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Free Blogging Vs Paid Blogging Sites


Blogging has become a huge part of the internet.  Unlike the old days when people could only write newsletters or monthly bulletins, the Internet has allowed virtually everyone with access online to post articles about whatever they please.  Whether it be sports, business, current events or a thousand other topics, the ‘blog’ has become the voice of the public of the internet.

Why Use a Blog?

You can easily make a blog, if you want to talk about whatever interest you, with “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” or WYSIWYG type platforms.   The forum is there, if you want to vent about your favorite sports team, just write.  No hard work.  It is easy.  If you travel a lot and want to talk about each trip, simply write a blog.  You can write about what you did over the March Break, but it should be entertaining and informative.  A hot topic to draw the reader to your space.  Keep them on your blog and give them a reason to explore your blog.  Need a good suggestion?

Our Article on Free site

How about Making Money?

Now that you have lots of visitors, a popular blog can make money by selling products or having ads through affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing works wonders because people will click on the links for affiliate products at your site. You will need to have a small disclaimer informing your visitors that you will make commissions.  Do you have thousands of people visiting your site?  Sell ads space, to advertisers, for a monthly fee.

Will A Free Blogging Site Be Enough?

A free blogging site is fine if you’re only writing a personal blog and don’t need to look professional.  But, a paid blogging site is essential if you’re thinking of earning income.

How So?

Remember, you don’t own the space of a free blogging site and they can shut you down anytime.  The terms of service can be very strict.  They are usually prepackaged without the option for snazzy plugins.  You can’t hide the fact you’re on a free site and visitors will think “Boy, if they can’t afford a few bucks a month, why should I do any business with them?” Paid

A Few More Things To Remember

  1. The URL’s of free blog sites are long and hard to remember (something like
  2. You won’t be allowed to place your own ads or any affiliate ads
  3. The plug-ins are very limited
  4. The storage space is low so it will be hard to show videos or any other multimedia items
  5. Your site will look like all of the other free sites since the page designs are pretty well standard and very ordinary-looking with free blogging sites.

Get Your Domain Name at

Will I Have To Spend A Lot Of Money With A Paid Blogging Site?

No! All that you really have to pay for is a domain name and a monthly fee for a paid blogging site.  It’s much better to have your own personal domain name than an extremely long one provided by a free server. is a great place for domain names and costs only about $10 for the first year.  As for blogging sites, WordPress offers a free blog but then you can have paid add-ons such as unlimited storage, custom designs and the ability to have your domain name as the address site.

Important For Business?

Very much so.  You want to tell people your site is at or as opposed to  Your site should also be uncluttered by any free-blogging-site ads or other design flaws beyond your control.  Your business is important and it should be under YOUR control.  The nominal expense is worth it.

Of course, getting traffic to your web site is vital so they can read your blog..  You might create great blogs but  do you have a  system to help you get that traffic and make you the money you need?  If you want your blogs to appear on the front page of  search engine results,  you will need the proper marketing tools.

Please tell us your story about how you found out about blogging and why you decided to start using a blog.

Note: Some links lead to affiliates where I will make a commission if you purchase.