  It’s a real party of excitement to get the mail on the 15th.  You reach in and pull out all your mail.  Instead of a of check you have a letter letting you know that because you didn’t place an order, the company treated you, for this month, as ‘not there’ and your check this month is a big fat Zero!  So, instead of that reality the company sends out a back up order and you still get to keep your status and your check.

The Backup order for 75% of the customers in Melaleuca, whom are simply a preferred customer to take advantage of the price break, often have forgotten about it.   Some people have been a customer for so long have often forgotten about Melaleuca’s backup order and when they get the it…it is full of product they rarely use!  This usually gets people annoyed to say the least.  It means either shipping it back, giving it away or throwing the product out.  There is a great solution for you!

Melaleuca Backup Order – The Alternative!

Okay, you are a preferred customer.  You are one of the 75% who just want to have the benefits but don’t want to be stuck with a lot of Product you cannot use.  This is what you do:

  1. Call Melaleuca’s Customer Support.
  2. Go through the identification of informing them of who you are and
  3. Tell them you want to set up your SELECT PACK

That’s right, you want to create your OWN backup order that is called a “Select Pack”.  Now, when you miss a month; be it you are on vacation or you simply forgot.  You will get the select pack with all the cool things that YOU want from Melaleuca.  Stuff you know you will always need more of in the cupboard!  Like, who doesn’t need a few extra tubes of tooth paste, or bars of soap, or…well you get the idea.  This way the Select Pack can be a welcomed addition to your daily experience instead of a surprise of unwanted stuff.

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Johnmark Cooper

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