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Making A Free Video With Stupeflix


If you have an affiliate marketing business, then blogging is an important way to get traffic to your site.  You can attract a lot of customers by writing entertaining AND informative articles which have both good content and catchy visuals.  Words are important, obviously, but don’t neglect the impact that images and videos can have on your articles.   Why just put words and pictures on a blog when you can make an impact with a video?  Making a free videos with Stupeflix is one way that you can add that extra kick to your article.

Making A Free Video with Stupeflix: The Basics

Stupeflix is basically a free  service where you can make videos by uploading pictures and personal videos and presenting them in a slideshow format.  You can add your own text and titles.  Further, you can also upload a selection of music which they provide or else you can provide your own.  Stupeflix allows you one free video per email but you can buy packages which will allow you to make unlimited, High Definition videos.

Go to and here you are greeted with the opening page.  Take the time and explore the menu items at the top: Features, Gallery and Pricing.


Making Free Videos With Stupeflix

Making Free Videos With Stupeflix

The Features section has 4 categories:

1) Create: This section gives you a quick tour of the tools you can use for your video – theme; adding photos and video; how to add text; how to upload music; adding maps and adding text to speech.  Text to speech is a neat tool where Stupeflix will add a voice to you text, either male or female.  It’s pretty cool and well-done!

'Create' Page

‘Create’ Page

2) Control: This shows you how you can make quick previews of your video as you’re creating it for updates; add custom transitions so that you can control how one pictures goes to the next, whether a fade, blur, sharp-cut or whatever you choose; control the duration of your picture, whether it’s on the screen for 2 seconds or 10 and the trimming your videos.

'Control' Page

‘Control’ Page


3) Share: This demonstrates the different ways you can share your video, whether downloading it on your computer, publishing it on Youtube or Facebook or embedding it into your blog.

'Share' Page

‘Share’ Page

4) Pro Corner: This section is for people who like the product so much they want to upgrade!


The Galleries section shows you the different video themes that you can use for your video:  Humble, Outline, Classic, 1901, Scrapbook, Unreel, Blueprint and Snowflakes.    It’s best to go to the Gallery link and see for yourself. ‘Humble’ is recommended for your first video as it’s the simplest. Making free video with Stupeflix is a very simple process but make sure you use the theme that you like best.




The Pricing section gives you different options if you wish to upgrade your plan.

Making A Free Video with Stupeflix: Logging In

Simply click on the ‘Make A Video’ tab in the top right corner. Once you have done so, you are given the choice of logging in with Facebook, Google, Stupeflix Accounts or you can make your own Stupeflix account. If it’s your first time, simply ‘Create a Stupeflix Account’.

Log In

If you create your own account, simply enter your name with an email address and password.  Easy as pie!

Create A Stupeflix Account


Making A Free Video with Stupeflix: Video Themes

After you log in, you’re shown the ‘Choose Your Video Theme’ page. As stated, the ‘Humble’ theme is probably your best choice since it’s very graceful and puts the focus on your pictures and text. However, you can click on any of the theme links and they will give a demonstration of how it works. You can try them all and see what you like best. Remember, once you’ve chosen a theme and started to create your video, you can’t go back!


Choose Your Video Theme

Choose Your Video Theme


Once you’ve chosen a theme, you’ll be asked if you want to ‘Get A Plan’ or ‘Try Stupeflix’. Click on ‘Try Stupeflix’ to make your free video. In the future, you can always purchase a plan if you so desire.

Try Stupeflix

Making A Free Video with Stupeflix: My Stupeflix Video

This is the page where you actually create your video.

The Main Page For Editing

For a demonstration, I will make a short video about the highlights in France.  I will click on ‘Add Audio’ at the top right, click on ‘World’ and then choose ‘Cafe Paris’ (France).

Choosing The Music

Then, I will click on ‘Title Slide’ and type in ‘Beautiful France” for the first slide and then ‘Highlights of  a Wonderful Trip’ for the second.  For each slide, you can click on ‘Add Audio’  and then ‘Text To Speech’ for spoken narration.  A neat feature!

Adding Titles


After that, I added pictures by clicking on ‘Add Pictures’ and uploading from my hard drive.  Keep in mind that you can also import from sites such as Facebook and Picasa.  Also, you can record a video from your webcam or upload a video.  A couple of short personal videos in your Stupeflix creation will enhance it a lot.

Upload Pictures

Making A Free Video with Stupeflix: Tips and Tricks


When you hover the cursor over an image, an arrow will appear leading to a drop-down menu.  Here you can add text to the video, change how many seconds it will appear on screen (I recommend 5 seconds on average) and also change how it pans.  Experiment and fiddle around until the images and texts are just how you want them.

Editing Pictures

If you click again on ‘Add More’, you can change the image transition, such as fading or blurring into the next image.  The ‘cube’ function looks great here!  “Making free videos with Stupeflix” can look pretty professional.

Image Transitions

For a free video, you can make a video about one minute and a half in length.  However, Stupeflix has increased the length of its free videos so see how long your video can be.  If you subscribe, then a video can be as long as you want.


Making A Free Video with Stupeflix: Exporting


When you have finished, click on ‘Export and Share’ at the top. Then you will come to a page telling you that you have one HD pass. You can definitely use the HD pass now if you wish.

Once you have done so, you’ll wait a bit while your video is being downloaded. This takes about a minute.

Once it’s ready, you have several options. You can make it public on the Stupeflix web site, post it on Facebook or add it to your Youtube account if you have one.

Or, you can embed it right into your blog… right here!  Here is what the finished video looks like.  Of course, you can make yours a lot longer than the one I’ve made!

Making A Free Video with Stupeflix: A Great Tool

Videos on your blog will always make it look much more impressive. Stupeflix is one tool that you can use to make these videos but you should always look out for other video sites as the market is pretty competitive. With any video that you make, be sure that you don’t use any images or music that may be copyrighted. Personal images are fine but music that you upload from your Ipod may have copyright issues.

If you record some music that you composed and performed yourself, feel free to use it!

Attracting People To You and Your Online Business

Making a free video with Stupeflix is a great way to improve your blogging site, which can be vital for your online businesses. It’s a very useful way to get people to your site and generate traffic. Do you have a system to help you get that traffic and make you the money you need? If you want your web site to appear on the front page of search engine results, you will need the proper marketing tools. These tools will help you succeed!


Making A Free Video With Stupeflix Is a Great Tool!


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