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How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

To create a Facebook fan page you will need to open a “Personal Account” in Facebook.  It is easy!  Facebook was designed for having a place where friends and family can mingle and share information.  Whether that be your own or someone else’s.  Facebook want you to be social and relax and have a place you can connect with people in a more emotional and personal way.

If you are new to Facebook, remember this:  You set the limits on how personal you want to be to the world!  You can be super private and have relations with only a couple people if you wanted!  I suggest that you enter in a birthdate other then your own if you wish to keep your “identity Information” safe.

You can share with thousands of people instantly now that mobile phones are starting to replace the household phone systems.  Many people are surfing on the web with their mobile device today.  The new wave of the future is a planetary net of social media allowing conversations with virtually anyone, anywhere.

It is the way Facebook designed their plateform. I know it’s nutty and crunchy but hey…Stand Tall!!  Its a brave new world.  Be savvy!!  So, if you don’t have a “Personal Account”, you need to stop and go do that first! Here is the link: Facebook

See ya, on the inside!

A Simple Guide To Creating a “Facebook Page”

These steps are in order:

  1. Be logged into your Facebook Personal Page
  2. Follow this Link: “Facebook Page Creation”
  3. On the screen you should see 6 boxes
    1. Local business or place
    2. Company, organization, or Institution
    3. Brand or product
    4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure
    5. Entertainment
    6. Cause or Community
  4. Each block you can click and it will reveal instructions
  5. Pick which Type of Page best suites your interest
  6. Then pick a name for the page. Chose wisely, it’s hard to fix*
  7. Once the Page is created, You will either be taken through a set of setup steps or not
  8. If ‘not’: Click on the name of your page and on the Admin panel at the top, click on Edit Page and chose “Update info”. You can access this anytime to add, update, fix your profile.
  9. On the side bar is a list of all the functions in your Page. Select each and setup your page.
  10. I recommend you put in a bio, awards you have earned, things you are affiliated with, your name, email and website
  11. I recommend you DO NOT enter in your address unless it is an alternate and Identity Theft Safe**
  12. You are done!

* : Facebook has got no sense on this page name parameters. If you pick a name that you don’t like you need to attracted 30 people to the page FIRST, before you can change the name. In other words, you need to attract 30 people to “Like” your page just so you can confuse and disappoint them with a name change…This, in my opinion, is dumb! You are better off to inform those on your page that you are creating a new Facebook Page and that the current page they are on is going to be deleted. That way it’s professional and courteous!

** : Facebook is “known” for people who steal other people’s identity. I cannot confirm or deny this as truth, but let us take the high road and understand it to be cautious. So, if you have an address for your business that is not attached to your personal identification then list this address. We purchased a private, “offline”, mailbox with instructions to the carrier that this box was being used for online ‘stuff’ and our identity is guarded. That way an address can be used for those people that really do need to send you ‘stuff’. The best part is you are safe!!

Cool, eh?

Creating a Facebook Page is very important for your social connection to the world. You want to get as much information you can about yourself and share your thoughts with the world! The more you interact on a consistent basis, the more you will be “Liked”.


Hope this was helpful!

Kindest Regards,
Johnmark Cooper