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Empire Avenue – A powerful Tool

Empire Avenue is a game first, and a powerful tool second.  The purpose of this article is to help you understand how this Social Media game can help you market your product, company and/or brand!  I will share with you the History, how to get connected, setting up your profile, investment strategies, the importance of dividend and finally getting to the root of the matter….advertising your message with the use of Missions and buying eaves to run a campaign!


Empire Avenue – History

Empire Avenue or EA began officially Feb, 2010 as an invite beta test.  They opened to the public, so no invite required, in July of the same year.  A social media game designed to create activity among it’s members  for the purposes of stimulating people to interact, connect, and achieve more together.  Described as a game, Empire Avenue is in fact a powerful tool for reaching people and sharing your message or brand.  People are traded like stock on the stock market.  No you are not “actually” buying each other, but the concept is a lot of fun!  The currency in this game is called “Eaves” and it has no exchange value in real life money but you can buy Eaves with real money.  I will explain later why you might want to do.  The share price behaves very much like the stock on an exchange.  The value of your share price is determined by your activity through the different social media avenues on the internet, listed below.  The stock rises when people own shares in you.

In the Empire Avenue way of seeing it:  You have influenced the shareholder that you are of a value enough to own!
In my own opinion, perhaps you share it:  You are being made accountable of your activity on line!  The share price does not lie!

Empire Avenue – Getting Socially Connected

The first thing you want to do is get yourself some ammunition by getting connected.   Press the “Home” button in the upper right corner.  It looks like an Ancient Roman building. Scroll down, see the link that says “Getting started Dashboard”.  Sign up to as many programs as your involved with presently.  It is simply a permission by you to have Empire Avenue “watch” you activity.  Here is a list of the connections as of March 2012.  I will update this list if they add more!

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • Instagram
  • Google+

A small mistake is to slowly sign up to the social connection.  Like, if you only signed up to Facebook, but you had accounts with all the rest….that would be the mistake.   Empire Avenue measures your activity over a period of five day. So, if you do sign up slowly, the value of your share price will take that much longer to be truly “your” value!

You can have a blog/RSS feed also as a measure, but the requirements is that at least five people must endorse the RSS feed for it to be measureable.  Empire avenue will not measure RSS feeds.  They call this endorsement process an “upgrade” to a Blog status.

Empire Avenue – Profile Set up

In the Dashboard you will be encouraged to load up a photo.  Take a moment here and find a good photo!  It should be clear and easy to see your face.  A picture that describes you best.  Personally, my advice is to avoid pictures where you were obviously with someone else, and please be truthful by putting a picture of yourself and not someone else!  Finding out that a picture is not you is like lieing and in the social media that’s a killer!  Also, in the Dashboard write down as many interests as you can think of that you enjoy doing and watching.  So, you could say, “Love watching TV or Glee”.  Have some fun with it! Your biography can be one line or a powerful ad copy about your success.  If you are aiming to promote yourself, perhaps a narrative in the third person.  It is what I have seen many people do!  Done right, it’s attractive.

Empire Avenue – Get investing

After you have set up your profile.  The best place to start is by inviting your friends to participate with you and share in the experience.  Besides you will earn a cool 2000 Eaves for every friend you invite.  So, get to them before someone else gets them in before you!  :)

Everyone begins the game with a fixed share price of 10.00e.  Purchasing new people that have just started is a fantastic way to build wealth fast but it comes with some obvious dangers too.  If that person is a hermit with almost no activity on the internet their starting price will plummit along with your investment.  The reverse is much more pleasing to see!  You can visit their profile and see if they are active socially.   Use Klout or other measurement sites to determine if your investment will be a good one.

Empire Avenue – Dividends

Empire Avenue represents a person’s ongoing activity in the form of a dividend, which is a credit to shareholders.  A person may have a high share price but a low dividend.  The dividend is the direct measure of the person’s previous day’s activity.  So it pays to slowly buy up people with a high dividend yield to boost your portfolio value.  By investing with people, you are alerting them of your presence in the game and there is a good chance they will buy your stock and increase your value!!

Empire Avenue – Missions, The Shop, buying Eaves!

You can do a mission and get paid by other players.  It is great way to generate activity with the person assigning the mission.  For example:  Go to my site, like it, tweet something, retweet a post, or read a blog post and make a comment.  The missions are mostly harmless and allow you to get to know new people and generally share in the experience of the person creating the mission and those interacting with it.

Take a look in the Shop from time to time to check for bonuses!  You can also purchase a lot of stuff out of the Shop with Eaves or with real money.  It really depends on your goals.

As you do stuff, you will unlock rewards that pay you Eaves for the accomplishment.

So, if you liked this detailed look at Empire Avenue, take a ride over there and start having some fun socializing with us! :)


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