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Understanding Private Proxy Server

Private Proxy Server

Private Proxy Server

A Vital Tool of Privacy


You might be wondering…

Just what is a private proxy server?  Do I really need one?  I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing just fine until now so why do I need this  gizmo that people have been advising me about?

If you’re regularly on the internet like most people, then a private proxy server is important (especially if you are doing business online).

Tell Me More

Pretend there’s a meeting that you can’t attend but your vote is needed.  You ask someone who’s going to the meeting if he can cast your vote for you.  You wish to remain anonymous. That’s a proxy.  Your friend is essentially the middleman carrying out your instructions.

A private proxy server works the same way.  On your computer, you’re surfing the internet but you want a middleman to act as a go-between between you and any online site you visit.  That is, you have a buffer between your computer and the site.  This protects your IP address since the site doesn’t read your IP address but rather that of the proxy server.

Public vs Private Proxy Server

You might be asking, “Hey, why do I need a private proxy server when there are free public ones out there?”  The answer is pretty well the same as with everything else in life.  You get what you pay for.

But it’s free, Right?

Sure it’s free.  But what is the server getting out of it?  Perhaps he’s a really nice guy who wants everyone to have online privacy when they surf.  He goes online and advertises his free site.

Come on board!

What happens?

His server gets overloaded by people wanting a free service!   Lots of spammers flock to his site so that they flood the internet anonymously.   Eventually it crashes and you lose that server.  Many times without you knowing it’s dead!  After you find out, you have to go back and look for another service.

Perhaps one of the clients is not a nice guy.  He could be a hacker who wants you to visit his ‘free’ site so that he can gain your IP address and hack YOU.

Many horror stories are out there.  One quote I saw said,

“The server crashed after a couple of days.  What the…??”, and even more have said…

…“It’s really slow.”, and…

…“It’s flooded with ads. “, or…

…“It rarely works. “, and what no one wants to have happen…

Surfing with Bag over head

Cheap way to be anonymous

…“ Hey, the server disappeared!”, and worse…

…“Hey, am I being hacked??”

Public vs Private

Private proxy servers are a must-have for internet use.   If you search for one that’s been around a few years and has a good track record, then you’ll be fine.  There are many forums and review sites which will rank the servers and give valuable feedback.

However, there is a debate about VPN being the better service over Proxy.  Most people must decide which side of the fence you stand.  Either way, you should be able to find a reliable fast service such as ‘HideMyAss’ (catchy title!) or ‘Express-VPN’ for about $10-12 per month.  Look for private proxy servers which use as many domain addresses as possible (more domain addresses equals more buffers).

Wait, What the heck is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  It’s essentially a step-up from a basic proxy – it works with you’re IP address to make it much more secure and at the same time hides everything on your home computer or mobile network.  The private proxy servers only hides your address but the savvy hacker may still be able to circumvent this and get to your system.  Thus the need for VPN….the second line of defense is present.

Who Uses Proxy or VPN Services?

The Foreign owner:  A lot of people in foreign countries that want access to internet sites that would normally be blocked from the servers in their home.

Large Group Meetings: It’s a fact that a large group of people getting together for a meeting over the internet requires a lot of data storage.  The private proxy server and VPN services can greatly speed up the performance and reduce lag time.

Gamers, personal and social :  Did you know that the social media and game world is ripe with bugs, and nasty people wanting to hack and mess you up.  Yes, don’t be fooled thinking your router, Norton or other firewalls are going to be the best line of defense.  If your goal is to protect your privacy, you need a VPN service!  Especially if you have Wi-Fi!

The Marketer:  This is were most of the use of a private proxy server or VPN comes into it’s glory.  Marketers often use automated products that would take the individual years of work, that can be done in minutes .  They need to reach a large audience fast to compete for top rankings on the search engine.  There are powerful automated tools used to help them achieve this, and most IP providers and services would send up red flags to the volume of bandwidth being used every day.  It is the secondary reason why all “Serious” marketers will protect themselves.  But, it isn’t the main reason.  The main reason is because of the vast area’s their computer must visit to achieve the results they are doing this in the first place.  This attracts lots of bugs, Trojans, and other nasty programs.


Go out and get yourself a cheap laptop and do your Marketing on it.  Also, set up a network switch for that laptop, so when a vicious bug get on yours system…it’s only on the cheap laptop.  Your home or office is protected.

Most affiliate marketers have a system in place.  A structure plan that they follow to help them rank on the search engines and get their marketing effort to pay off.  Do it wrong and you waste all your time and effort.  Do it right, get on the front page of Google and drive huge streams of traffic to your site.

What’s your goals to use a Private Proxy Servers?   Answer that quietly to yourself.

While you are thinking, I got a question for you…

…Do you have a structure system to follow to help you get the traffic and make you the money you need to stay alive or are you just winging it and hoping the search engine will find you and magically have you appear on the front page of the search engines?  Do you have the Marketing tools you need?

Why do I ask?

Well, most average people don’t seek out the need for a “Private proxy server” unless there is the need.  So, I am assuming you might be a marketer?

If you are, you should take a look at my article about how to make money with affiliate marketing.