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The 3 Levels of Interrupting

There are three levels of “Interruption” you need to pay attention to in every conversation you have with people.  I Have titled them as “Honored!”, “Redirected”, and flat-out “Disrespected!”  The place you need to be in is “Honored” and the only way you achieve it is to be Honourable.


Can you recall a time when you were among people you know and one person starts speaking and each of you listens to what that person is saying without a thought to interrupt.  The idea of “interrupting” is absolutely unacceptable in your mind.  This person might even have a problems speaking.  The point is everyone is listening with politeness and giving that person their full attention. Respectful!  Honored!

I am sure you know people who get that kind of respect.  No matter how long they talk or how many pauses they take, or how they say what it is they wish to say, even if a lengthy story bundled into the point.  You listen to every thing they say and when they are done there is a slight pause of silence before someone else speaks.


I see a lot of people doing this action!   For some strange reason people get it in their heads that it is okay to jump into the present conversation and steer it into a new direction.  They believe their relationship is strong enough to allow this behaviour.

Flat Out Disrespected

People somehow have it in their heads that it’s okay to be flat-out disrespectful and embarrass people with their interruption of a person just before they are about to speak with stupid statements such as, “Keep it Brief” or “Is this going to take long?” It is usually around other people for maximum impact!

If you ever have this happen to you:  That person has zero respect for you!  NONE!

My advice

Those who redirect or Disrespect, ask them to stop doing it with a defined penalty:  The absence of YOU in their life.  No person should allow this to happen repeatedly without consequences.  Best not to give power to someone who has no manners!  If they stop, then they are Honoured and deserve your continued support and friendship!  It is within your power to allow this type of behavior.

This also means you must lead by example and be Honourable to others.

Now, there is a few exceptions.  If what you are talking about is crap, wrong, rude, crude, and coming from an emotional state.  There is allowance for a person to interrupt and correct or set you straight, and you know I am right about this part!