My Journey to 185 lbs


I can remember when I was skinny and I loved the feeling.   I will have that feeling again and I will lose weight and be 185lbs.  This is my goal and journey that I am taking in the next 30 days.  In fact, I believe I am able to achieve these incredible results with the use of whole-food products from a company called Purium.  The best part is, I am keeping off the weight.  I have added an easy to do exercise routine to my day, which takes an hour to complete.   

Those of you who know me, know that I have had challenges with my weight.  In 2011 I weighed 236 lbs and a pressing need for an operation got me on a super inspired track and I was able to get myself down to 202 lbs!  I did that by running on a tread mill at my parents home every night for 21 days.  After recovering from the surgery it did not last and I gained weight to 220 lbs.  In 2012 I acquired a program called INSANITY which is a workout routine without weights.  It was my first introduction to “Interval Training” and wow,  it is an intense workout!.   After 40 days I was down to 205 lbs.   I could not continue the program because it was hurting me and I did not follow good healthy eating habits and my weight slowly returned to 220 lbs.   The reason I bring up these two events is because both have taught me that I can lose weight, the key is establishing a consistent consumption of the right foods in which I “enjoy” participating.  


In 2012 I met Andrew Greig while working in my Kettle Corn business in Stouffville.   He is now a very good friend and mentor.  He shared with me the fun of juicing and how to eat healthy.  As well Andrew is a master at making things “fun” and practices “laughter yoga” regularly.  Soon after he introduced me to his good friend Casey Combden and not long after that they were at my home for dinner.  Now, you must to understand, Casey is a legend in MLM.  The short time I was in Amway, I saw him on stage, listened to his audio’s and dreamed of working with him and here he was in my home 10 years later for a casual dinner.  To me, it was absolutely thrilling to enjoy his humbleness, his wisdom and we became friends.  

Andrew and Casey introduced me to NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and through my friendship with Casey I was introduced to Michael Woodbeck and Ernie Pavan whom teach NLP with Casey.  Their introductory course called Designing Your Destiny utterly changed my Life Path!  So much so, that in 2013 I journeyed to Costa Rica alone (without my wife Diane) to visit with Andrew for 3 weeks.  While there I learned a lot about myself.  For the first time in my life I completely unwound, cleaned out the monkeys in my head and truly relaxed.  Andrew taught me how to free myself from all the chattering monkeys and get peace!  It was totally life changing.  We enjoyed the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean each day and he share with me knowledge.  It changed how I look at myself and the world!

Casey told me that we were very much a like, he and I.  It is true, we are and it is uncanny how many ways we are similar!  Including the challenges we both have had in the past with weight.  So, when Casey shared with me that he had lost over 40 lbs in 30 days with whole-food products from a company called Purium, I immediately looked up Purium and learned as much as I could find.

Dave Sandoval is one of the founders of Purium.  He is an expert in the Whole-Food arena’s having aired for 5 year on a New York radio station and published a book called “The Green Foods Bible”.   On Youtube he explains his mission, his passion and his determination to help people find solutions through whole-foods with his company, Purium, for losing weight and keeping it off and having a great life.  I watched over 50 video’s and let me tell you:   “I am convinced that Purium’s whole-food products are the missing key to my weight challenges”.

My Commitment 

I have become a premium member of Purium, a MLM company.  I have purchased the 10 day transformation and the L.O.V.E super meal, and the Bio Fruit.  These together will enable me to do a 30 day challenge.  At it’s conclusion, my goal is to be 185 lbs.  In the event I fall short of this weight goal, I will continue my efforts with this plan until I am 185 lbs or less.  In the likly event I am successful, I am continuing to purchase the whole-food products from Purium and maintain a healthy weight.

Below is a video of my “Before” and the 1st video in my journey to be 185 lbs!



What To Watch For Next!

Over the course of my Journey to Lose Weight and be 185 lbs, I will be posting a lot of video education of my experience with the Purium products.  What it looks like, how to mix it, when I take what product and each piece in the fabric of my daily activities that will show you what action steps I am taking to achieve my goal!


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