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Hello, my name is Johnmark Cooper.

Welcome to The Conversion Pros Review!  I created this site to introduce you to The Conversion Pros tool suite and help you learn how they are used.  Each tool introduction has it’s own video to help you.


The Conversion Pros was created for YOU!  To help you generate huge amounts of traffic with your professional brand, or to help you create a professional brand, and to the encourage people to visit your website and  keep coming back.

There is a set of marketing tools with The Conversion Pros.  These tools are designed to help you attract people to your website.  “Traffic”, that’s people, entering your complete automated sales funnel system…a funnel created in The Conversion Pros with ease and designed to educate your visitors about you, your product and service.

You could be on the beach in some paradise enjoying the sun, while on the net, people, all day long, are joining your mailing list and being educated.  They are reading the information on your site and deciding if they should subscribe.  Many are texting and emailing your “Contact Us” or messaging you on Facebook.  Your business is thriving because you have the marketing tools to get you results. People are becoming customers.  Happy customers.  Thankful you provided the information and helped them solve their challenges in a professional and creatively site that is easy to navigate and very user friendly.  You provided a lot of helpful information in the emails sent to them over a period of time.  You conduct surveys to learn what your subscribers wants and needs are for the future.  You introducing them of new products that solves their problems and they buy from you because they know, like, and trust you.  Customers are happy and you make a nice profit on the referral commissions.  Everyone wins.  The best part is how you feel for helping a lot of people fix a problem you know they were complaining about and now their lives are easier, thanks to the effort you did with these tools!  That feeling is awesome!

This form of marketing is use by every business person on the internet.  The Conversion Pros is best positioned to help everyone apply these techniques without it burning a hole in your wallet.  In fact, do it right, and you make money through referral commissions.  This is the best part of The Conversion Pros.  Be sure to watch the testimonial video.  See in their faces and hear the tone of their voice.  Think about it!  These people range from professionals to amateurs.  They are all saying the same…..what I am saying to you here.  The Conversion Pros has everything you need to attract people to your business.



After this letter there are cute slides about this site.  Watch or speed through them.  When you hover your mouse over or touch the slide with your finger (touch screen or phones), the cycling will stop and you can move to the next slide by either clicking on a circle below or removing your mouse/finger.

  • After the sliders is the Testimonials Video with several dozen happy customers sharing.  The video is over an hour long.
  • Below that is a quick company introduction.
  • After the introduction video is reviews of the tools of the company.  On each of the tools, clicking on the “Learn More” button will take you to a new tab that presents to you a video on a Conversion Pros landing page.  The person teaching is The Conversion Pros’ Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) David Dubbs.  I created each of the presentation pages in about three minutes.  It is easy to do and you will learn how to do it in the video training on the subject of Landing and Capture pages.
  • Then you get another slider with Facts and Tips with cute icons
  • Then the bottom of the page with an invite to Join The Conversion Pros which is my affiliate link!  The referral commissions are explained in the slide show directly below this section.


Oh…heads up on them pictures.  If you like the pictures and pin them in Pinterest or in the social media, be aware, they have my site address attached to them and I do appreciate the free advertising.  So, thanks in advance! *Thumbs up*  🙂



David Dubbs is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Conversion Pros.  Mr. Dubbs is a very dedicated man to all of our success’.   He is an excellent teacher and in each video he walks you through the overall process of each tool, how it is to be used and along the way he provides excellent examples.  Get out a pen and paper and get ready to take notes or save my site in your favourites and come back often.

Ron Pope is the CEO of The Conversion Pros.  The only place you get to see Mr. Pope is in the SMS/Text tutorial video.



