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Google Alerts


A great way to establish connections on the internet is to have those key words searches sent via a Google Alert system that you set up with this easy to follow video I have put together for you.

A few neat ways to improve your information in your site is to keep relevant updates that are happening in real time posting to your gmail inbox.



How to Setup Google Alerts

  1. You need to have a Google gmail account…so do that first.
  2. In the search engine (preferably Google search engine) type in “Google Alerts”
  3. Find the link that takes you to the Alerts page and enter into the first window your searching need!
  4. Set the parameters in the choice boxes below and create your alert!

It’s that simple!

You can have as many alerts as you like.

If you find an alert is not working to your liking you can edit it and correct it to your needs.

Google Alert Strategies

The following are a short list of strategies you can use to improve your alerts:

  1. Keyword Alerts: The majority of users use this method. Enter the keyword of your niche or website topic and keep well informed of the activities that are happening and pass that knowledge onto your readers and subscribers!
  2. Tracking: This is a very savvy way to find out who is using your links in their site for backlinks to your content! It is an effective tool in the process of learning about the traffic habits of those who visit your site and teaches you how to improve those content pages that are not recieving as much traffic.
  3. Brand Awareness: Similar to keyword but it allows you to stay informed about a celebrity or name brand item that you love.
  4. Protecting Content Theft: This is a smart way to protect the content that you believe could potentially be taken and duplicated. What you do it take a key phrase or longtail keyword that is in your content and set up an alert. That way if someone takes your content and attempts to call it their work, you will see it in the alert and be able to take action. This is only one way to protect your content from Theft. There are other options and I encourage our readers to share that with us in the comment section. One method I know is called “Copyscape” which you copy your content into their system and it looks for content published that has similar content! A great little tool, but it does cost a minor fee. Google Alerts is free.

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