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Banners in advertising have been around a long time and you can easily create your own free Banner fast with this tool.  I am sure you have seen many stores with a banner along the front shouting out a slogan like ‘Huge Sale! 50% Off!’ or ‘Grand Opening!’

A proper banner is large, eye-catching and attracts instant attention with only a few words.  Just walk down any main street and you’ll see a huge array of different signs and banners trying to catch your eye.  The same thing occurs when you drive down a highway or busy road.  There are a lot of billboards out there also but they have to do the job faster.  You don’t have as much time to look at a sign when you’re driving!

Web Site Banners


A Great Way to Attract Attention

You can say that having a banner on your web site is like having a billboard on the highway.  The internet has been called the information superhighway for a very good reason.  There’s a lot of traffic online and attention spans are very short.  If a person finds a link to your site and clicks on it. you’ll have to attract their attention instantly when they get there. A nice banner will do just that.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself,”Sounds good, but how will I make a banner?  I can barely draw!”.  The answer is finding a web site which will do the work for you and ideally for free.  A great site for that is Banner Fans. For a do-it-yourself banner creator, it does an amazing job.

How Do I Create a Banner, Then?

Banner Fans Offficial Site!

Main Page for the BANNER FANS Site!

First,  go to  Make sure you don’t type in as that is a different company which only sells banners.

Once at the home page, you’ll find a lot of options for your banner.  It’s best simply to try them all out and experiment with different styles and layouts.

A Few Pointers

Make sure your banner has the proper dimensions before you start.  If it’s only going to contain your business name, then you can make it a thin rectangle.  If you plan to add a couple of slogans or some graphics,  you’ll want to make enough room so add some height.  Under ‘Layout’, go to ‘Select Your Banner Size’ and you can custom-size your banner.

Having an image as a background will add a lot more visual appeal.  It can be a family photo, a sunny beach, your favorite sports car or whatever you want. Bannerfans gives you the option of adding your own image.  If you don’t have one, then go to Google, enter the keywords for your image idea (e.g. beach, yacht, sports car) and click on Images.  You’ll have a lot to choose from!  Simply download the photo onto your computer then upload it at Bannerfans.  Under ‘Select a Background Mode, choose ‘I want to upload my own image’.

Also, don’t have any boring text!  Bannerfans gives you a lot of funky fonts that you can use plus you can rotate any text up to 180%.  Remember, you’re trying to catch the eye of people surfing the web, not people strolling the web.  Give them something different to catch their eye and keep them on your page!

Chopin Script

One of the many BannerFan Fonts

Anything Else?

Yes, Microsoft Paint is a good tool if you want to crop your image or add some small additional photos or logos to your banner.  If a photo has to be stretched out horizontally to fit your banner, then cropping the top and bottom of the photo at a site like Microsoft Paint will help it look less stretched out.

Or, if you are looking for a nice beach picture, for example, try typing in ‘beach panoramic’ at Google.  This will give you panoramic pictures which are already in a banner format. No cropping needed!

Fabulous Beach.  "You coming in for a swim?"

Who Needs A Good Banner?

A proper banner is an important tool for marketing.  With so much competition out there, it’s important that your site have a lot of visual appeal.  Of course, you can spend the money to have an online banner done professionally but you can make an effective banner yourself for free and in a short time.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

In the end, you want to get visitors to your site and you want those visitors to stay there.  Seeing a beautiful banner at the top will entice them to hang around and take a good look at your page.

Anything More?

Of course, getting traffic to your web site is vital.  You might make a great banner but  do you have a  system to help you get that traffic and make you the money you need?  If you want to appear on the front page of  search engine results,  you will need the proper Marketing tools.

What Are These Tools?

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