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Facebook Social Offers

Facebook announced back in Nov, 2011 that it was launching it’s Facebook Social offers, or Facebook Social Deal.  It was a pilot, beta testing, program that started with United States and by Jan 31, 2011 it was available to a short list of business in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately the test run did not evolve into a program that would expand and so in April of 2011 it was shut down.  The exact reasons were not disclosed but rumors filled that gap and the subject quickly became a memory.

Thankfully the program was not forgotten by Facebook.  On Feb 29, 2012 the program was relaunched for the United States, Japan, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.  Again, as a beta test.



Here is the official press release statement.  The picture is a link to the source for reference!

Facebook Press Release

Facebook Press Release of Social Offer as of Feb 29, 2012


Tuesday, May 1, 2012 they opened Canada to the program.

FB Social Offer Available in Canada

FB Social Offer Available in Canada May 1, 2012


The package is limited to a short list of businesses but if you wish to apply and get accepted to the program to start offering your clients product offers.  Here is the link!

How Does Facebook Social Offer’s Work?

For the consumer to use, gift or share, is very easy.  First you find a company you like and see if they are part of the program and if they are you need to like their Facebook page, you might need to register as a subscriber.  Each company has its prerequisites.  After that you can participate by accepting it and the company will mail you the offer to the email address you have on file with Facebook.  It’s really that simple.  For gifting or sharing, a button is available for you to do this and instructions are provided by the host company offering the service.  In many cases you can download the offer onto your cell phone and walk into the store and show them a display of your acceptance of the companies terms and your claim to the offer.

There is however, a few snags in the program that might cause some headaches, but I assure you, these are growing pains and in time they will get resolved. Be patient and understand this is still in the beta testing.  So, if you encounter a problem, be sure to report it and help the development team iron out the bugs.

This program will eventually integrate into the Foursquare program now available with cell phone industry.  The two would seamlessly compliment each other in the instant reward socializing between retailer and customer.  Presently Foursquare has a reward system built into it’s already growing network.  The Facebook program will simply enhance and dare I say, ‘enchant’ the two programs with more availability and fun!

To create an offer to give to your clients, and develop new leads for your business, follow the steps in the picture below:


Creating an Offer

Learn How To Create Your Own Social Offer


The Benefits for Networking

I bet you are thinking about all the ways how this could work for your network marketing business.  I must say, I was too and am excited about the potential future that this Facebook program has to offer.  It will need to have a lot more flexibility and the process to be able to use the Social Offering program more readily.  Right now, due to the testing process, the companies being allowed in are probably the corporation, and local retail shops.  So, use for networker, as an offer’er is a little ways down the road. However, the potential to gift people, or use the service as a reward are wide open.  This will add a lot more value to our table of goodies that we presently offer to networkers seeking out our expertise and advice.

Social Offers will help us engage and stay engaged with our clients and allow people to converse about the topic of the gift given or the kindness of reward and the long-term benefits of word of mouth referral may improve a person’s individual Brand.

I already have a few dozen ideas on how to implement this program once it becomes mainstream.

For now, a retailer/networker needs to have a representative work closely with you to achieve the desired results.

There ya have it!  Facebook Social Offer Program is BACK!!


Hope this was helpful to you.

Kindest regards,
Johnmark Cooper