Learn as much as you can here and follow these simple steps

  1. Book mark this site.  You will be coming back to it often.  Most of the pages open in a new page.
  2. Watch all the Tool videos.  Get out a pad of paper and learn the tools and build your business marketing plan.
  3. Get prepared!  Be ready, knowing what you wish to accomplish so you can do your TCP “set-up” quickly.
  4. Be sure to contact us and ask your questions.  We am here to help you succeed!  The reason I say “US” in the link is because my wife Diane does participate.  So, if you are female and wish to work with another “Gal”, Diane is here to help also! 🙂
  5. Be sure too look at the “Support” page for addition information and help.
  6. Join The Conversion Pros.  My affiliate link is at the bottom of this page.  There is a 7 day Free Trial.  There is nothing better then real practice.  Roll up your sleeves and get your fingers on the controls.  Once you are in you in the back office, be sure to watch the “TCP walk through for New Members” video.

NOTE:  A very important piece of information to make your experience with The Conversion Pros a whole lot more enjoyable is that Google Crome browser works best with the company site.


I am so very happy you stopped by and took some time out of your busy day to learn from me.  I love writing, sharing and teaching what I know.  It is my goal to help you have success in your business and to that end I have created this site.  My helping effort does not stop here.  I have my own personal blog site which I use, in part, to help people understand how to have an on line presence and tie together the resources on the internet.  I say, “In part” because it is not a niche site dedicated to business.  I have other categories that I discuss on different topics.  Hey, it’s my site!  The business categories are designed for you, through my own experience.

Those people kind enough to correct my mistakes, and yes I do make mistakes, I pass on my corrections so everyone wins.  We are all working together to achieve the goal of having a better, happier life.

Additional content, to this site, will be added in the coming months, once they are completed.

My plan for The Conversion Pros Review site is to add the following content in the future:

  • tutorial pages where I share more in depth help on creations.  These pages will be created as customers share their needs.
  • More pictures consisting of screen shots, specifically capture and landing pages creations.
  • Upgrading and altering the content to improve the value being presented.

These planned changes are to enhance your experience on this site and give you more knowledge.

All new changes will be added to the Site History page.  That way you can see the progress if you have been away for awhile.

Those of you who become my customer and join The Conversion Pros will be added to my customer mailing list in which I will be sending out information on company events and special notices.  You will not be spammed and I respect your trust in me.  That will always be respected!


Johnmark Cooper

The biggest compliment you can give me:  Use my affiliate link and allow me to have your business.


 Become The Establish Professional in Your Niche

Learn The Marketing Tools The Professional Use Here!


TCP Marketing Tools

The reason you need this company’s tools is because you need traffic to your site, right:  YES!  
But!  You need to get that traffic, or people that visit your site, to stay and learn from you.  
To do that you need to grab their attention, FAST!  
Give them reason to want to stay and find out how that is accomplished with these tools!  

About Page

The “About” page contains:

  • Picture and Description of Me.
  • Picture and Description of my wife Diane.

“The picture is of us in Costa Rica.  In the background is the harbor and Gated community of Los Suenos

See "About" This Page


Referral Sales

The Conversion Pros is an affiliate company that pays a 50% commission to every referral you bring to their company on the Friday after that referral pays for his/her membership. 

You can learn from the training in The Conversion Pros how to attract people by marketing on the internet, or you can buy leads and contact them and make a proper introduction, or you can contact large companies interested in using The Conversion Pros as their primary marketing tool for their back office.  With that last one, it is best to contact The Conversion Pros and arrange for a corporate introduction in which you will earn a percentage of your introduced company’s volume. 

The honest truth is that when you become one of my clients The Conversion Pros is going to pay me a commission.  I will make $25 U.S. every month on the the following Friday of the date you pay for your membership.

To join us at The Conversion Pros, go to the bottom of this page and click on the link! See you on the inside!


This video reveals the true passion of love for The Conversion Pros tools. Listen to their voice and see their body language and understand that this is the real deal. People from all over the world are using The Conversion Pros and having great success marketing their business and getting great results.

Several people say that since switching to The Conversion Pros their sales have increased dramatically. Do you want to know why? It’s the training from the company back office and how this whole package helps present your business in a profession style.   Be a part of that success!  Join us!


You get to create an unlimited amount of capture and landing pages. The capture page is the beginning of any sales funnel. The aim is to create curiosity and desire for valuable answers. You may have people watch a video that will encourage them to leave their contact information in order to gain access to the introductory information on a landing page you created, while at the same time they are receiving emails from you delivering more valued information over time.

