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How To Use Twitter


Twitter image Blue on White Congratulations, you have finally arrived at a site where you are going to get the straight goods on what the heck you are to do with twitter, and how you are going to use it effectively.

Before we get into all the cool and effective ways you can use Twitter, I want to share with you a few insights about twitter that might make you sit up and gap at the screen and say, “I didn’t know THAT!@!!” and the truth is a lot of people know this but few really talk about it because they think it’s obvious!

Which is totally funny for those that know, but it’s not funny for those that didn’t realize it until now!

The insights I am referring to are about the essence of what twitter was designed for….mobile market!  Now, that may have been obvious, but the part that may have you gaping is that twitter should never be “Feeding to”  a social site or be a “Feeder” of anything.  This is because by definition twitter is pure, rapid communication and must be the last in the chain of any syndication process or you will burn out your programs you pay to maintain.

Lets consider a typical blog post.  The first thing “professional” bloggers do is set up automatic feeds that will take their posted material and submit to the social media sites, web 2.0 sites, tribes, and of course to Twitter.  This is called ‘syndicating your material’ and will help get your material seen by those that are searching for it, by keyword or keyword phrase.  Now, I didn’t lump Facebook in with those because Facebook has gotten a lot more strict with auto-submitting programs.  Your best to manually add to Facebook.

Now that has been explained, let’s get into the ways to use Twitter. :)

Just so you are clear, I am going to explain every little detail from scratch to finish so that when you are done reading this post you will have a firm grasp on how to set up and use twitter like a Pro!

Oh and if you believe I have missed something, then please do speak up and let me know and I will edit this post to include your information and that way we all win.   :)


Making Your Profile

Twitter Facts One of the things important to any bio, especially Twitter, is you need to be brief, informative and creative.  You see, your bio needs to be aimed at the audience that will most likely be wanting to know more about the information that is in your niche.  That way you are going to attract more “like-minded” individuals that what to learn from you and read your content or read the content you Re-Tweeted.  Be precise about yourself, use words that people would search for , entwine your words with wisdom and let people see “You” but


The following information is the technical stuff you will need to know.  It is the language everyone uses, so this is important to keep handy.  You might want to write this down and keep your notes handy until you get use to it!

  • Twitter stats The @ symbol is used to create a hyperlink called a “mention”.  The Format is @username.  When you created your profile and decided on a user name, that name became a “sensitive” link to you !  For example, my “sensitive” link is @Johnmark
    So, when you type this code into the “Compose” window you will in fact be “alerting” that person of what you are writing!
    Example (you to me): Today my friend @Johnmark was teaching us about Twitter *link to this page*
  • The # symbol called the Hashtags is to “Highlight” a Keyword in your tweet.  It is best to be careful and use this symbol only for important referencing.  Spamming this symbol will only get you into trouble.
  • RT – This means Re-tweet.  This code means that you are taking someone’s tweet and resending it.  This is done at the article site most of the time.
  • DM –  This means Direct Message.  Sending a private message to another.


The best reason why most professionals automate is because it saves them a lot of time responding back to that ‘new follower’ and ‘following’ them back.  There are a few good automation programs and the one I recommend is called SocialOomph.  It is a simple program to understand and implement.

A word of caution on automation:  Only automate after you know what the heck is going on in your marketing efforts!

The Keys – Using Twitter

Twitter Attraction.  Write with your Heart & Passion Be attractive!  Use the rules of attraction marketing to be a roaring success with twitter.

You see, he majority of people on twitter are promoting and advertising a service, a product, or something for you to buy through them.  It’s a lot and it’s annoying.  Mind, I will accept the odd promotion or advert, but constant promotion in every post and I will remove the ‘disruptor’ liken to a disease! You will find a lot of people have a similar view to those tweeting them!

Alternatively, use Twitter to share insightful content that uplifts, inspires, informs, and is ‘tastefully’ saying ‘I want to help you be better’ with this information.  That kind of Tweet gets into my page.  Resonates with me.  So, please be conscious of others and develop a relationship:  Share valuable content that help me grow and desire to read your work or material you recommend!

Do not for get this important axiom:  People do not care about you until you show them how much you care!

This is true in most online marketing, especially in Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s recap these essential Rules in Twitter:

  1. Do not sell on twitter.  It’s a real turn off when you behave like a “commercial” on T.V.  — Stop it or you will be ignored!
  2. Bring Value in the form of insightful links, quotes, and referrals to books and stuff that is helpful for your niche.
  3. Be sincere, honest, and transparent.  Lie and you die!
  4. Use this tool last in any marketing syndication or RSS Feed cycle.


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