Hello Everyone,

I have removed the front page and am planning to update it with a new look and splash.

This blog has had a long nap and it will be awakened.  It is Mid-Oct of 2016 now.

My plan is to change the blog around and make it more functional and informative of the activities and experiences in my life!  It is possible that my sharing it with you will help you in your life!

The format is going to change too. I am not going to continue creating articles in the vein to please SEO, or fit to anyone’s defined “box” of how to write a good article.  The information I share is creative or to the point, depending on the content I have available.

I am researching how to create audio files to load up.  With courage, I will add an audio blog entry with my posts.  I am tinkering around with audio.

Posts that I have written in the past that I no long feel I wish to promote and keep active will come down.

Kind Regards,
Johnmark Cooper

Johnmark Cooper