The next phase of the sales funnel is either a single landing page or a chain of them linked together. At this stage you are educating the client. A presentation, or a series of presentations that teaches them the value of your product and/or services. Either they buy, join, or continue to research.


The follow up letters they have been receiving are from you. This a series of letters that you write in advance. E-mails in a program designed to be mailed out by automation at the time intervals you specify. Usually the first letter is sent outright away. A welcome letter with some orientation information!

The client wants more information. Their subscription to your mailing list is their way of saying, “I want more!” or “I believe in you, give me more please!” You send them wisdom that is potentially valuable to them. Give your subscribers reasons to like you by allowing them to get to know you through the information sent.  This builds trust and loyalty. Let them experience your life lessons by learning from your failures. Perhaps at some later date they will be interested and buy from you or follow your recommendations.


This is a little bit different to writing a regular email to a friend or a group of friends. The email-broadcaster works in cooperation with the Autoresponder system. You first must pick which email autoresponder campaign you wish to use and then within that campaign write the email you wish to send out immediately, or “broadcast it!” at a specific time.  This does not become apart of the sequence of autoresponder mailings in that campaign.

There is no limit to how many you can write and send. Although, I advise you to use Email Broadcaster for practical reasons, such as special announcement.



The Conversion Pros offers an unlimited number of tiny URL creations without any extra charges!

This Tiny URL System takes a very long website address and shortens it into a code that the The Conversion Pros services generates to be a unique reference to the address it replaces. That longer address is still live in their server. The short URL just references it when anyone clicks on the Tiny URL link. This is essential for other marketing services like twitter that have a character limit.

This service has a second value added to it. A person clicks the Tiny URL and some of their internet technical data is recorded. It is used for statistical analysis. That information is converted into a pretty graph for your viewing pleasure. This helps you determine which pages are working. You can fine tune your marketing dollars. Improve your ads campaigns. Change your strategy to reflect those addresses working well.


The webinar Builder is a powerful tool.  You have your presentation or maybe you have a series of different presentation you wish  to schedule to go live at set times throught the day and in a specific arrange order.  The Webinar Builder will enable you to accomplish this task easily.  

Along with have a Webinar, maybe you want to display a coupon, a special offer or perhaps your person contact information so viewers never forget whom it is they must contact once the webinar is over.  

You get a count down clock to the next webinar, a lot of room to advertise or insert visual aids, or add your contact information.


The “Share Codes” is an internal function within The Conversion Pros that assigns a digital numeric coded signature to each creation. That way each member could then provide a copy of their work.

For example: You are a professional networker and you have a large group of members in your group and more signing up every month. You have created a selection of capture pages, landing pages, and an autoresponder campaign, and established a marketing plan for them to follow. Instead of everyone mucking about trying to figure out how to market, you “share” your work with each new member in combination with your plan and this allows them to concentrate on doing the work instead of creating a new marketing system. All they need to do is change the few links that you instruct them to change to make each page and autoresponder specific to them. Done!  It is easy to learn and I am sure you will love it and so will your team.


Just like a billboard, text messages are seen by everyone.  You get that beep on your phone and you pick it up to see who it is that texted you.  They read the headline and who it is from and they open it.  ‘Snap’, your text is being read.  An amazing number of people will see and respond to a text message over seeing and responding to an email.  Why is that the case?  The common response I get is the text messages are always short and simple to scan through fast.  Emails often are a lot longer.  The busy person you are trying to reach does not have the time to read a long letter and that is why text messages are seen and responded to faster then emails.

In this fast pace world, the phone is the center of everyone’s social and daily communications.  People are on their phones a lot more these days and the best way to reach anyone is through their devices.



Let’s start by looking at what this tool does for you.  It is, in it’s simpliest form, a systems that distributes an action to a variable of ending results.

