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Google AnalyticsToday’s  internet  is hugely influenced and shaped by Google.  The ability to track and analyze how Google ranks and organizes information  can be invaluable professionally. Google Analytics can help network marketers manage their online presence   to enhance their marketability to potential customers.

The service is free and provided by Google, naturally.  The main draw, of course,  is that Google dominates as the main search engine that  people use.  People may use a search engine such as Bing or Yahoo, but the catchphrase is still ‘to Google something’ if you want online information. If Google Analytics will track your Google search results, you have the best of both worlds.

What Does Google Analytics Actually Analyze?

Google Analytics goes beyond the hit counters that many web sites use.  You may go to a web page and see a counter that says ‘43,987’ but that’s pretty well useless information  Why? Unique visitors to your site are important, not one person visiting 1,000 times.

A counter can’t distinguish this and will inflate an online’s statistics without providing any useful  details.  It merely gives you a number .  Google Analytics will tell you who visited  your site,  what search engines and keywords they used,  how many times they came back,  what city they’re from and even how much time they spent.  Can a counter do that?  Google Analytics will tell you if your friend Vince visited your site 127 times last week; a mere counter will simply say ‘127’.

But Aren’t Numbers Important?

You can think of it like Facebook.  You can have 1,000 Facebook friends but that doesn’t mean much if you don’t interact with any of them.  If you have 20 Facebook  friends that you have quality time with, that is much more meaningful.  The same principle applies with an online business site.  Having 100 visitors who actually interact with your enterprise, such as making a purchase, is more valuable than having 10,000 visitors who say “Not much here.  See ya.”  Sure, “10,000” looks better on the counter but it does zero for your bottom line.

I Need More Than Just A Counter

Google Analytics will do a lot more.  It can show you who is visiting, where they are visiting from, what they are looking  at in your web site and it will keep track if they made a purchase or signed up to get more information.  You can see which links on your site are more effective and which banner ads are drawing the most attention.

Google Analytics will tell you which visitors have actually become customers.  That is a chief goal for any online business. If you  merely have a personal blog where you rant on your favorite issues, then having a counter is fine to see how  many people may be listening.  If you are running an online business, you want to know how many different people are visiting and  what they are doing once they arrive. If Google Analytics shows that 95% of visitors to your site merely drop by and  leave without doing anything, then you know you’ll have to change your web site strategy.

‘Knowledge is Power’

You probably have seen  forms to fill out at stores or banks that say ‘Please fill out this survey’ or ‘How did we do today?’ It can be pretty cumbersome and the customer will often just ignore it.  However, the feedback is valuable.   For your online business, Google Analytics will do all of this automatically.  Almost 60% of business sites use the service, including Twitter.

Of course, keep in mind that Google Analytics is merely a tool.  It will analyze traffic at your site but, of course, it won’t drive that traffic to your web page. Getting traffic to your web site is the key.   All of the analysis in the world isn’t much use if you don’t  have a  system to help you get that traffic and make you the money you need.  If you want to appear on the front page of  search engine results,  you will need the proper Marketing tools.

What Are These Tools?

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