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Hello Everyone,    Update: Nov 30,2016

My blog is evolving and adapting to me.  Things are changing for myself.  Posts that I have written in the past that I no long feel I wish to promote and keep active will come down.  A few posts have now become obsolete and they too will be removed and reposted with current information.

Plan To Make Life “Rich”!


Johnmark Cooper

Johnmark Cooper

Every morning my wife and I have a little ritual I like to call, ‘Planning for Success By Living Smart’.  We discuss what happened the previous day, telling of stories of people we met, and the ideas we learned from our encounters and research.   Then we make plans for the rest of our day and keep moving forward with the overall goal!

The Plan of Action

My ‘Plan’ is  simple.  I live a better life!!  My plan is literally changing and adapting, creating, and an evolving process each and every day.

  • Living – I like to keep it fun.
  • Discovering – I discover stuff as I grow.
  • Adapting – this is a “loaded” word that, to me, means learning and growing and then applying the knowledge, so I can have more joy and happiness.
  • Sharing and Teaching – This is my favorite.  Sharing with my friends and readers what I have learned so we can all have more joy and happiness in our lives.  It also helps me, knowing I have made a good, healthy difference.  It is part of the fun! :)

This is the BIG lesson:  Learning to plan and learn to adapt your life so it is fun, easy and full of joy and happiness!

The one lesson I must impart on you is the “Step” of developing good, healthy habits that will move you forward in your efforts to be happy and rich.  Establishing action habits that will help you reach your goals.  Actions like learning, reading and researching every day that will improve your end result.  Start out small and work up as those habits become easier.
Kind Regards,
Johnmark Cooper
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