Many marketers already have a lot of use for this tool.  Here are just a few examples of what you can use Link Rotator to accomplish:

  • You and a group of ten team members buys TCP Leads and each person gets a share in those leads that take action on the link provide to them.  
  • You have an ad with Facebook and you have three possible Capture Pages that might work, but which one is the best?  Use the Link Rotator and find out which Capture Page gets more clicks.  
  • You are very successful in generating leads for your business and you want to help or reward people in your team.  The Link Rotator can do this for you on auto pilot.
  • Let’s say you have a promotion where you have told your subscribers that you are only accepting 300 subscribers to a special offer.  You can set up the Link Rotator to count to 300 and when it is finished the next link is used.  That next link may go to a waiting list page.  

The Link Rotator is limited to it’s function and your imagination and creativity of that function.


Today’s websites are elastic, or responsive.  This means that the site will reshape to the size of monitor you have and the size of display on cell phones screens.  In the days where website themes could not resize, a Mobile Website Builder was required to enable the site builder to have something available for this market.
There is an other use for the Mobile Website Builder in today’s ‘responsive’ theme build.   So, you are out and about and you are talking to someone you just met and you get talking about your business.  In the old days, you would pull out a card and give them your information.  Instead, today you pull out your phone and show them your Mobile Website and immediately swap the data of the site to their phone or use a QR Code.  It is instant and simple.

Now, you will always have a means to show your business to people and have that presentation be visually graphic and stunning.  Perhaps you get creative and have a video for them to watch.  Check out the presentation.  


QR stands for “Quick Response”.  It is a dark pattern that enables large amounts of data to be stored and transmitted.
It was originally used in the automotive industry in Japan and later developed into mobile marketing.
The purpose of using it here is to allow anyone with a cell phone to access your mobile website or your oppurtunity with this code. Scan it and you get taken directly to the website of interest. This saves the interested party from going thrugh the process of entering the data manually to access. Thus the name. Quick response.  

The QR Code Creator is super easy to build with this tool in The Conversion Pros.  Watch the training and start using this tool with your cell phone instead of carrying around a stack of paper cards.  The trees will love you for it! 🙂



You get to create an unlimited amount of capture and landing pages.  This is a huge financial advantage over the competition.  No other service offers this level of quality, support, and training combined with all the other features for $50 a month.   

The spot to find video backgrounds to use in our landing/capture pages has been placed in the RESOURCES heading. I am not sure why it was put here and there is no icon down below for it. shuuu…it’s a secret!

You can have unlimited subscribers to your autoresponders and an unlimited number of email message in each of them.  This is the biggest saving of The Conversion Pros.  Go to any of the other services and they will bill you in a tiered method based on the number of clients or number of emails sent or both. This is a huge savings a month and not to be dismissed lightly!

Another big tip.  This one is a real time saver.  Each time you open a new project, the system opens it in a new window tab.  That way, you can be working on something and learning how to do it in a different tab.  I Love this feature! 

In the SMS-TXT BROADCASTING training video. This is your only look at the CEO of TCP, Ron Pope. Here, Mr. Pope is telling us about the competitive rates that they have arranged for this service.

People change throughout the year. Have your capture pages and landing pages change to fit the holidays and the different seasons of the year.  This means Background pictures/video and the wording of the pages.  It is a good idea to work with the changing buying moods of your country. This will also show your audience that you/your representatives are actively caring for the market in which they wish to gain respect and awareness.

In the back office of The Conversion Pros there are many videos in the “TCP Webinar” Tab and the “TCP System Training” Tab.  As well, you can go to their Facebook group and ask your questions and get a ton of help, or you can contact me and I can help you.  In most other companies all of this training cost you thousands of dollars in set-up fees and consulting fees!  Here, it is practically FREE!  All for $50 month.  I have heard many people say they joined The Conversion Pros simple for the training!

A great way to make TCP into a professional business is to get really good at making funnel systems and designing great ‘Ad Copy’ on the pages.  Use this skill with the tools on this platform and market yourself as a designer and create stunning campaigns for other people and businesses.  Use the invoice tool to bill out your fees.
STRONG WARNING:  Only do this if you really “ARE” good at this Ad Copy skill!  

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