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Klout Influence – Game or Tool?

Klout is another gamification measuring tool.  It’s a game and a tool.  It measures your activity on the following social media sites:

  • Klout BannerFacebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkIn
  • Foursquare
  • Google+ New or Coming Soon!
  • Youtube – NEW or Coming Soon!

The site requires you to provide “feed” permissions by each account holder to access these media’s in order to measure your activity.  It measures how you interact with other people on these sites and that measurement is based out of 100.  The Higher the score, the more you are “Influential”.  As you increase this score you will win new “Titles” to define your level.

A couple of days ago I was told by a friend to check out how this service.  How it would help measure my activity on the internet through my activities in the above mentioned media.  We met on another social media measuring site called Empire Avenue.

Essentially what Klout does is measure the influence of my posts.

How?  By calculating all the tweets, posts, likes, check-ins, and video entries and calibrates those with the response I receive in the form of likes, comments, and retweets.  Beyond that I have little understanding of the algorithm used.  If you are like me, a Networker, measuring my audience’s response to my articles and videos is critical to helping me do a better job in helping people get more so they can do more faster and have fun with their life!

“Klout” Problems

  1. Being opted in by the company without direct permission.  Although each of these opt-ins are recorded as members, they have yet to agree by confirming their account and making it active.  So, the total people participating with Klout is significantly lower then the reported totals.
  2. The tool incorrectly “labels” a player in a topic they have no business or real influence.  Raising the Question, “What exactly does Klout Measure?”   Apparently, the site measures 35 variables including your style, your true reach, amplification probability, and network influence.
  3. Klout’s help functionality towards assisting participants to rank better is ridiculously simplified and general.  No help here!
  4. This is the one thing that bugs me the most about services that claim to help us grow.  If you decide to quit there are a few lengthy steps to take to make this happen.  You first need to write a letter and request your account be shut down with a support ticket and then explain why you wish to quit and then wait over a month for it to happen, and you cannot opt-out from their mailing list because the cancellation will require a final confirmation by you.  This is wrong in our present technology where everything can and does happen, almost “instantly”.


“Klout’s” Appeal

This service has become very popular with companies with a large staff, sales teams, group and networking organization as a means to stimulate competition among team members.  It is best for all the members of the group to participate to help the manager of that group see the impact a person in the team is having in their Return On Investment throught the score total.

My conclusion.

It is my guess that the maker’s of Klout know about these issues and are striving for a more pure and clean score that will measure your influence in the social media scene with better accuracy, but until they do, this program will simply be a game that does not have much meaning except for the “fun” factor of getting your “score” to rank at a higher level.  I don’t see how a single number for a team of professionals can use this score to increase their sales, tweak ads, or influence their client to buy more product from anyone participating.  It’s simply a game!

I Personally don’t see how Klout can be an Influence!

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