Johnmark Cooper

He is a Canadian, raised in a rural town north of Toronto, Ontario by good and loving parents.  He is the youngest son of four.  Life growing up was simple.  He learned music and played in the high school band.  His love for music, and being creative, imaginative, caring and kind are the traits of the man.  He has a personality of open spirit of being magnanimous to people, which he believes, “there is a potential friend in everyone, best to treat everybody like a friend, hopefully they reciprocate and ‘Bam’, we both win!”.  His “WHY” in life is to be helpful, to share his experiences and teach by telling a good story.  He loves to laugh and create laughter.  He lives by a simple code of karma, and he has a deep thinking philosophy on many topics.  He currently resides in Beaverton, Onario with his best friend and wife Diane.    

Diane Ratnik-Cooper

She is a Canadian sports professional, retire! She was team captain of Canada’s woman volleyball team represented in 1984 and 1986 summer Olympics. She was raised in Toronto by two very loving parents. Oldest of three. A dedicated, loyal woman to her friends and loved ones. Loves sports, but more in the aspect of helping people achieve their dreams. Helping them become real. She is a coach, mentor and a very good public speaker. She has presence and energy all around her in the aspect of helping people feel at ease. She is trusted. Loves to talk as well as listen. Her “Why” in life is to be kind and teach that kindness to everyone.  She lives with her husband in Beaverton, Ontario with her best friend and husband.