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Shareaholic and TFL


For those of you who don’t know, “Shareaholic” is a neat and tidy way to display the latest social sharing tags on your blog.  It is super easy to integrate into your computer and it is packaged with a powerful configuration engine.  Most people who don’t know about this plugin by name will soon know.  I predict that this plugin will become a ‘household’ name in the blogging industry world wide for it’s effectiveness in sharing in social media circles, if it not already.

This is what will be covered in this post:

  • A brief background on the company.
  • A tutorial on how to install the plugin
  • A friendly surprise that fits nicely into Shareaholic
  • How to install the friendly surprise.

So, let’s get started.


A Brief History of Sharaholic

Shareaholic was created in 2008 for the purpose to share, email and bookmark post content or full page references.  It is beautiful and simple.  The design is super easy for people to share with the world what they find.  Today, there are over 2 million downloads of the plugin.  It is compatible for a wide selection of blogging and website platforms.  It is the leader in social choice for sharing tools.  Nicknamed, Sexy Bookmarks.  The creator of Sharaholic is a young man named Jay Meattle.  He is a genius and we all appreciate his work. Take the link out of the quotes and have a look at his bio.

“”.  Ladies, I have no idea if he’s single!  Your on your own in that department! :)


Show & Tell!

Show:  This is my share bar seen at the bottom of every post on my blog.  There is more buttons, but it is hidden.



This is easy to install but there are a few important points to cover in the configuration.


Tell…Here is how you get the Sexy Bookmarks:  To get this plugin, go to “” and select the system you are using.

For me it was WordPress.



Hit the create Widget button and you will be taken to a pictured, step-by-step instruction page.  I will give you the instructions in point form for a summary and my own notes:

  • The file to download is locate as a link in the sentence under “Step 1”  It is a zip file.
  • Do not unpack the zip file.
  • Log into your WordPress blog.
  • Go to your Plugin’s page
  • Select the Add New Plugin or Add New (top left of the page)
  • Click the upload link and browse to the spot where the file was downloaded
  • Select the file and upload the file to WordPress
  • If you are using a website, you will need to get out your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program and do it that way.
  • Activate the plugin and move on to configuration

At the top of the page you will see this dark rosy colored ribbon asking you to config Shareaholic.  The first part is a SHOCK.  As of the writing of this post, there are 83 Sexy Bookmarks.   I had no idea how many social programs were available.  It’s a big list.  Unfortunately I can’t get the photo of it here.

After you have selected which social sharing tags you would like to have move on to the options farther down the page.  Oh…wait!  You can actually pick up the tags in the cluster and rearrange them in the order you prefer to see them on your site.  Making the plugin unique to your page.  This was a really useful feature.  I grouped themes together.

Below are more configuration:

You can organize “WHERE” you wish your visitor to see and respond with these Sexy Bookmarks.  So, do you want them above the article, below or above and below.  You can even custom design where they go.

This is my choice:




Just below this part is a short little notice written in red.



What this is referring to is a small radio button located down the page.  Don’t worry, it should already be on “new”.   It’s located in the Shareaholic for Publishers section.



I strongly advise you to accept the new product notice.  It will help you stay current with any new creation Jay makes in the future along with anything he might wish to tell us about his creations.

Okay, I jumped ahead to show you were you can find to find, *switch on “new” mode.  Back one step is a section you really should leave alone unless you know what you are doing with the design of your site.

Functionality Settings


You might want to turn off the “Open Links in New Window” if you don’t mind the visitor altering your page for then new link, but if you are like most of us who surf the web…we tend to forget where we came from and suddenly it’s dinner or some other distraction that pulls us away from the computer.  So, having it open in a new window prevents people from making that mistake.

Twitter Options



Warning:  You may destroy the connection of Twitter!

Unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing, I recommend you do not customize this part at all.  There is a friendly plugin that you can add for free that will work a lot better and Jay has programed it to fit into his Shareaholic!

Twitter Friendly Link!

This is a fabulous plugin and it’s available in the WordPress directory.  So, just go and search for it.  The title is the exact name of the plugin.  It turns your twitter link into a domain address that is your own brand.  An powerful feature!  You can even set a different URL to the task of doing the twitter post.  That way, if your domain name is super long, you can get a short domain, say from Godaddy and put the short domain into the space provide.  The plugin will automatically redirect that address back to your post links.  So that’ is the Friendly Surprise I meant above!  This will also inventory every page you post with a shortening code and store it in the back office for easy reference.

Back to the Sexy Bookmark’s Config

After you install the Twitter Friendly Link, be sure to go back to The Twitter Options and select the drop down window as seen here in the clipping out of my config window.



As I said before, Jay did the programming that allowed this plugin to integrate seamlessly.  Isn’t he Friendly!  Pun intended!


Background Aesthetics

The background Aesthetics is my favorite on top of this favorite plugin.  It brings in the “feeling” aspect and smoothly connects post to the Sexy Bookmarks.  The best part is you get to pick which image you like to have displayed.


My site is about Wealth, prosperity and helping people achieve success in their networking careers.  So, naturally I picked “Share the Wealth”.

Compatibility Settings

The compatibility Settings are fully explained and if you have any doubts about if you should select these on or off is explained clearly.  Personally, I recommend you don’t add anything but your own brand to your footer and leave the custom path alone!


As I have said before about custom stuff,  don’t mess with it unless you know exactly what that path means and what it will do if you change it!


Menu Placement

The Menu Placement is all about personal preference.    One thing I read in the detailed instructions is the part about the RSS feed.  It’s recommended for now to leave this checked “NO” until a solution is available to turn it on.  The problem is about the amount of data the feed can handle.   If you turn this on, a lot of weird things my affect your blog.
Another good reason to want to be kept in touch with Jay and his team!



I kept all the post, pages, index, and category checked for now.  I might at a later date have only Posts ‘checked’.

I stopped using this tool because it would not fit into my design in Thesis 2.0. Instead I am using the slidding social media bar to the left side. It is not as colorful and I do miss using Shareaholic.

Note: Some links lead to affiliates where I will make a commission if you purchase.