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Foursquare Fun

Gamification of social media has hit the streets of our cities in a big way with the mobile app Foursquare. This has given retailers that are off or on line a big boost in ways to attract customers to their location. Using leveraged incentives to boost their bottom line and potential increase it significantly.

In this article you will find:

  • foursquareWhat is Foursquare?
  • Users advantages of the app
  • Retailers advantages of the app
  • The Potential Dangers
  • How this can benefit Network Marketers

What is “Foursquare”?

Put simple. It is a mobile Application for people to reveal their location at a business or retail establishment using the GPS system in the phone. This information is then transferred to the player’s network of friends and the business at which they are located. Each time a user announces their visit it’s called a “check in” and they will earn points and recognition for that effort. These points add up to define a user’s status at each business location.

User’s Advantage Of The Application

It’s all about status, location, and Ease.

  • Status: Players can earn badges for easy to acquire actions performed. The player who visits a retailer the most in a 60 day period will win a coveted status of “Mayor”!
  • Location: Let your friends, clients, and all the people you have allowed to have access to your “check in” announcement.
  • Ease: Your in a foreign town and you want to find a great place to visit, dine, explore. This application will allow you to see all sites close to you…or maybe you are thinking of going out but don’t want to go alone. Look at your App and find out where your friends are going…or perhaps you get a good recommendation to visit this new place.

This application is revolutionizing how we find sites to see and places to visit.

Retailers Advantage Of The Application

This application allows businesses and retails to easily identify with their clients on a much more intimate and fun level. Business and retailers now can identify whom their loyal customers are and give them recognition and rewards without being accused of being bias to anyone.

Retailers are jumping on board because they recognized the potential of the rewards to their bottom line. Those that arrive and check in regularly are being given discounts and rewards. Also, if the reward is juicy enough for the status of “Mayor”, retailers understand their will be a ‘visit competition’ to achieve it.

So, picture this: You are arriving at your favorite lunch spot that usually has a wait time of 20 minutes or more and your Status just became mayor. How big would your thrill be if you were recognized by the manager, politely taken out of the line and escorted into the establishment and given one of the best seats in the place. You would be elated! Wouldn’t you? Keep coming back every day? Damn right you would and imagine your surprise when the manager says you are entitled to bring up to three friends to share in your reward!

Another big advantage to the player is the ease of use of the application. It only takes a minute to pull out your phone and “check in”, it’s faster then retweeting.

The player has the option of extending their “check in” announcement to their Facebook and Twitter account. Making the App dynamic in the way that you can attach a message to the “check in” with the added service.

The Potential Dangers

With any kind of social media there are a few potential dangers to be aware of and avoid. They are simple and full of easy to do steps to keep you safe. They are:

  • If you “check in” on Facebook and Twitter, make sure your privacy levels are correctly set on Facebook.
    Tip: If you have a Facebook Fan page and/or wish to keep your personal page public…seriously consider starting a new Facebook and Twitter page that is private and only invite those you would want to Foursquare post.
  • One think to keep in mind with this service: This is allowing people and business to learn your shopping habits and will make you potentially predictable unless you are conscientious of this fact and keep changing your patterns. This is to avoid crime and prevent friendly lurking from becoming stalking.
  • My advice to those in office, or professions that involve people being upset by your actions or decisions: Don’t use this service or any social media!
  • PUBLIC BROADCASTING: Those of you wishing to be public…you are literally telling people you are not at home and for how long! This, to me…in my opinion…shouts to those in crime, “We are away and the coast is clear to get in and get out with all our stuff! Oh by the way…can you lock the door when you leave!”

So, if you avoid those obvious dangers this App can and will be a tremendous amount of fun and enjoyment for all!

How This Can Benefit Network Marketers

Get this: Foursquare at the time of this writing had over 300 million users and is growing at 30,000 users a day. Eventually, if they have not already, foursquare is going to allow advertising. Access to every niche group know to man from almost every metropolitan city in the world.

Do I need to say more then that simple fact.

This is how Foursquare is Fun!

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