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Call Loop Review –

Networker’s Calling!


Call Loop PictureAs a business owner I get to see a lot of people each day.  What I see a lot these days is people preoccupied to the point of obsession with their phone.  You may relate with me on this as you see people head down engaged with both hands tapping the screen as if they were playing a computer game with stakes high enough to warrant ignoring everyone around them in order to complete what it is they are doing.

Instant Message – Call Loop is Calling

We are in the age of instant message.  The trend today is out pacing email and the use of pay phones.  Come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing any pay phones lining out streets and stores as much as there once was in the past.  A recent past.  The point is that we are in a world where the use of a phone is in our pocket.  That phone can do a great deal of things including our topic of today:  Instant messages or SMS or looking up email and surfing the web for information.  Heck, the need for a computer seems to be slowly being pushed aside for these little devices.  Can you relate?

Call Loop Purpose

The reason for Call Loop becoming a business was to properly and easily allow instant messages and SMS messages to be marketed to users who wish to have their mentors, stores, and favorite brands marketing to them directly into their phone via an instant message and help them save money and bandwidth.

The Smart Marketer Gets Call Loop

Let me repeat that:  The Smart marketer Gets Call Loop for one simple reason:  The clients they have will love them for being instantly connected to them where ever they go.  So, when my prospect is out and about today doing his chores and it’s 8:30 pm and I have a webinar starting at 9pm that he usually attends and I send out an SMS message alert or better yet I send a pleasant audio reminding him of the webinar start time.  Boom!  I have instantly connected and reinforced my relationship with that individual and all of my prospects whom have signed on to the Call Loop program

You owe it to yourself to check out this powerful tool called Call Loop and adapt your campaign to included marketing to the mobile industry. We are becoming social and in this increasingly social environment companies like Call Loop are going to help us all stay current!


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